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the day sae the yungestlassiean hir sisters did awthing
wul sae thegither the yungestlassiean the littil kittlin gaed
hame ti seek the yungestlassiebut at hame he cuid
is on it the yungestlassiehaed been owre feirt ti
frae the huntin the yungestlassietelt him awthing the littil
verra first chap the yungestlassiethe dure bar in hir
the neist day the yungestlassiethocht til hirsell whitever ma
lyke tae but the yungestlassiewes different awthegither hir weys
langest lobbie atweill the yungestlassiewes nae wycer nor hir
pink tung first the auldestlassiean syne the saicont lassie
things that befell the auldestlassiebefell this ane tae sae
as ye lyke the auldestlassiebrocht a bowle o cauld
the roke an the auldestlassieforby on an on he
for ye but the auldestlassiehae nae tyme for cats
fluir fell fest the auldestlassielockit the dure ahint hir
for ti wash the auldestlassies feet wi thaim be
craitur at aince the auldestlassietaen the roke frae hir
the haund o the auldestlassiethe kies til aw the
wes aince a bonnie younglassieah coud daff an link
she wes a bonnie younglassieaince pepper that s ill
callum staunin comfortin his bonnielassiean hechtin ti tak hir
perr o us ma bonnielassiean here did the puddok
dae for ti serr alassieas bonnie as yeirsell naething
ye sal hae yeir bonnielassieawa free wi ye but
bricht in the sky alassiebonnie lassie mind hair like
callum hunt for his bonnielassiebut the war naither sicht
weill wyfe weill ma bonnielassiedidna the queen yeir mither
for ti see a bonnielassiegreit whit gin ah wes
cum ma brither yeir bonnielassieis hauden sae she is
the sky a lassie bonnielassiemind hair like spun gowd
help me in ma bonnielassiemorag o ay o ay
perr o us ma bonnielassiemorag whit l ah dae
an help me ma bonnielassieoh ay said the broun
perr o us ma bonnielassieor daith gar us pairt
up wi sic a bonnielassierydin a mukkil reid bul
that hid been twinin thelassies bonnie curls noo fell
catriona wesna juist a bonnielassieshe coud spin forby better
the keep but his bonnielassiesittin greitin at hir pinglin
the riddils gied his bonnielassieti cormac an thair waddin
his leevin days an thelassiewes that bonnie that cormac
perr o us ma bonnielassieye can clap me nou
weill wyfe weill ma bonnielassieye never jaloused ah wes
a laddie bairn or alassiebairn the r nae dout
need a body frown ilkalassiehas her laddie nane they
need a body cry ilkalassiehas her laddie nane they
dinna care to tell ilkalassiehas her laddie nane they
need a body tell ilkalassiehas her laddie ne er
in about and say welllassieor laddie whatever it was
bluidit laddie cuid forsweir hislassies chairms as they snugglt
laddie sadie near nuff thelassies only thirteen but pause
lassie an syne the saicontlassiean here did thay no
stockins crooked at the seamslassielassie like yer dreams the
a bit ae paper justlassielassie look see gie s
crooked at the seams lassielassielike yer dreams the tryst
bit ae paper just lassielassielook see gie s it
in or lassie say alassieor lumber even but not
in m1146: bidie in orlassiesay a lassie or lumber
lassie she was a younglassieshe put the m642: mm
mmhm f643: so this thelassieshe was a young lassie
air but ilka tyme thelassiegaed out the auld man
inby an ilka tyme thelassieinby cryit oot ah can
puddok megstie me here anitherlassiean even bonnier ane tae
ti this puddok an thislassiebe in yokit thegither in
ither puddok weill said malassiehe gives another great leap
sic uppitie ideas puddok alassiepuddok wadna dae for whit
with her hands puddok mercielassieye l dae fyne as
wes rael vext for thelassiean hir jo whit wi
dochter til hir an thelassiecam ben heich an fair
hir saicont dochter an thelassiecam in hir lang hair
ye mairrie me the proudlassiecuid haurlie credit hir ain
til hir ain place thelassiedid as she wes bidden
yonner whan shei wur aelassiehir man whae belangit embro
at the yett but thelassiehut oot wi hir shewin
aw eilidh howt a yunglassielyke you maunna murn hir
sair on hir malcolm thelassies no wyce she s
hir for a wee bitlassieshe wure sic a droll
mukkil heed til hir ainlassiethat wes grumfie an ugsum
hir ain place leivin thelassieti mak reddie the prince
day soud cum whan alassiewad mairrie me o hir
aboot hir slouter o alassiewhitna fleg she gat ti
as weill the morn malassiean the neist day we
the prince spiered at thelassiegin she haed duin weill
