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leids policy john landon seniorlectureran heid o the depairtment
languages policy john landon seniorlecturerand head of department of
surname of [censored: surname] an educationlecturerat nottingham here to teach
[censored: surname] and james an educationlecturerat nottingham university here to
daniel vaughan 1929 artist iconoclastlecturerand polymath born of a
one another before the seniorlecturerdaniel vaughan strode into the
54 j derrick mcclure seniorlecturerin the depairtment o english
do enlighten us purred thelecturersuavely simon noticed that he
54 j derrick mcclure seniorlecturerin the department of english
church her husband is seniorlecturerat edin university he was
currently works as a seniorlecturerin celtic at edinburgh university
was appointed part time seniorlecturerin english language in the
through simon s ruminations thelecturerclapped his hands and literally
milliner costume designer textile artistlecturerand feltmaker born in east
a film and t vlecturera film and t v
john corbett he s alecturerat glasgow university f951: oh
a time employed as alecturerat the university of helsinki
university press dr c macafeelecturerin english university of aberdeen
university of stirling fergus mcneilllecturerin social work university of
intensive reading where the teacherlecturerrequires precise translation of certain
assessment would involve the teacherlecturerand student in preparing a
no doubt annoy the teacherlecturerconducting the assessment but they
british medical association rae johnstonlecturerin adult nursing at napier
question the fact that thelecturerasked me that question because
from the fact that mylecturerm944: [inhale] what the hell
tittered nervously dutifully acknowledging theirlecturers sense of humour why
the the pol- the politicslecturerwe had this week he
like a sort of minilecturerand you would just be
put by the smartypants younglecturerat the end of the
just like and then thelecturerwas oh she said she
to my lecture and thelecturernever turned up so we

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