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was an accusation of aleakmr mcaveety the issue is
if jonsar didnae get aleakhe wid hae a leak
leak he wid hae aleaknature widnae wait for ivver
on the seriousness of theleakand whether an investigation would
as a watery eye squeezedleakyour rind is a disappearing
ability to investigate an allegedleakthoroughly the other core issue
might persuade people not toleakinformation because they would know
deciding whether to investigate aleakthe standards committee should take
boats ne er spring aleakan wat behinds may the
afore lang it begins taeleakthere hid been sponsored bike
port of call for anyleakwe have seen the knee
nature she wis needin aleakshe thocht ahin a bush
a fair guess at theleaks source such a procedure
there has ever been aleakfrom the standards committee that
not finished no sign ofleakboy says wednesday 20 car
the church has sprung aleakcause someone s stolen all
commons i understand that theleakof a select committee report
be better to consider theleakwithin their own committee and
who would look into theleakwould be a fellow committee
despite their weight but theyleakand have damaged my constituent
his brain s about toleakout his ear but like
stomach copiously he is wearingleakproof plastic pants but murphy

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