meg whan ah wes alassieah mynd gaun til a
it wes that the saicontlassieforby cam til the houss
but wunner o wunners thelassies luif stak til the
gey guid beef this malassiesaid the auld ettin til
til the horse an thelassiestak til the shewin an
til the horse an thelassietil the knittin sae aw
owre late ti lairn malassienever owre late morag na
owre latre ti lairn malassienever owre late na ah
maunna be owre thrawart malassieseems taen up wi this
treat me lyke a weelassieah wush ye wad mynd
guid a man for malassieas ah im ever lyke
juist that the weidae slassiehaed never seen the lyke
ettils ti mak a wallielassielyke ye intil a nun
richt hertie lyke at thelassies paction for bi this
thocht lyke you aunsert thelassiewaelyke an taen on wi
olga s breast ma dearlassieah div wurk ye ken
belang to morag morag malassieah dout ye l hae
yeirsell chebutykin ma dear sweetlassieah hae naebodie in the
ti see you moula malassieah never thocht ti see
he said wyfe ma brounlassieah see that ah canna
keik at yeir feet malassiean whan he luikit whit
you be pit oot malassieat whitever ye see in
complainin aboot it moula malassiedae ye think ye coud
yeirsell maun dae it malassiedoun ti the grund houss
ava sae lang as malassiegangs free wi me i
ah l tell ye malassiegie me the sherp edge
ah l tell ye malassiegie me the sherp edge
bi the ingil sayin malassiegin ye wul gie me
ingil syne she said malassiegin ye wul gie me
i m jist a weelassiegreetin fir ma mammy tae
cuid dae for ye malassiehae you the kists reddie
tamson that wes ma sairvantlassieleft me lest year ti
hear tell o glaumerie malassienanse glaumerie mebbe ah hae
her hands andrey ma dearlassieplease please dinna git upset
the time rotary club malassies hamster s no big
wattir frae me ma proodlassietak yeirsell hame again as
wattir frae me ma proudlassietak yeirsell hame again as
wey tell him strecht malassiethat gin he sets doun
hear tell o glaumerie malassiethe princess wesna mukkil pleased
s a fair fee malassietho mebbe ye winna think
pathetically that s awricht malassiewe aw hae oor crosses
o ma freedom true alassiewill mak you a tasty
gie ye the wattir malassiewul ye mairrie me the
ye didna kill him malassieye lowsed him frae a
his bed wyfe ma brounlassieye needna be roosed ah
the toilet na na thelassiejist widnae gie up an
m642: twa laddies and alassieso we had tae gie
nanse whan ah wes alassieah uised ti say ti
ever sen ah wes alassiean naebodie haes ever spoken
whan ah wes wee alassieburst oot greitin whan ah
she wes trulie the fairestlassiein the weidth o the
but for a peitie thelassies mither wes a wee
wad juist lauch at alassiethat wes mairrit on a
whyle whan she wes alassieto moula you ken hou
but the day the puirlassiewes in nae fettil ti
milk for ye an thelassiedid juist that an whan
this day an whan thelassiesaid she haed he luikit
princess left a lauchin brounlassiethat never daunert whan she
day suid cum whan alassiewad mairrie me as a
heid whan you war alassiewhit ir ye on about
like we ve got alassiealang wir street wi wee
pa to me yon weelassieanne marie are you courtin
pet sic a lousum weelassiebairn this mornin she lookit
his mishanters his twa weelassiebairns olga hou aboot his
black as tar wee tottielassieblootered on the road picked
or she s a weelassiebut the almost blanket use
that s aye a weelassief1054: explain wean to me
a big day for alassiejuist you hae a wee
jilly bein the silly weelassieshe is infatuated bi this
since she was a weelassieso there was no question
scotlan in hieroglyphics a weelassiestruggles at the scuil tae
ah see a wee yankeelassietae maybe graham tried laughing
when she wis a weelassiethe hackitness had grown on
was just a wee thinlassiethen i was only what
a second bairn a weelassiethis time wha deed an
fearty mr robb a weelassiewettin her breeks the wey
answer awredae fae the weelassiewhae warks ahind the reception
he luikit at the proudlassiewi his wee bricht een
ever seen a wee whitelassiewith a flat nose and
the forenicht gaed in thelassiean the prince crakkin the
thenk ye kyndlie said thelassiean wi that she gaed
gaed life ti yit anotherlassienoo this dauchter wis shunned
an on he gaed thelassierinnin at his syde as
syne tae swage him alassienear at haun tae skail
an syne she kickit thelassieooto the hut an telt
aix an cawed aff thelassies heid wi it syne
o thaim aw an thelassieunlockit the dure syne the
getting juist the nicest luikinlassiein the haill o nithsdale
