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expressed concern that the proposalslackclarity and could cause uncertainty
prescriptive there are areas thatlackclarity which other witnesses have
but there is still alackof clarity about the circumstances
was in charge and thelackof clarity about the standards
in mystery there is alackof clarity about what was
their concerns were about thelackof clarity among local authority
vote on this section alackof clarity persists and mr
iain smith talked about thelackof transparency and clarity in
the faem lack o sillerlacko confidence sets goals ayont
cause for lack o moneylacko money i put skint
siller aye aye cause forlacko money lack o money
sellin herrin fae the faemlacko siller lack o confidence
great expectations f806: mm orlackof expectation f807: lack thereof
lack of training opportunities thelackof financial support which makes
through lack of hope andlackof food to false gods
out into scots but thatlackof funding and lack of
problem many contributors felt thislackof funding and lack of
are so easily attracted throughlackof hope and lack of
are not thwarted because oflackof money or a lack
that lack of funding andlackof recognition have made this
this lack of funding andlackof research could be attributed
are not fully staffed thelackof training opportunities the lack
lack of money or alackof vision 3 indeed the
or lack of expectation f807: lackthereof yeah f806: erm f807:
may be inarticulate because theylackconfidence in an unfamiliar social
history and the kind oflackof confidence that i think
there is still that certainlackof confidence you know that
confidence as a result oflackof official and public use
raised that due to thelackof recognition in education and
about the paucity of materialslackof recognition in the formal
due partly to bsl slackof recognition is only one
culture are inextricably linked alackof recognition of scots in
career development opportunities and thelackof recognition of the new
areas of employment about thelackof understanding among parents and
it is argued that thislackof understanding of how the
peacock the question demonstrates alackof understanding of the issues
arbitrary and they betray alackof understanding of the statute
argues that there is alackof understanding of what can
has been deferred due tolackof funding broken down by
from ballet west due tolackof funding compared with only
be turned down due tolackof funds supported by mr
patients speedily due to thelackof resources and agrees that
at risk due to thelackof safe routes to school
levels of depression due tolackof sunlight a lot of
and distinctive grammar due tolackof teaching i count myself
poor living conditions and thelackof decent living facilities interpreters
traffic speed of traffic andlackof facilities at danger points
is deeply concerned about thelackof funding and facilities for
operations and about the futurelackof rehabilitation facilities for scottish
operations and about the futurelackof rehabilitation facilities for scottish
and more aware of mylackof foreign language skills but
the fundamental problem is alackof keyboard skills which are
fact that there is nolackof skills down to what
problem in scotland of alackof skills in electronics that
from the jobs market throughlackof skills training good health
i was conscious that thatlackof skills was mentioned but
not appear to be alackof technical skills in remoter
concern was expressed about thelackof core funding and continuing
funding for next year alackof core funding creates big
to people s needs thelackof core funding is making
of provision and of alackof dedicated funding our job
people and the insecurity whichlackof funding can bring notes
local authorities as well aslackof funding could delay the
with scots culture 64 thelackof funding for scots language
resource centre and mentions thelackof funding for the scottish
years of cuts and alackof proper funding for local
apply for funding because oflackof time i will unfortunately
are surprising omissions and somelackof discrimination among the various
significant were identified as alackof instrumental motivation among the
there has been a surprisinglackof knowledge among local hoteliers
i think my sort oflackof literary training if you
report expresses concerns about thelackof progress on national training
despite her awareness of herlackof training she pieced together
s resources to tackle povertylackof opportunity and unemployment and
the formal education system andlackof resources 113 dr mary
are the result of alackof resources and that the
committee about staff morale andlackof resources in the service
not taking responsibility and alackof resources we hope that
is a problem with alackof resources when we took
s public image or anylackof resources within the profession
f1054: what aboot if youlackmoney what are you m1042:
he was complaining about thelackof money at home it
