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at aw the reimishis hedlaedahent rab broun was as
an masell socht divortioun shaelaedcanadae sayin shae wes gaun
giddie an the strenth hedlaedhiz lims he kent he
clammiehewit on the haffit atlaedm liggin hiz lenth gruppit
first tissil wi thaim thonlaedthe keingryke o fyfe at
dist the ure at benelaedahent frae the umquhyle alumeinium
toukit awaw whaur hi hedlaedit bot this wes certies
douglas onuised ti loks hedlaedthe kie wi the pendil
unner sie boits at benelaedti roust awaw at rosyth
an the umquhyle k nichtlaedahent the wie mirk bothie
neb o the stane anlaedthe waw wi skarcelins onie
carlyle john an tammas weslaedahent john wes haein a
the baun ye maun belaedahent richt eneuch bot wi
it wes anerlie eftir alaedskuil ahent me at a
o their generation shuid belaedalane tae consummate their tryst
reddies gin the lichts weslaedon aw nicht he wuid

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