tree is juist a bitlassieyit but cum you back
that o a young dutchlassieacross the lobby some o
there wis aince a younglassiecad pranitha caa her pranny
cood mind on a younglassiecomin tae the gordon s
gladys outraged respectable a younglassiesharing a flat wi a
wid cause a fit younglassietae dae awa wi hersel
says ye were a younglassiethen and i m sayin
o the sojers this younglassiewi her note book takin
er she was a younglassieyou know doin herself up
sae i said tae thelassiean she was an aiberdeen
sae reid my dochter thelassieawnswered i hae poukit roses
chafts sae peelie dochter thelassieawnswered redd a grave o
sae reid my dochter thelassieawnswers i hae eaten rasps
ye back yer tint virginitylassiekneelin there sae blate wash
mair she s a guidlassiesae she is the hollow
warth the preein sae thelassietuik lu da up the
supper myn an the puirlassiewis fair faimishin sae doon
aye been a saft hertitlassieah uised ti wunner whit
himsell megstie me here anitherlassiean whit wad ye be
an whit suid the kyndlassiedae but pou oot the
i m no efter alassiei mean whit yuise are
ir whit ails ye atlassiepuddoks the r shuirlie plentie
s the maitter wi yelassiewhit s haippened at aa
the car an telt thelassieaside him tae dae the
a leather strap the puirlassiecanna dae a thing richt
byre till yer better alassiein your condition wad soor
onto the tray agnes ochlassieah didnae think ye must
when will ah git mahlassieback beej bj when yi
aw ah need is mahlassieback bj stops boxing bj
wecht aff his shouther thelassieinby maun rair oot ah
ah miss waiting oan mahlassiepause oh an you bj
tither eftir thair denner thelassiesaid bi the by ah
m no mistaen an thelassiesaid the suiner ah git
be alang the noo twalassies daunder doon the park
efter her it seems thelassies got hersel twa mothers
heicht an set fur alassietae twine her twa fite
when he cam across alassiewi twa sheltie pownies she
oot at this wuman slassiewis in ward forty twa
her noo niver trust alassielove is hurtin sair there
adam wha are you thelassienoo began tae greet an
ye shakk like a leaflassierise noo an pass the
ye couldna get near alassielassies yer ain age wouldna
mahsel fi you mah ainlassielaughs bj s the cause
mair ye imagined haein alassieo yer ain tae but
jist wi at the thelassiefae ahin the bar an
granted a your life everylassiejist kens she ll grow
jist wantin the pill thatlassiethere white as a ghost
jist mind she wis alassieyince says it aw onywey
cannae even talk ti alassieat the chippy pat appears
monie a sair hert thelassielykit aye ti be ootby
i used tae winch thislassiefrae greenock [sniff] train doon
where the hell s thislassiefrae i was like that
grow eence a neebor slassiefrae the toon hid traivelled
they d tae lock thelassieup tae keep her frae
him in the byre lordsakelassieyer surely nae thinkin o
going home maggie what agneslassieare ye daft carolanne i
ye can caw me alassiebairn g awa ye ugsum
ye hud tae frichten thelassiefurst to beth dinnae you
if ye re efter alassiei dinnae hink that ll
ye ir the kyndest hertitlassiein the haill warld an
ye ir the kyndest hertitlassiein the haill warld an
s then ye become alassieor a i don t
aa ye heard wis thislassiescraichin her heid aff as
say if ye touched alassiethat d be nice no
door shut to beth wheeshtlassieye ll be fine gordon
wi roderic kent at thislassiebelanged the gowden broun selkie
crack wi eck s youngestlassieena whae bides i hawick
an never looket at alassiehe bade wi his mither
oot wi trucks wi thelassiein ower the front wi
he d finished wi thelassiein the next bed i
ill fur veesitors as thelassiepassed her she noticed wi
wi a sabbin skreich thelassies buits war smoored in
fin it melled wi alassies lips an sweeten like
a gairden fork or thelassiewaterin her pownies wi a
fa aince wauked prood alassiewi a back that s
wi the wey a glasgowlassiewid pronounce wurds produces hilarious
bar he said tae thelassiei ll hae a whisky
that wis quick said thelassieat the desk weel replies
again sir said the barlassiedinna worry fin nature calls
shruggit said naethin the thirdlassietracy mowat sat birlin in
an he luikit at thelassiean spiert whuther she haed
wine it ll dee thelassienae hairm she says to
of love there s alassieshe s cried ina says
insteid o a fairmer slassieshe wis hett an swyty
unhesitatingly aye aye he didlassiesingle beds she snorted derisively
o them fur my sakelassiesweir it an afore she
