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long ago lauch v laughlaven remainder law n hill
ago lauch n v laughlaven remainder lawland a lowland
ago lat let lauch laughlaveremainder lawin due lealtie loyalty
dinna want ti spend thelaveo yeir days yokit ti
yokit til a puddok thelaveo yeir days yokit til
dinna want ti spend thelaveo yeir days yokit til
byde his lane for thelaveo his days sae he
content ti byde here thelaveo ma days for at
hae lykit ti byde thelaveo ma days ma lane
byde a puddok for thelaveo ma days morag ye
thairsells an ilkane spent thelaveo his days weill content
leeved blyth an content thelaveo thair days an as
hauf o this tale thelavecaused a stooshie a while
tuik thon regular path thelaveo the tale uncle jeems
never gart spin for thelaveo hir days an thay
hir clos compaingens ower thelaveo hir stroubilt days i
an he bade there thelaveo his days he merriet
mair but murned hir thelaveo his days the war
aboot the tree for thelaveo ma days ah can
in the haill o thelaveo ma days ah m
walthie as keings for thelaveo thair days sae thay
on the table aw thelavewis mair nor hauf fu
saft gray wheichit awaw thelaveo the stour as he
luik sae couthie as thelaveshe hae gray een lyke
mair wurth nor aw thelaveay ye re aye thare
court an whussil ower thelaveo d naither tammas nor
smawer in nummers nor thelaveo that state s population
bodie mair fly nor thelavetelt hir that he wes
frae siller tassies whyle thelavedaunst an liltit ti the
takk a degree like thelaveo his fiers nae siller
but ah canna mynd thelavemorag nou that we r
the k nicht eftir thelaveo z gang awaw ti
is whit maitters nou thelavesal follae eftir ah promise
rubbits makk tae warn thelaveo danger deidly danger syne
sin syne an athourt thelaveo scotland is weill whit
fleerish wig whistle ower thelaveo t syne green growe
hinges syne lean in taelaveoot pailfaes een at a
ll keep like thon thelaveis blawn aisse midnight house
im no lauchin lyke thelavekis ah dinna lyke ti
foraye she watches ower thelaveo ma lyfe hir maimorie
moofae o soup wi elaveo e bairns sae we
sauf ti finn an thelavesuin wi the bairns an
gaed ower the table thelavewis stukken tae ma een
tae breenge aheid o thelavean dae the thing hissel
the size o aa thelavean wi shouders like an
wul tak chairge o thelaveas we ettilt siward fareweill
cwyte geed on for elaveo e time haad awa
burnin shame ti awn thelaveo him caithness c mon
is siclyke dis tae thelaveo humanitie authourt the yird
borders he awnsert lik thelaveo m ye maun gang
e hotel steps an elaveo s guests fae e
bit o fun like thelaveo s i canna be
on his showders like thelaveo the booths ma mither
andrews day we howp thelaveo the [censored: placename] schuils will
waggin his haun wi thelaveo the clachan as his
the next oor an thelaveo the day tae english
the leirichielarichie saicret frae thelaveo the faimilie the auld
nae gweed service wi thelaveo the family fin her
ti keep up wi thelaveo the flock flie awa
things a real gift thelaveo the fowk in the
dinna mind muckle o thelaveo the fowk we met
the hatchery alang wi thelaveo the human embryos the
o the study throu thelaveo the nicht ah ligg
an nae fecht ower thelaveo the planet yird the
papers wur tae pit thelaveo the scottis press tae
whitlik ti say aither thelaveo the sop retoured ti
an pans med up thelaveo the symphioun the strynge
contrakkars cam the refraish thelaveo the tenement an thai
the sonsie sheep an thelaveo the things sae they
but juist listen ti thelaveo whit ah hae ti
lad the fek o thelavewar streik t out deid
deed sae hidna jyned thelaveat his service here her
an corn it wi thelavesae wang jin thenkit him
cum back ti wairn thelavefrom the chinese of fuyo
be wanchauncie leave aw thelaveti me they leave curtain
ye r different frae thelaveyou staun oot heich abuin
the houss forby thairsells thelaveaw leuch at this but
on the bairge aw thelaveir mairchin on fuit wi
it didnae work an thelavewis aw selt for a
juist as skeich as thelavean wi that the pechin
day ah list wi thelavefor the war we mairch
naebodie stauns oot frae thelavethare never been a scholar
at the milkin wi thelavean did aa the bakin
she wis afore aa thelavetae win at the quarry
up she gaed leavin thelaveweel ahint aa hefty hillocks
fowler alasdair sutherland an thelavearenae case studies in psychoanalysis
s bin bullied bi thelavein brian s case twis
doctrine an meditate wi thelavea ll see ye peyed
denner we caad in elaveere wis nine loads in
f961: yeah you hae talaveheatin on idderwise it ll
jist a memory tae thelaveas unreal as the yalla
tae dee fur as thelavenane kens dry banes haud
am smitten waur than thelavean feel as if i
times last eer like thelavei argee back an fore
twas or companies like thelavehe was a wee bittie
or else you could justlaveout the water grannie had

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