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was a thin ripple oflaughteraround the room secondly this
thir auld supersteitions dae yelaughterkoolyghin whan therteen fowk sits
smacked against his snout alaughterripple circulates the stalls then
excuse scored high in thelaughterleague and the inaugural still
this scored a round oflaughternot only in the public
ye chebutykin me thertie twalaughterfedotik ah l show ye
a wedding celebration melting inlaughterstraightening stocking seams they shouted
a cousin s sliced offlaughtertwo nostrils white as icing
chain with scarlet stain andlaughtersilenced by slaughter border river
spades an pails bairn slaughterstew steve steve nae people
greeted with loud cheers andlaughterit s a wonderful film
your birthdays more cheers andlaughterpeggy happy 80th birthday gladys
screams and even more horriblelaughtercoming what jimmy tells me
whisper a secret and theirlaughterfills the carriage as it
his spoons he bursts intolaughteras he recalls the time
line hughie joined in thelaughteran duncan smilingly remarked that
of today the sound oflaughterwill be your reward as
una parola di questo discorsolaughterthe presiding officer it has
ivanovna looks sae embarrassed loudlaughternatasha runs out into the
new muin s lip drunkenlaughtercups float in the pool
levitra morag began howling withlaughtera regular hysterical fit the
and punchlines that inspired regularlaughterin the evening we found
caused quite a bit oflaughteramong f631: [laugh] f634: the
could have caused so muchlaughterpeople will be queueing up
of an excessive fit oflaughteron hearing the news an
watching hearing their snorts andlaughterover the running water maddo
bloom let nae bird singlaughteran joy there cannae be
cannae ride a bike eitherlaughterthat is actually true it
from my colleague angus mackaylaughterangus advised me in no
to curry favour with memberslaughtermembers will get there eventually
i mean sum up phillaughterphil gallie first i thank
re noh helping cammy humourlaughterbest medicine you said stew
this is the yellow roomlaughterglad to see some of
is repeated and voices andlaughterare heard irena coming in
morgan could see that cominglaughterthere may be a supplementary
m1 this brocht howls olaughterfae the fowk in the
i speak french and latinlaughterpeople from jedburgh sometimes speak
in that table are zerolaughterprofessor midwinter we will then
such a regime was introducedlaughterwe are doing our best
ye could hae heard ehlaughterower at eh coastgerd station
when i woke up thelaughterbegins to die away sadie
peu grossières toozenbach with suppressedlaughterraxez moi ower ah mean
cannot take evidence from poacherslaughterperhaps john farquhar could help
the tracksuits burst into muchlaughteroh yes hilarious i thought
s methods with some politelaughterarniston s dislike of long
has a great bureaucratic futurelaughteri wish to make some
80 year aul some gentlelaughterneil you must have seen
a wee warning first helplesslaughterwork up to it almost
on which they were electedlaughterthe convener that will be
have rung from the musiclaughterand song of countless concerts
about food fellowship wit andlaughterat one of the darkest
the mother s self defensivelaughterthe unspoken worry about what
that done by the weekendlaughteri have no doubt that
it miss goldie how temptinglaughteri revert to my earlier
accompanying volley of gobs andlaughterhamblin was too busy scowling
and crack open the sherrylaughterhowever that would not do
the hoose fell on herlaughterrelieves the emotions of the
involved in the pennell trustlaughteri am going to regret

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