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somethin i shoulda telt yelangsynebit ye maun ken noo
wes said on baith sydeslangsynethe whuff o parfume hings
n loneliness lang a longlangsyneadv long ago lauch n
a lonely lang a longlangsyneadv long ago lauch v
a longer lanesum a lonelylangsyneadv long ago lauch v
lonely lang long langir longerlangsynelong ago lat let lauch
warlock s auld buik screivedlangsynebi his ain haun inbye
the warlock laird hid readlangsynein a buik that the
s the yird sae broonlangsynelangsyne the clock let faa
the yird sae broon langsynelangsynethe clock let faa its
the lift o yird hidlangsynetint yon blue cloudless days
bring ti mynd lown gairdenslangsynefrom the chinese of tu
liggs men that dee dlangsyneblek blek s the lang
on me bi a wutchlangsyneah hae been hauden in
an sing the sangs olangsynean fowk ti blether wi
maivis sang frae greener springslangsynethe snaw whyte skinkil in
the hat frae ma freinlangsyneye gied til a whyte
hou ye d uise itlangsyneeven guan yu s sword
tyme for me ti ganglangsynethe human race wes ay
the culture fest cad meikleburghlangsynethe andersons baith auntie an
chirkers haes gaen ti grundlangsynenou thay wul hae ti
o heiven amang aa thelangsyneprinces an kings afore him
gien it help an beildlangsyneye maunna forget that in
mair ah gied it uplangsynethe onlie thing ah can
drouned masell in loch levenlangsynebut ah wes owre feart
heard tell o this placelangsyneit is in ma mynd
bluid haes been skailt aforelangsynein lawless tymes ay an
warlok haed aince bidden tharelangsyneor sae the kintrie fowk
said ma granda wis deidlangsyneshows aa he kens his
haa a made a voulangsyneto hae a brither clippit
deid an in ma lairlangsyneto irena ma dear ma
fowk didna flit verra farlangsynefin they merriet nae like
kent iain in the yearslangsynehirlpilt up ti goam him
wi t jed tho fraelangsynekent aa the ins an
anaith the winnok ae forenichtlangsyneshe rests the disappyntit luim
ah hae was pitten doonlangsyneat the grammar schule at
aboot that on a daylangsynehe hae fund an aigil
could hae been providit forlangsynejack married you mean beaumont
bodang s feir efter alangsynegeneral at wis fell gleg
tae the fore for auldlangsynethe solstice myne the mountain
singer jyned wi a quinelangsynetae gie her dule tae
o the eastren capital ancelangsynewhan he wis learnin the
airmy an navy dished ootlangsynegin a criminal wis tae
and sheenin whaur the cherokeelangsyneincaa d their forefolk hailin
you as you really arelangsynelilian and what if you

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