not the result of alackof money but of the
for eh eh for alackof money f1054: what s
let us not pretend thatlackof money is the problem
erm any other words forlackof money just skint or
of scottish life through alackof money then additional tax
yarn she complained about theirlackof money though with no
the quest expressing concern atlackof interest d c backs
notes with concern the currentlackof plans to carry out
parliament notes with concern thelackof regulation of private security
reports expressed concern at thelackof systematic development of the
sense of disappointment at thelackof career development opportunities and
all community languages and thelackof career opportunities for fluent
as a result of thelackof a need to advertise
the result of neglect andlackof care by residents and
blackhall however her problem islackof productivity although she began
underlying problem is the apparentlackof public interest in and
that most member states stilllacka comprehensive policy framework for
that over the years thelackof a european energy policy
from the submissions include alackof cohesion in policy terms
individual initiatives there is alackof cohesive policy with regard
teachers questionnaire showed a disappointinglackof development policy regarding scots
that there has been alackof joined up policy which
scotland s linguistic landscape thelackof policy and planning with
scotland s linguistic landscape thelackof policy planning with scotland
concerns there has been alackof political and policy input
what they perceive as alackof progress in action by
today because of a perceivedlackof progress in helping the
are concerns about the apparentlackof progress of the scottish
that there has been alackof progress on and attention
new approach further notes thelackof progress which the executive
new approach further notes thelackof progress which the executive
a major factor in thelackof successful progress to higher
that the parliament notes thelackof success of her majesty
the thai authorities as alackof support notes the groundswell
lawful document notes that alackof valid authority could mean
great deal more work thelackof experience in a lot
a matter of style andlackof experience of the formal
but which merely illustrate mylackof experience on the matter
almost eerie experience moscow slackof traffic stops it being
less certain there is alackof comprehensive impartial research on
that there is an enormouslackof research even into the
for scots language projects andlackof research into scots was
a slight worry about thelackof research that has been
is never put off bylackof interest in her listeners
read or write hence hislackof interest in the book
street following up complaints andlackof action about the water
was clearly disappointed at thelackof action and was reported
bringing their attention to thelackof action being taken on
that is because of alackof action on the cross
network in scotland regrets thelackof authority influence or action
action plan there is alackof co ordination in the
potential the executive recognises thatlackof access to information and
prevent the risks of exclusionlackof access to information and
other bodies confirming that alackof access to short term
other bodies confirming that alackof access to short term
society and also by thelackof information about contraception which
that there is a greatlackof information in the guidance
chinese punjabi and urdu thislackof information presents significant problems
from landlord applicants about thelackof information that they were
being adopted because of alackof information we must ensure
delivery is hampered by thelackof that information the other
respect because in scotland welackto a great extent information
campbell i worry about thelackof a definition of confidentiality
[censored: surname] also inquired about ourlackof a large amount of
has been expressed about thelackof a mechanism within the
budget choices but at thelackof ambition about the tools
understand the point about thelackof career progression however i
court might flounder through alackof certainty about the definition
it speaks volumes about thelackof consensus in scotland on
s more anxious about mylackof eh work than i
began needling him about thelackof exposure he d given
for supporting people and thelackof guarantees about subsidy levels
is not just about alackof income the grip of
between worried about cash orlackof it 14 friday still
found that there was alackof knowledge about services and
have a leaflet about howlackof light can affect you
allan have talked about thelackof participation of young disabled
sends out a message aboutlackof proper consideration to others
heard a bit about thelackof prosecutions and difficulties such
have raised issues about thelackof specialist child care that
other members talked about thelackof transparency in the regulatory
