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field marshall pom pom welandedat the first ferm an
similarly beneficial effects for thelandedelite a principal feature of
eh and then he helandedin eh eh he landed
landed in eh eh helandedin india just about near
in india trained in edinburghlandedin leeds and began to
did you fly m642: welandedin the ferry f643: okay
begg of ayr when helandedseven salmon on fly they
and proka courtesy of newlylandednavid in 1975 giving in
whale line o bombs eenlandedon the toolies but maist
but maist o the itherslandedoot at sea he says
the sun for lunch welandedand climbed some more steep
m608: [laugh] m642: when welandedin dublin eh sorry eh
m642: in belfast f643: youlandedm642: erm f643: did you
f641: [laugh] m642: aye welandedwith the bikes and you
six weeks afore jonsar ecklandedback at the sweet pea
that a poem has notlandedflat on the page ready
the settee a shove itlandedon tap o jonsar wi
it to him so helandedon his feet six snippets
i mo- i must havelandedtwenty feet away from that
and jump to where itlandedfree across a catching game
in the value of scallopslandedin scotland in 1999 in
live i ve been luckylandedin the best of the
father him she would havelandedup wi a black eye
real monster mash biff shelandeda goth punch to the
slipped of his stool anlandedright upon his arse he
egged me on he oncelandedme in it straight in
ben the shakers far itlandedin a buncher far three
thumb from when i dlandedon it during a tumble
jumped but before her bodylandedlike a bag of broken
not come when he firstlandedi did not like him
mystically oriented group when welandedon the isle of the
like to think when welandedon the pearl that hangs
t captain cook when helandedthe natives did for him
delay on the matter haslandedit with two problems rather
fell aff the ship anlandedon a shark he dodged
so for some reason itlandedin the loft at broonhill
a bittie choppy fin eylandedat mull it wis on
raden saicont dochter o thelandedgrandee wha s descreivit aye
flerr a the haw itlandedoan its tip toes an

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