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a a- f1111: go andle-it s not an abacus
posts m1090: yeah f1089: thele-m1090: [?]poats[/?] f1089: posts the
they would children who werele-ort- who would have been
leaf off f1095: mmhm m1096: le-leafed off f1095: mmhm m1096:
ye left m1128: tw- twole-one two three four f1127:
tae there for havin fourle-four eh spellins wrong and
got to take a fictionalle-i think that s the
picking now that s ale-m1094: lemon f1093: a lemon
cosy now erm we llle-we ll start the conversation
re a visitor here thenle-let them get a message
er from experience we dle-we d sort of realised
learn to read and writele-count mm that bit there
done right and we llle-leave it to cool but
f963: mmhm f965: right handle-oh i can t remember

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