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adv long ago lauch vlaughlave n remainder law n
long ago lauch n vlaughlave n remainder lawland a
long ago lat let lauchlaughlave remainder lawin due lealtie
adv long ago lauch vlaughleddie n lady lest a
from it della krista robbylaughloudly as they gather around
maistir bastard auld mithir theylaughloudly berna swigs from the
big ones keckle is cacklelaughloudly haffets are side locks
makin yi sad they alllaughloudly silence berna sittin roon
fur a wreath they alllaughloudly silence they all sing
bad wummin cammy and dimpslaughloudly stew if wur gonnae
robby krista and lori alllaughkrista aye berna the brew
wi yur brain they alllaughkrista leather herted berna she
a story berna and robbylaughrobby you pittin yur pairt
a he robby and bernalaughsilence berna times like this
krista hug each other thenlaughand giggle clasp hands and
and fondle zeb they alllaughas krista and della help
my my folks used tolaughat me f831: uh huh
bu- m842: mmhm f831: yelaughbecause it s comfortin as
that for years aye yelaughbut ye forget it f831:
m842: aye f831: ha halaughit is it s m842:
forget it f831: aye yelaughthough aye ye do ye
though aye ye do yelaughm842: i mean ye forget
the mithirs departed starts tolaughdella ach you ll spoil
when shis upset they alllaughdella oor ready lori ready
fower o em starts taelaughbit efter a fyle it
dive in carolanne starts tolaughsadie something funny carolanne through
pause then sadie and agneslaughhelplessly sadie laughing mairried agnes
stays didn t we theylaughsadie i m gettin rid
asks ey baith started taelaughan een o em blurts
o bagpipes jonsar started taelaughan said the only tune
crowd because he hates richardlaughis before i started my
tell father and father wouldlaughat him again and he
according to father who wouldlaugheven though he was really
wan time jist fur alaugha screwdriver talk aboot erotic
yin drink what you wantlaughif ye feel like talk
dinnae talk daft man ilaughit s only garlic i
are sometimes with a littlelaughas if to say they
my friends because they sometimeslaughthey don t understand it
my friends because they sometimeslaughtorphins social networks see figures
into song let s alllaughat smack head lets all
at smack head lets alllaughat smack head na na
out for vanse weir slaughstill cackled in his head
with walrus cheeks and saltylaughfair weather falstaff soaks in
nane but rabbie thocht taelaughit isnae fair it isnae
s fair wid be alaughmonday 17th temp 1 5
the party might be alaughboth girls shivered as they
in staraya basmannya street bothlaughhappily masha fancy meeting in
affa good at it bothlaughwickedly angelica an a this
she gives a little bitterlaughfat chance lizzie he hasna
angelica relieved gives a littlelaughshe would ana it jist
relieved oh a little relievedlaughye re oot o fish
sittin glowerin thare they alllaugha pause irena hou ir
she is not going tolaughabout it at all i
she ll just sit andlaughall the way through it
content but she ll justlaughall the way through it
eyes and makes the adultslaughi take all this in
aw burnt ti shunders alllaughirena it s nae lauchin
[laugh] m944: so they alllaughthe minute they meet you
in this chamber we alllaughwe celebrate burns in many
he reminisces with an easylaughwe were marched all through
they were good for alaugha drink a smoke they
we just had a purelaughand they must have thought
her shoes they re alaughas well [laugh] f631: yeah
street they hid a gweedlaughat ae shop windae richt
i am sure that theylaughat frank s jokes and
they they certainly took alaughat me for nae kennin
m1015: mmhm m1017: an theylaughat me when i coont
bessie delighted i ken theylaughenter loretta slowly miserably peggy
him fur ma tea theylaughgordon enters he is stunned
know the words make yelaughi think they re m865,:
and i think they mightlaughi would speak in scots
tissue papers in triumph theylaughlizzie thank you georgie i
just a bit of alaughweren t they spitting image
hoo can they blether anlaughwhen a m sweatin here
s britishness to make themlaughand be more amenable lucky
s he d make melaughhe d make me smile
let s no make [censored: nickname]laughm939: george galloway and cash
archie don t make melaughmy stitches peggy protested the
on cause ye get alaughan it kin it contributes
s a shame that welaughcause we shouldnae we should
to skate that was alaughcause you spent more time
he ll have the lastlaughf943: well no cause he
you re just makkin yourselflaugh[censored: forename] f1114: [cough] f1113: oh
why s it makin youlaughf1114: [squeal] what s that
f1113: is that makin youlaughf1114: what s that f1113:
you re just makkin yourselflaughf1114: what s that [laugh]
roond the door an ehlaughan run away ye know
sisters an brithers ye wouldlaughat me wi yir heid
cheer up anythin fif alaughi ll tell ye somethin
i think it maks yelaughi think it ye know
girls thegither if ye couldnaelaughye d greet an we
me mistress there s alaughye ve caught me on
look up at me andlaughand she would say if
and other grown up peoplelaughat me and call me
i do anything for alaughhe threatened me the man
the song actually made melaughwhen i was writing it
reindeers mum f1121: used tolaughand f1122: play mm call
funny words we used tolaughat some of them and
i used to get alaughout of noticing that the
sisters had had a goodlaughat the spell joseph cast
have to say [laugh] goodlaughf978: [laugh] f746: [sigh] f978:
taxi hame be a goodlaughphonin for wan right enough
a death like a manufacturedlaughas it is you re
us we re noh gonnaelaughif he dis it thru
re outside tryin no tolaughwe d to run out
do that because everybody lllaughand he says well that
like it ll be alaughplenty ashtrays tae empty carolanne
talent it could be alaughthere ll be tutors there
girse he coodnae help bitlaughaye min it wid hae
it m1096: [child noise] did youlaughf1095: oh aye m1096: [child noise]
it cannae last aye welaughoor heids aff at the
second year we d alaughnoo and again whit are
the babies away he dlaughthen her friend babs warned
he getting on many alaughhe gave us i do
im up but he didnylaughjinty didnae laugh neithers she
he didny laugh jinty didnaelaughneithers she wiz not amused
[laugh] yeah m691: vocal desclaughbut it was aw it
m827: [laugh] f826: and herlaughcame over as making more
di- [laugh] if i didnaelaughi would cry sayings like
water next ah [laugh] m1094: laughit s a big one
has a very loud stridentlaughm827: [laugh] f826: and her
but is it right tolaughat a deformed woman what
ehm i mean i canlaughat the the jokes that
[exhale] i dinnae want taelaughat this but i ve
to say that s alaugheh i m laid here
oh come on don tlaugh[inaudible] m1098: hey you no
voice my daddy shouldn tlaughwhen i m not laughing
do it ehm for alaughwith her mates when she
f813: well this is alaughright ehm i ended up
it turns inti a megalaughbj need ti git yi
it was a relief tolaughwith him disguising the event
can slide into a distinctivelaughor snarl into aggression i
that there wis neathing taelaughaboot pancake meg teemed her
i could really go alaughafter suffering death by toosh
jonsar eck there wis alaughan the lad says derek
sufficient confidence in herself tolaughoff fat is a feminist
piss wi thame huvin alaughthis is serious this is
an da wur huvin alaughwe fun a spot oan
done loretta almost able tolaughwithin a week i bet
jim squeal and the otherslaughbut wait till you see
fit to dee whether tolaughor greet the wifie had
possibly can chebutykin and toozenbachlaughirena ah daursay andrew wul
lights resulting in the biggestlaughof the evening in february

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