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native models with little ornamentationleaningas much towards the writings
the gangril man gangril manleaningon his spade graund mornin
tartan maginty dots she isleaningover the basket ah but
chrissie are working jim isleaningon his brush listening georgie
the other two kids wereleaningover the bannisters and listening
in the place of prideleaningagainst the wall was a
by the seƱora daniel announcedleaninga little back in his
much more sensible i meanleaningover all these beds an
no ahint yeir slippers queenleaningover is t no ahint
to tight spot on chrissieleaningon the guts barrel staring
fairly large bowl against itleaningon the very edge the
this i am standing hereleaningon the fencepost of a
standing them in two rowsleaningon their opposite number there
woman with huge ugly boobsleaningout of the window holding
the boy beside me satleaningforward his eyes moving from
friendly relationship with someone orleaningon them and making them
i mean yes it wasleaningover sadie nope straight as
on a level with anyoneleaningon the barred fence by
he looked at me intentlyleaningforward now elbows on the
on a bad day rheumyleaningtoo close reeking of peanuts
taff murray in my headleaningon his shovel squinting up
be alone with the bairnleaninginto the warmth of the

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