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eenie went aboot gigglin anlaughinoot came the twa jeannies
jonsar she wis gigglin anlaughintears rinnin doon her cheeks
the nother ain he slaughinat f1089: oh m1090: he
them m1090: yeah he slaughinat the nother ain f1089:
at it m1090: he slaughinat the nother ain he
twa jeannies near fell owerlaughinfae jonsar eck an you
up the street roarin anlaughinnoo ned this is nae
o the settee roarin anlaughinpeer jonsar eck jonsar eck
a appear they burst ootlaughina ll haud awa tae
aboot greedy she burst ootlaughinan said i aye kent
do on an burst ootlaughini dinna think the queen
hid asked an burst ootlaughinwis you nae doon at
we would maybe just saylaughinhe s laughin he s
just say laughin he slaughinhe s pleased he s
one you know a poochlaughinlike a pooch on pie
noo a m jist alaughinstock a genius wi writer
me laughing f1141: are youlaughina cheeky man right okay
he s laughing are youlaughinat [censored: forename] [baby gurgles] is she
but sune a wis alaughinstock aw roon aboot the
keep them up [censored: forename] slaughinat ye f1142: hello f1141:
this f1141: eh he slaughinis that funny is [censored: forename]
birled roon on wan leglaughinthey claes are no suitable
s pleased he s fairlaughinmmhm f1054: great ehm annoyed
f1089: oh m1090: he slaughinat this bit go there
hear the yin aboot thelaughinrabbit doll better be clean
big black blur i hootlaughinthat s yin tae me
an they were just totallylaughinall night and screamin and
soon as i just startedlaughinat the registrar she was
ti say mah abuser startedlaughinwhen ah said ah wis
lee laughs pat she slaughinit mi again bj stae
sadie sadie see me nolaughinsee me no gettin maggie
noo tess kin wi pitlaughinan singin in oor pert
reporting oor sit in anlaughinkeeps us aa girls thegither
ah feel a smile startinlaughinthen it turns inti a
ma sister was killin hersellaughinit took us three hoors
dimps di yi see melaughinsteve scotty beam us up
thocht i was greetin naelaughinso that was a richt
you ll spoil it awlaughinrunes huv ti be tane
her and i was likelaughinand i was like kind
than the people sniggerin orlaughinat you you know some
till you are hoarse wilaughinan wheezing an hoastin of
like the moustache o alaughincavalier an that was ony

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