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rosetty boughs o a sweyinlaricka merch bawd stertled bi
questin as she passed thelarickbelt an near she cam
the lift in twa thelarickboos an soughs the heivens
sets the copper clouds olarickprancin it gars the waves
lame piece of broken crockerylaricklarch leen lone lichtnin lightning
tree thrown by the windlaricklarch rosit the sticky substance
foggy bee wild bee foggylarickmoss covered bark of larch
fore fin ithers dwine aroonlarickan rowan saftly showd the
shakkin doon her hair thelarickthat showds auld man in
with moss was called foggylarickand sure s death e
brakkin a stick frae alarickshe scrattit oat twa triangles
which sounded like a plurallaricks so the single tree
the single tree became thelaricklike all country folk willie

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