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affa bricht quines got studyinlatinan greek the jist bricht
leid frae the classical greeklatinan ither foreign languages while
sentences the neologisms coined fromlatinand greek and as in
sentences the neologisms coined fromlatinand greek and as in
of scottish speech rather thanlatinand greek and tries to
ashley the young elizabeth studiedlatinand greek history geography and
obscure style deliberately drenched inlatinand greek neologisms and borrowings
jist bricht quine i didlatinbit nae greek like linda
the episode he uses thislatindrenched greek trenched high style
latin grammar the greek andlatingrammar m815: oh dear you
you do the m816: thelatingrammar the greek and latin
physics as of teaching greeklatinhebrew and english literature 7
the rediscovery of greek andlatinliterary criticism and renaissance poets
no hebrew no greek nolatinno so they try puzzlatory
dutch basque danish hebrew greeklatinpuzlatory and buffoonish to this
mélange of many languages greeklatinscandinavian french german much of
construction of sundials greek andlatinvocabulary and of course grammar
construction of sundials greek andlatinvocabulary and of course syntax
as did the greek andlatinwriters sometimes we do distinguish
many qualified teachers of alatinand b classical studies are
many secondary schools offer alatinand b classical studies as
will sit exams in alatinand b classical studies at
qualifications authority examinations in alatinand b classical studies s1w
adorned with classical borrowings andlatintags harked back to a
latin you translate it intolatinbecause latin is a language
o them no acquent wilatini translate as black as
translate it into latin becauselatinis a language of official
kept you transfer it intolatinyou translate it into latin
latin sermons were written inlatin[click] [inhale] in england there
and religious treatises histories inlatingeorge buchanan s latin poems
and wrote read and wrotelatin[inhale] er latin was the
in latin george buchanan slatinpoems would provide models for
f- works were written inlatinsermons were written in latin
latin unfortunately few people speaklatinthe language that i probably
whether any of them spokelatinunfortunately few people speak latin
and wrote latin [inhale] erlatinwas the language of the
by european vernacular writers fromlatinmodels and they display an
a vernacular mention in thelatinof the exchequer rolls for
and though some are inlatinothers are in the vernacular
shift you re moving fromlatintowards the vernacular and this
shift towards scots away fromlatinand away from french [inhale]
scots and the structures oflatinand french are making contact
they ve been taught inlatinand french in ways that
original writings or translations fromlatinand french into scots chivalric
they re also literate inlatinand french they ve been
gaelic scots and possibly evenlatinand french to rule such
english and norman french andlatinand some of these m741:
do french and german thenlatinf1148: you do french and
there are words here oflatinfrench origin christall douce distell
saxon norman french flemish andlatinin upper deeside gaelic survived
grammatical structures of french andlatin[inhale] how does this actually
model modified from french andlatin[inhale] the importation of long
import structures from french andlatininto scots and this is
as i speak french andlatinlaughter people from jedburgh sometimes
influenced by french and ultimatelylatinmodels and pitscottie following a
translating from french translating fromlatinthey re also literate in
norman conquest period french andlatinwere the languages of most
german or atween thae olatinorigin 25 73 this report
german or between those oflatinorigin 34 73 this report
suggests a common origin inlatinpānicum pānis bread bap bap
f1054: you said something aboutlatinf1006: well sinister comes from
school [inaudible] f1006: that slatinm1004: [exhale] f1054: did you
f1006: well sinister comes fromlatinm1004: sinistro f1006: it s
pen as he screived hislatingrammar an the rasp o
on the table it wisnalatingrammar nur algebraic equations that
t think anyone actually studieslatinany more now this is
bricht quines got tae takklatinan aabody else did cookin
if you like the thelatinbased the continental style [sniff]
the continental style based onlatinof long elaborate sentences [door opens and student enters]
obscure allusions and even littlelatinphrases [inhale] the prose style
euphemisms and obscure allusions evenlatintags the prose style can
german and then you dolatinthen english f1149: mmhm f1148:
and the continental european ultimatelylatintradition of periodic sentences writers
them they wrote them inlatinso you ve this weird
will be influenced by thelatin[click] [inhale] so these are
official language of record likelatin[inhale] so for an um
are translated into scots fromlatin[inhale] so what you get
er translation of boethius slatinthe consolation of philosophy [inhale]
of official record [click] [inhale]latinwas also for centuries the
were based on analogy withlatineven though english forms of
based on the practice inlatinto have nominative or subject
written in a weighty languagelatinit was not only proper
