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in the clachan do 40leavinthe monastery do 41 rain
of lu yu 1125 1209leavinthe monastery in ma sleepin
an fift batteries wul beleavinsherp at yin o clock
the diveision thrie batteries irleavinthe day bi road an
an divin twa or threeleavinthousans arrivin in endless procession
ay get tin rows forleavine car an walkin stracht
for a nummer o poemsleavinthe reader wi snatches o
date fur albert is ganeleavinkate on her ane an
the pie then gaed awaleavinthe pie lyin there derek
wrocht under wullie murray atweenleavinroberton schuil an jyning the
muved tae hawick hie schuilleavinthar on ma fowrteent birthday
up ti laughs yur nohleavinhere ever till yi tell
you fuck he s nohleavinhere till he tells us
wur yin o us pauseleavinthe grave s noh allowed
different fi us robby awbodyleavinthe grave like that when
his cronies rin an scatterleavinnets an claes ahint as
tae stoor atween the fingersleavinahin nae sossy skitter skyte
aff wi a larrie driverleavinbaith bairns ahin efter yon
[censored: forename] fuck you i mleavini m gettin my pants
lizzie off was that himleavinangelica aye i m comin
i ken i watched herleavinpause are you decent angelica
who said oanythin aboot yileavinhere tess there s robby
up an up she gaedleavinthe lave weel ahint aa
bade wi him oot yonderleavinthair twae bairns tricia an
pause he d see carolanneleavinan agnes pause looks at
where yi went went efterleavinhere pause thur wis naebody
big licks they r awleavinus yin o thaim s
fairlie suin ah l beleavinthe morn ay onlie the
lyfe becam him lyke hisleavinit he dee d a
wis a kinna plywid lininleavina spacie o maybe twa
but scotland we submit thatleavinaside aw the niceties o
mornin it wis jist awaleavinaa at ye d ken
glif thay aw ran awaleavinaw thair graith an siller
tide i d draw awaleavinhim pale as i am
wauked awa frae the warrenleavinisie an dandy tae their
by king zhezong passt awaleavinnae royal bairn sae the
o gey near three feetleavinits bonny trackie an syne
on feet or i mleavinye she says and tears
wheels o the governess carleavinsheeny tracks o ice on
bi day noo he isleavinan goin away krista della
ye ken nae yer wifeleavine cassie steens black an
but i forgive ye furleavini love ye i ken
prints like exile wi ootleavinyer ain lan ye can
nae as if i mleavinforresters row you bastard greg
him low life running offleavinme jilly the competition s
an flowin doon e passageleavina dark streak in e
felt f606: mmhm f829: comfortableleavinthem out m830: even as
companie shona he s ayeleavinme ma lane she jabs
when ah said ah wisleavincammy dimps stew ed an
said aye but i hateleavinyou like this he was
half fu o leaves andleavint at the side o
bed when ah heard themleavinten seconds a creak o
an riggit we ll beleavinearly the day tae be
gie wi muckle luv forbyeleavinlittle ower in the wye
boat an she disappeared tooleavinchist two things floatin on
the lift an the sealeavinnocht bit fire an wilsomeness
lassie hytered ooto the roomleavinher mither tae greet jock
that s whey we releavingordon what will beth do

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