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s lowrin slatey grey alandindyeuk snags ripples ben its
o pontoons tae mak alandinstage at e laich side
flerr wae a mighty banglandinexackly oan the spot wher
the silt an sma steenslandindoon in low street neest
ma conscience bathers me forlandinthaim wi a mither lyke
a raa o trees aifterlandinfin somebody spottit some rarity
rovin oot fae t maybelandinon e widden seat o
on the neuk o thelandinower frae the granfaither clock
at ae eyn o elandinan at e far eyn
tae the grun the lumlandinon tap o him in
keep the windows in thelandinopen there was a lot
tak up its line forlandinan ye can follow e

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