the third page written inlatinon behalf of james ii
and charters were written inlatinphilosophical words were f- works
do languages i gave uplatinafter four years i only
languages my only memory oflatinis in pictura est flavia
east the word comes fromlatinspatula the same as the
crops it comes from alatinword granarium so next time
scotland of literature in scotslatinand even english however the
english church and scots kirklatinas norse words entered deeside
aboyne 1230 1681 contain manylatindocuments translated into scots a
having scots as well aslatinelements and in the fifteenth
flow flow through from ehlatininto scots by the mid
a scots name so thelatinname was used larix which
into scots of buchanan slatinplays jepthah and the baptist
texts you re getting theselatintexts translated into scots and
in scots rather than inlatinuse the concept of acting
thrang wi scots an thelatinwild till wi wecht o
probably stronger than that oflatinafter the english princess margaret
ower bi the windae englishlatinan science jotters lay at
english straight away or dolatinas well and like f1149:
patterning are very different fromlatinfor instance english clearly has
of the innate superiority oflatinas a language instead it
second rate language compared tolatineffectively he argues that modern
a second modern language becauselatinwas at that time a
it is no accident thatlatinwas the language of erudition
part of the last millenniumlatinwas the language of preference
it has to be thelatinareola the only word on
the word totum is thelatinword that means whole it
exercises i had to learnlatinin preference to a second
with and she stopped doinglatinas well after like first
purposes are doing it inlatinif they re doing it
and we even find alatinproverb in the latter the
words entered deeside speech indirectlylatinbecame available via christian missionary
into university that i tooklatinthough i hated the subject
mean they used to teachlatinat school so i m
mean rebus would be thelatinehm f606: uh huh m954:
mean we used to learnlatini mean they used to
m865: yeah well i meanlatinis in in germany at
course there are rhythms inlatinamerica in er brazil which
forms and rules derived fromlatinand on exercises on the
eight parts of speech fromlatinand took essentially the same
from chaudmelle chaude melle inlatinrixa an hoat suddaine tuilzie
a row from my oldlatinteacher if i don t
from a stylistic tendency inlatinto have verbs at the
langage that is not inlatinthis was part of the
the middle of a moorlatinwas part of the curriculum
the source the same withlatinbut i don t think
class i was in thelatinclass because in those days
that there are no nativelatinspeakers listening because i do
should implicitly be done inlatinthat said james also employed
jokes about what that slatinfor cause like erm i
m762: basically african music ermlatinmusic erm and erm you
a graduanda if my weaklatinserves me well friday 28th
on e pages o elatindictionary fit ither fairlies did
yes they do bits inlatinhere too i know some
was sending undercover agents tolatinamerica and asked whether any
to the translator the mocklatinand aberdonian echo the writing
scottish universities unless you knewlatinand eh and eh my
aspire to the heights oflatinand he illustrates this by
the infinitive to go unlikelatinand therefore one is hardly
a result of invasion andlatinas a result of intellectual
throat and continued you murderlatinby saint john i ll
throat and continued you murderlatinby st john i ll
burning torches and candles inlatinfebruata means to expiate to
scottish parliament and speaking inlatini am embarrassed about what
italian russian dutch basque andlatinon this occasion in view
the scottish royalist and thelatinsecretary to oliver cromwell a
didn t didn t regardlatinas something you could enjoy
first as if it waslatinm954: rebus or rebus aye
spiritual matters were conducted inlatinfor half of the local
says so albeit unhelpfully inlatinapud portum marinum another major
the spirit of the originallatinscholars when they come to
it thinkin it wes alatinwurd laughs they say soliony
ye meet the dominie alatinkind of mannie an if
ye meet the dominie alatinkind of mannie an if
in large measure by thelatinfeatures of the man who
to 3ou my mind inlatinfor i am nocht acquyntit
sources henryson read him inlatinhe didn t read the
floors wir a named inlatinno much guid tae me
sodjers roads wine an oliveslatinodes wad ye wanner in
who conducted christian services inlatinruling a largely gaelic speaking
at which hector boyce slatinscotorum historiae published in paris
to me however i hadlatincoming out of my ears
to hamish my high schoollatinteacher the late thomas laing
who don t have thelatinwho want access to power
would need to to knowlatinf948: yes you need it
kenny up the back goeslatinfor bullshit you know what
here today there s alatinsay- saying bella scriptum [?]amet[/?]
motions 11 times once forlatins1m 2636 once for basque
won a bit medal furlatintae be telt that he
camp a sodger writes hamelatinverses found at ardoch ad
spakk the spell the auldlatinwirdies that meant naething ava

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