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bullets hairst onding the tawiekyestauns droukit autumn downpour the
snaw doon here het sinkyedoverin in the high corries
is related to wisk thekyewisk their tails tae haad
frae their growin herds okyean selt it aa roon
waa rich herds o milkinkyeare bit as nocht fin
cud founer hale herds okyebi blawin inno a wee
in braider fields amang thekyee en bulls maun wark
moan mebbe they are onlykyei craikt pyntin tae a
gress ach it s onlykyesaid tam c moan mebbe
kye they they spoke abootkyeaye mmhm m999: did they
folk hae said kye m1000: kyeehm aye a bittie back
o oor folk hae saidkyem1000: kye ehm aye a
that was [?]somethin[/?] right enoughkyethey they spoke aboot kye
aipples on the bough heilankyean wolly yowe ginger nutmeg
involvement iz us jalousie suspectkyecows kythed manifested laich low
last trump an gaitherin ekyefae ilky fairm tae drive
hid widden planks anaith ekyean a widden passage an
wis e hens an ekyeat keepit s ivery bit
the hens an milk thekyethay did aw that an
ere wis a lad keepitkyeon e place an ere
the buirdliest o yeir shilpitkyeon hearin this the guidson
simmer grazin bit e milkkyewere nearer till e hooses
see the chaumers an thekyean the bern ootby the
chiels fan they herded thekyeor singled the neeps tae
roch bi the hooves okyean horse that ran atween
in korter quarter of oatcakeskyecattle laigh low lair to
vets dey re fine forkyean sheep but if we
bairnie s ee kepp thekyeshear the sheep sell an
george wi milk frae oorkyean ilka nicht hei cad
decored wi blak an whytkyeat ane en o the
heard it used like thatkyewould ony ony o oor
an bairns suin forgets thekyecums hame this feature is
d herd the bairns likekyetae waukmill wids up tae
roon e necks o ekyean noo an aan quairt
e heid o e parkskyecd wanner oot an in
syne she did fit aakyedee if ey get e
ye nott tae bin ekyein e staa there were
wi wir cameras watchin ekyemakin eir slow wye throwe
porch caain in e twakyetae be milkit an sic
drinks were needed fin ekyewis eel my mother s
till em wis twa bonnykyebroon an fite een wi
out an slauchter twa fatkyeguid wine he aye hed
a bigger scale haein fivekyeshe hid plinty o raa
dreibils inti the sun whaurkyewar blyth men hae cryit
war gleg eneuch if thekyehidna kirned up the watter
ye ca- ye can getkyeas well that tae me
byre tae luik ower thekyethat pit siller in the
steadin an beddit faar thekyewaur r glorie tae you
their smaafowk to fell themkyean cuddie for a supper
hervestin the fodder fur thairkyean ither bease cuistin peats
the room his goat ankyebowff claggerin criggie s throat
altar o thaim twae saicredkyei perpetuitie ma prayer is
gran the steadins stappt wikyewere swypit bare o soss
the house coos were ayekye[inaudible] but that s different
aff the road keep thekyeahint the dyke cos here
he didna even spare thekyea yaudswyver he is a

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