f785: mmhm what about thelackof writers at the parliament
in norway because of thelackof a tobacco control strategy
the wayside because of alackof back up or because
into efl because of thelackof jobs in his chosen
may fail not for alackof knowledge but because of
people were obviously feeling thelackof light because we were
becomes unsafe not because oflackof repair or proper building
against landlords because of thelackof security of their leases
the highlands because of alackof special services there have
selling goods which because oflackof transport people would not
of dual carriageway in scotlandlackcentral reservation safety barriers and
by fields forests and thelackof a bus service in
and more remote communities thelackof a designated minister is
of scotland suffers from thelackof a direct rail link
the majority of students alackof a feeling of real
that alienation being scotland slackof a genuine romantic movement
they were younger and theirlackof a pension older women
spring scarcely exists indeed thelackof a real spring had
case onything happened pause thelackof a response encourages peggy
nationalist account of scotland slackof a romantic movement finding
to identify cases where alackof ability in english could
need is to identify alackof ability in english where
or that there is alackof accountability is almost as
for new staff and thelackof accountability of the government
european union countries and thelackof adequate labelling to ensure
european union countries and thelackof adequate labelling to ensure
opportunity gap agrees that thelackof adequate powers of the
being done to address anylackof affordable private housing for
by several other things thelackof agreement last time showed
her winding up speech thelackof agreement on the scope
check on sex offenders tolackof aid to childline and
to recognise it given thelackof anti discrimination legislation that
staffing difficulties violence and thelackof any meaningful regime further
success but once again thelackof any sense of strategy
believe that there is alackof appreciation of bilingualism 37
the parliament recognises that alackof appropriate jobs is a
strathclyde autistic society regarding thelackof appropriate provision and urges
months i do not recogniselackof assertiveness as being a
it is unfortunate that thelackof assistance even if temporary
it has not been forlackof attention energy or effort
out that there was alackof awareness of the litter
glass it has a totallackof central support or bureaucracy
failure in aberdeen is thelackof cheap commercial accommodation for
but there is a distinctlackof choice as far as
old glasgow not least thelackof christmas lights swinging across
peattie rightly referred to thelackof co ordination between public
reasoning gross ignorance and alackof coherence love poems should
on low incomes realises thatlackof communication between local authority
debate so far is thelackof communication between the elderly
of the sqa was alackof communication between the sqa
glasgow royal infirmary regarding thelackof consultant cover for those
the 2001 uk nap thelackof consultation of external organisations
given its content or ratherlackof content was always going
bad scots for alleged slipshodnesslackof correctness and ugliness ultimately
monitoring that addresses the historiclackof data on ethnic minority
lamented to me was thelackof decent sunsets [laugh] [laugh]
clear to everyone that thelackof detail in their instructions
how the issue of thelackof detailed assistance in planning
the school system is thatlackof educational success is frequently
had with french is islackof eh vocabulary and my
in the new year thelackof electronic infrastructure outside glasgow
s disappointment hinges on thelackof enforcement powers and on
holiday despite the yugoslavs thelackof entertainment i received your
on a saturday night thelackof entrepreneurial culture and a
the application it is thatlackof flexibility in the regulations
thereof yeah f806: erm f807: lackof fulfilment of expectations f806:
heather rendall highlights the pupilslackof grammatical awareness of their
in london similarly with thelackof higher urdu to follow
pete tobias in criticising thelackof humanity and purpose in
farmers have had is alackof infrastructure whereas salmon farmers
and it wasn t forlackof intelligence m608: [inaudible] mm
sector including disrepair and alackof investment we hope that
to continual uncertainty and instabilitylackof involvement in decision making
with affordable housing or thelackof it are in rural
question of his faith orlackof it davidson s opinion
yeah community in orkney andlackof it in the city
the poky tied houses thelackof job or house security
of weeks ago scottish employerslackof knowledge of it was
thinking in particular of thelackof large houses for large
significant growth despite that thelackof low ground finishers resulted
