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say of dunbar using morelatinateitems such as attemperate and
quhen the ioun in somelatinatewords the ei digraph in
there are some french andlatinatewords in the poem pultron
basis that the la- thelatinatevocabulary is stigmatised as english
a lawyer a sprinkling oflatinateterms is appropriate or decorous
the 16th century in thelatinatevocabulary associated with lofty subject
descent from the high stylelatinatepoetry of the mediaeval makers
the flyting has a fewlatinatewords with negative associations you
situation is even more complicatedlatinateenglish and then aberdonian dialect
of ehm germanic over ehmlatinatevocabulary m741: uh huh m605:
encounter the english is semilatinateand we even find a
forms should be used learnedlatinatevocabulary should be used in
these and the other lesslatinatewords in the poem have
certainly in the much lesslatinateand less formal english that
some of stevenson s morelatinateterms and erm we thought

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