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a forty ouncer of blacklabelm815: [laugh] m816: which we
another forty ouncer of blacklabelwhich we tanned and then
whit hesitates then rips thelabelinto pieces brightly whit a
who ur they fae ripslabeloff reads to gordon relieved
name of god finds thelabelwho ur they fae rips
it is again an idiosyncraticlabelafter the 8th in lines
it are given another idiosyncraticlabelby james rhyming in termis
help them to fix orlabela technique for ease of
which was attached a fadedlabelbearing her name her signature
it was according to thelabela whisky flavoured condom well
whisky the bottle had nolabelhom bru he poured out
took a look at thelabelon the bottle he got
against it the more thelabelstuck at fifteen when the
whether these pouches had alabelstuck on the back something
would say that scots orlabelscots eh as the variety
it sounds like a recordlabeli m sure fiona would
the one with the redlabelis for grannie pleased to
still recognizable by its redlabelthen because she was so
labelled it was decided tolabelguild room furniture also this
when we just took thelabeloff so we needed you
when we took off thelabelit was just broken by
jacket gianni versace was thelabeli believe dark blue chinos
excluded it is easy tolabelyoung people as troublemakers who
maun say at naeboddie cuidlabelyid is hevin ae drink
[inaudible] f1129: take off thelabeland we ll go and
i take off the taggielabeleh oh i think that
directing them to their namelabelaal will find 5 other
necessity of the national parklabelbut go on to state
food it said oan thelabelso ah cracked open the
body that maitters nae thelabelye gie them in t
know every time we welabelsomething we re kind of
bean cans with scraps oflabelstill clinging on sections of
with the store s ownlabelon it they can afford
an rsa said it wouldlabelhim a conformist heard he
fit div you think thelabelsaid syrup o figs och
now contessa you choose alabelthen i ll tell you
the pentlands was a convenientlabelwhen travel speeds advanced sufficiently
award for his design alabelfor glasgow 2000 and for
in it had a weelabelon it wi addy s
to mr pimp her designerlabelwas papier mache they both
introduction of an organic scotlandlabelbelieves that scotland can benefit
yi tess what s thislabelhere silence zeb if only

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