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then you make a quantumleapare you are you still
step change was a quantumleaprather than a sort of
you know taking a quantumleapthat s how writing seems
lowe flame lown calm lowpleaplowse loosen lowss free luif
lowrie n fox lowp vleaplowse n loosen lowss a
lown a calm lowp vleaplowsen v loosen ludge v
caution says look before youleapbut ambition lunges from its
caution says look before youleapi bury my fear of
steve cammy dimps start playingleapfrog cammy ah m takin
oan they all play atleapfrog cammy sings oh ah
dimps lifts steve up cammyleapfrog dimps jist caw me
forward cammy steve dimps playleapfrog dimps sings he aint
cammy steve stew start playingleapfrog ed joins them light
steve cammy dimps stop playingleapfrog ed sings someones head
lying down long silence cammyleapfrog stew steve dimps steve
lowp he gives a vigorousleapand exit curtain act iii
that say the word forleapis written as lowp and
lowp he gives a demonstrationleapmorag sighing weill that is
lowpie for spang with aleapand a bound lowse stop
petal snow storm swirling chipmunksleapa chorus of can can
its roar is storm wavesleapashore a hunting pack of
towards a root a troutleapis a wobbly up tossed
lassie he gives another greatleaplat it be an kis
this pompitie gives a greatleapof excitement pompitie here they
the reader to make theleapbeyond the concrete visual image
mmhm f1151: one big massiveleap[inaudible] f1150: yeah [laugh] f1151:
of the full moon torchesleapsaddu they cry small fireflies
that goes past the jailleapoff at the right stop
shooting stars of light pumpkinsleapoff supermarket shelves guy fawkes
inadequate we cannot make aleapfrom saying that to saying
by making a huge culturalleapfrom ken barlow to jean
doot it widda been aleapear however visiting was mostly
of nobility but the loversleapat the end of the
roadblocks that you have toleapover to touch the audience
december my heart took aleapinto my mouth was this
trench of coals the flamesleapskyward red and stark to

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