grey hair and only hislackof lower teeth slurring his
mr monteith you mentioned thelackof markers which unit head
instructions the children noticed somelackof necessary detail and revised
the house of commons onlackof necessity and justification for
grandmothers 5 but also alackof objective trustworthy patronage apart
by the chaos and thelackof organisation work continued apace
on the grounds of itslackof originality from chapter vii
the difficulties caused by thelackof people who are able
being taken to address thelackof plans designed in most
have experienced not only alackof poetic grandmothers 5 but
is a suggestion that thelackof police activity in having
only thing stopping it islackof political will ross finnie
children are totally inadequate fromlackof provision for justice social
the bill there is alackof provision for objections to
the cost of government theirlackof purchasing power with the
do not imagine that alackof reasonableness would break out
perhaps being undermined by thelackof response and the treatment
i have said and thelackof response made urquhart abandon
considered too eccentric and thelackof response made urquhart abandon
drop out rates on thelackof retention and on morale
earlier versions in particular thelackof safeguards and i acknowledge
grahame s1m 2505 aggregates taxlackof scottish exemptions lodged on
or cycling such as thelackof secure cycle parking too
from fish farms is causinglackof silicate in the water
he put it down tolackof sleep and not eating
when when you have hadlackof sleep you know and
her arcadian innocence her completelackof sophistication which endears her
one might call this positivelackof specificity in relation to
with clear evidence of thelackof spelling rules in older
will agree with it thelackof stability and security in
to the sea was mylackof stamina time once my
never achieved but this wholelackof standardisation and he was
97 there is the samelackof statistical data with regard
to the recycling philosophy thelackof stone in the local
of blandness uniformity and alackof subtlety english is continually
scottish executive recognises that thelackof such a designation has
scottish executive recognises that thelackof such a designation has
scottish coalfield regrets the apparentlackof sufficient capacity to transport
her stern doors and thelackof sufficient scuppers on the
who doubly suffer from thelackof suitable housing we would
too but there was alackof sunshine 108 hours instead
this appointment indicated a generallackof support for the bill
that are associated with thelackof support for the deaf
deein dod angry with herlackof sympathy ma jim has
as well as for thelackof sympathy shown by a
they mean different things thislackof synchrony is more visible
connection with scots and thelackof teaching materials available albeit
made difficult by his totallackof teeth i elaborated on
could weep too for thelackof the masochistic thrill i
unacceptable if there is alackof time in which to
that there is a seriouslackof trained audiologists to implement
as a language and thelackof translators to enable a
poor client performance namely alackof transparency a gearing towards
small businesses and having alackof vertical integration 23 this
the meat counter came nextlackof visual imagery wrote dolly
for the committee highlighted thelackof young women s participation
doing so such everyday metaphorslackthe property of the creative
the other thing that theylackwhich will militate against further
o heroes there s naelackthey tell me o ae
a real future but theylackthe investment in new technology
output or integrity if welackanything it is the structural
not bratislava we do notlackcreative output or integrity if
dry an fine day dislacka wee bit o sinshine
o fish der wis naelackin jugs an tubs an
ingin ti caa t anlacko a guidin han ma
scot uplifts his hands atlacko a sectarian fush n
ah cuidnae dae ocht forlacko a witness sae ah
an i this highlichts thilacko a written standard a
floes he tentless o mylacko faith as in he
an his company wi naelacko siller in his pooch
was a combination o alacko sleep it i m
fit watter mint ir elacko t we d tae
in the merde it slacko thocht ahin the spukken
here became intolerable frae hislacko wages and freedom it
tirrivee o temper gin yelackonie thing at aa maister
fae fraserburgh toon will neverlacka chiel she crooks her
cnd even if he didlacka little in the cerebral
wi haet an caal anlacka maet perfectly dehydratit fit
and nutritionally deprived children canlackenergy have low concentration display
goodness faileth never i nothinglackif i am his and
be thankit if these yelackwhaur else suid icy feet
weel ye re cried yelacknocht but the croun i
the queen who knew nolacknotice the guillotine s shadow
tae keep hell fou naelackava ye d think tae
tell uis whit wad welackcries lu da dos du

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