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notices appeared in the mearnsleader[note: newspaper notices] [note: newspaper notices] [note: photo: 'arbuthnott home farm steading around 1952. tractorman davie smith is driving a nuffield, with stan greig at the back. this building now houses the estate office.'] [note: newspaper notices] combined
in february 1938 the mearnsleaderand kincardineshire mail reported that
is quoted in the mearnsleaderas saying that this was
article printed in the mearnsleaderin 1915 an extract of
article printed in the mearnsleaderin 1915 an extract of
following articles from the mearnsleaderin 1915 are interesting in
games appeared in the mearnsleaderin july 1914 [note: newspaper article] they
which appeared in the mearnsleaderin may 1941 clearly illustrates
essays appeared in the mearnsleaderkincardineshire mail this would have
which appeared in the mearnsleaderon february 7th 1941 gives
notice published in the mearnsleaderon july 1915 a children
games published in the mearnsleaderon july 31 1914 illustrates
july 14th in the mearnsleaderthe following notice appeared school
the stonehaven journal the mearnsleaderthe kincardineshire observer [note: photo: 'mr arch greig senior being presented to hrh the queen mother by john arbuthnott in 1963. arch was grieve at the home farm between 1921 and 1961. when he retired, his son, also arch, took over grandson ken is the current grieve.'] [note: photo: 'arbuthnott reminiscence group in 1999. left to right: mrs anderson, mrs fowlie, katy heath, mrs dey, mrs thompson, mrs liz bruce, miss dallas, mrs mary williamson, mrs barclay, mrs armatage, mrs black, mrs hall, mr and mrs duncan mathieson.']
the stonehaven journal the mearnsleaderthe kincardineshire observer [note: photo: 'the main lodge, arbuthnott. taken from a hand tinted postcard.'] [note: photo: 'lord arbuthnott and hrh the queen mother, 1963. she had lunch at arbuthnott house on her way to stonehaven to open the tolbooth. mrs greig served lunch with two members of the black watch who assisted with waiting at the table.']
subject appeared in the mearnsleaderwhere it stated that the
geography wrong both my scottishleaderand my federal leader represent
behalf of our federal partyleadercharles kennedy the inquiry concluded
scottish leader and my federalleaderrepresent fishing constituencies i am
council from councillor len ironsideleaderaberdeen city council councillor alison
council councillors councillor tulley councilleadercouncillor anne younger councillor thomas
mep and councillor keith brownleaderof clackmannanshire council are alternate
council councillor james coleman deputyleaderof the council glasgow city
all charles kennedy his ukleaderis against the trials and
rt hon charles kennedy mpleaderof the liberal democrats applause
rt hon charles kennedy mpleaderof the liberal democrats fresh
practice thus at present theleaderof the largest non executive
opposition 17 at westminster theleaderof the largest non government
largest non government party asleaderof the opposition is recognised
pastor was david yonggi choleaderof the world s largest
suu kyi the democratic oppositionleaderin myanmar who has been
movement imposed on myanmar oppositionleadernobel laureate aung san suu
be regarded formally also asleaderof the opposition 18 in
tv history he asked theleaderof the opposition if he
minister jack mcconnell msp theleaderof the opposition john swinney
the circle then became theleaderand the previous leader held
the leader and the previousleaderheld onto the new leader
leader held onto the newleaderthis was repeated until everybody
scotland con attended clerk teamleaderalasdair rankin assistant clerks ruth
relation he is the teamleaderand has overall responsibility in
who is the homelessness teamleaderand isabel drummond murray and
executive finance division clerk teamleadercallum thomson senior assistant clerk
scottish executive douglas baird teamleaderenterprise and lifelong learning finance
of finance derek walker teamleaderiain horne finance administrators annemarie
hugh flinn chamber desk teamleaderin the parliament michael lugton
witness elizabeth watson clerk teamleaderjohn patterson senior assistant clerk
officials paul parr bill teamleaderkay mccorquodale bill team solicitor
department gery mclaughlin bill teamleaderpeter stapelton bill team mark
scots john patterson clerk teamleaderthat is set out on
recess callum thomson clerk teamleaderyes but with the caveat
a message from jim wallaceleaderof the scottish liberal democrats
delivered [note: image of signature here in original] jim wallace qcleaderof the scottish liberal democrats
for 32 years and wasleaderof the liberal party for
school when he became theleaderof the liberal party he
upon the liberal democrat councilleaderto reverse this ill conceived
them the post requires aleaderit requires someone who is
committee convener and each partyleaderasking for nominations for the
in the sense of parliamentaryleaderof all non executive party
which i fought and wasleaderof my party when i
friday 21 july george sourisleaderof the national party of
inaccuracies in that question theleaderof the nationalist party should
is also wrong for theleaderof the nationalist party to
talk about independence that theleaderof the scottish national party
the scottish socialist party theleaders position was untenable and
mrs thatcher as conservative partyleaderthe man was late but
promised that when the newleadertook over the party would
seven years as a councilleaderand three years as vice
was i was a councilleaderbut they were from all
john young was the councilleaderhe was the best orator
council which has been aleaderin this field gave evidence
privy council he was aleaderof a commission into the
chairman of hie and theleaderof highland council we will
a stretch of net theleaderwhich is held perpendicular to
lewis regulation of care projectleaderjane morgan education department roddy
sister marie o dea projectleaderof the wayside day centre
sister marie o dea projectleaderof the wayside day centre
morrison pompey broun an roverleadergeordie black an jim kerr
of david cameron as theirleaderand it is evident to
ross bbc1 fri if toryleaderdavid cameron gets in at
own budget its new londonleaderhas taken it to the
so resolutely supported our civicleaderwe beg you also to
absence o bill cook asleaderthrowe haein the flu yla
and 10 with an olderleaderthings are going missing from
mubarak seems a strong enoughleaderto get things back under
unfortunate absence of the conservativeleaderwe got through only three
of europe scotland s politicalleaderjack mcconnell has no higher
of community that needs aleadershe has a scarf over
to full implementation unlike herleaderwho has given clear signals
a group of professionals theleaderof which used to shrug
westminster but send their exleaderback home to do the
s attention show you releaderopen up their minds let
and tails down dangling theirleadertopples a bin prises the
he was a rebellious studentleaderthat was at a time
empire is worth when itsleadervalues bread more than his
certain professional officer is theleaderbut because of the problems
a distinguished parliamentarian and greatleaderof scotland further agrees that
believe the spin from theleaderof the administration in fife
s no like kind ofleaderof the house or anything
the head of the gloriousleaderon to a screen we
an extremely sensible and shrewdleaderand he is more popular
d ye ken whit theleadersaid he said at the
falling dominoes sheep follow theleaderare a dictator s dream
after a general election theleaderin the scotsman today is
the consultation process on theleaderplus european funding programme s1w
be a quickstep the bandleaderwis gey reed aboot the
ye gang tae see oorleaderan them that thinks they

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