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owl spirkin is sparking livelylaunis land skellich is a
bargillin ower hames ferms anlaunit tirned frae a mellay
heidit sister i a ramstougerouslaunlang kent fur its histore
hir stroubilt days i thonlauno tribulance scotland the morn
warnish ye at is alauno sturt an stryfe thon
hed cawed ower ti thelauno the leil the twenes
ti finnd frieryke i thelauno wir antecestors scotland shae
poke scotland is a puirlaunwi hask wather it isna
finnd thaim whan the borderlaunwes herried bi the sassenach
o lyfe ben yeir ainlaunmixter maxter in wi nyow
at s naitral ti thelaunar wat bi the sam
wee skreich she fell taelaunwi a plowt on her
out the lay o thelaunonie sojers at hed quastiouned
an wes nou ettlin tilauni the mids o the
sin at wes gied thelaunatwein forth an tay wes
gin ye byde ben alaunwhaur the fowk hae cum

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