a lot for sadie slassieto take in she reflected
for aw the lads anlassieaboot the place forby makkin
stair comic turn tod slassieaye taks aw her beanos
you just kind of thislassiecame towards me with day
leaves i wis born therelassiefaither telt me an on
his byname me an thelassies lyin at the hous
were following this day glolassief643: [laugh] [laugh] m642: the
care this luvers day alassiein a navy jaiket the
the wutch he mairrit hislassiethe verra neist day an
ronnie you re nae thelassiei thocht you were teenie
oor teenie practically coortin alassienae half his age nae
fit s here but alassienae half my age affa
s nae thanks tae thatlassiethochtless as they come peggy
at that the saft hertedlassiebrast oot greetin an weepin
tae yersel that s mylassieand i sewed that frock
minnie aunt jessie tuik thelassieben tae the kitchie in
i used tae winch alassiefrom greenock m815: [laugh] it
kin shift to maggie thelassiell need a hand tae
here he speared o alassiepackin ten tae the dizzen
tae be interrupted again agneslassies staunin there like a
gallivant till the yalla deevillassiesays tae the green ane
park flowers affected yon trystitlassiedressin her sunday coat smirks
was the daughter the fuckinlassiei was inside her i
eye and as for thelassieit was her that got
often very revealing a turrifflassielaura had been visiting her
wreath and that and thelassiecame back and thanked us
came up to this thislassiecame towards us and split
leave us aleen dumfounert thelassiehytered ooto the room leavin
and twelve pounds be thelassieahin the coonter that wis
he s made o thelassies face matty wis pit
think he eence coortit alassiethere he wis byordnar fond
bit o melon michty thelassiewis fer enjoyin hersel then
himsel when there s alassieaboot he s better awaa
girlfriend as well what abootlassief1023: well friend you see
life an this was alassiea-a-a- an auld wifie over
faimlie twae laddies an anelassiebade yonder the bairns wur
verra houss yett basho waesumlassiecat that thin an shilpit
as afore an the thirdlassiefeinisht up in the houss
wye the lochan swallaed thelassiehale an brian thinkin on
airm an trailed the fleggitlassieintae the barn he s
krista three an half monthlassiekin git well attached bi
waddin table upstairs the daftlassieroared an grat in the
a o a sudden thelassies face grew reed an
but aye the wyce likelassiesmiles an tends oor needs
shouldnae huv opened the doorlassiethe door knocker again it
get a soakin that tvlassiea ll complain has made
sixth haun throwe a barmaidlassieat the balbutt airms fa
a lang time since thelassied bin pettit the nuns
auld claes still mebbe thelassiehid felt like haein a
athort the frozent loch alassiekecklin moonlight across the frozen
m going to find alassiemaclaurin watched boswell lurch up
deep pile of empties thatlassies definitely goat a bun
chinese kennawha 300 500 alassies problem in the spring
wu 2nd century 6 alassies problem kennawha 300 500
the kirkyaird toom tinnies alassies shae sunday morning in
a scream a right bonnylassiesang but the man a
hear it like [inaudible] alassiethat ehm i m pals
pursuer was mairrit on alassiethat had been a maid
a ll haud awa ochlassiethat isnae a secret at
used to be a alassiethat was really you know
[laugh] m642: there s alassiewalkin along the road one
and there s a alassiewalking [inaudible] f643: [?]in[/?] he
sometimes you re a growinlassieyou winna want to spend
[?]flung intae[/?] this room some nakedlassiedances in front o you
aye on time fin thelassieshouts o k jonsar it
nor his wife nor hislassieneither for that maitter but
fa s kittlin sandy slassiefa will pye the piper
eck hid only asked thelassiefar s the lavvy he
ramsay s bosie wheeshtie wheeshtielassiefitiver s adee speired meg
the richt thing for thelassies sake georgie i dinna
them i canna leave thelassies shelt like thon he
what i saw and thelassies taes are webbit naethin
dangerously to dod leave thelassiealane dod dod i m
m hur mother pause everylassieneeds hur mother long silence
he called my little sisterlassiei do like the scots
handle agnes firmly leave thelassiebe sadie we just let
affa funcy glesses fin thelassiemair or less telt jonsar
will indeed agnes come oanlassietakes the babies bottle from
[laugh] f1039: eh eh thelassiethat was daein it though
was bethia all over thelassiewas funny as all get

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