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goud siller diamonts an emerantslauchedjunipere andra disted the nirls
gods sae fired that helauchedaff the hamewart pull a
on the walkie talkie poacherslauchedwull there wisnae ony poachers
alec impatiently aa richt aleclauchedjock keep yer hair oan
herself like a tyke anlauchedaff her tears as the
patients like human beings helauchedi ll say that for
the mercy of god helauchedand said god where is
it jist last wikk shelauchedmynd it micht be a
an mak siccar no melauchedwullie a ll bide ma
to rights but she jistlauchedthe beds were that close
till it the young loonlauchedwill ye fancy me in
dee bit the doctor onlylauchedand said awa man ye
the year tho da hidlauchedan telt her ma it

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