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gauad s seck lawt myleanmawster waw waw waw now
gauad s seck lawt maleanmawster waw waw waw now
thrapple throat cragg neck myleanalone but here we have
throat cragg for neck myleanfor alone but it s
she s tanned she sleans a greyhound except for
the headmistress a restless greyhoundleanwoman had loped off for
a squirrel bit lang anleanfar a squirrel wis biggit
list of novels short storiesleantales sorry tales most of
he was fifty two tallleanbald married but powerful plutarch
husband arrived later a tallleansmoker who spoke english fairly
kind of traditions can itleanupon and in the next
travelled man hard footed andleanwinnowed by the weather about
describes himself as a certainleanugly idle unpopular student 5
ice cream bird is callingleandogs chase stones across this
o holes flaps fae theleancoat hinger o his frame
pynt andromeda an ye canleanagin ma shouther we l
last twa geordie hid aleanagin the dyke tae the
letters their mothers had grownleanand anxious looking they shopped
by i emphasise this aleanbut highly efficient group centre
replaced removing the corrugated ironleanto at the back of
the duck was supposed toleanover and fall in trapping
we are not talking aboutleanand mean we are talking
narrow strands of hair ileanagainst his smell freshly dusted
aye a laddie for tileanon from the chinese of
a funny he has toleanon something to recover georgie
that the bag owner wasleanas a whippet like a
moon constantly reaffirming its positionleanpickings in winter nests are
that s for sure ileanhard on my zimmer and
ahint the auld tree ileanower the branches peerin oot
i wid twine yon langleanlimbs unyieldin s stane sear
she can use it toleanon while she reaches for
or nowt just a longleanstem for a while eftir
the staa you had toleanagainst it reach below it
sweetness there twa grey deerhoundsleanan thin ane afore him
o scotlan far pickins areleanlike an bare leopard an
what you know kind ofleanback in suspense of what
look like trotting toast racksleanand loping or maybe a
back on its hinges syneleanin tae lave oot pailfaes
awthin goes quate again ileanfurrit mair so s i
ti see a drap oleanintil t it s ti
he is compared to yourleanand alabaster andy but what
from seƱor bauza s orchardleanand rakish in his straw
f963: mm f965: you mightleantowards mod i don t
were going broke it wasleantimes then until the second
that primordial act lifting herleanbrown arms to greet the

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