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not just say do itleecousins although the executive can
alastair dempster i will letleecousins answer that in detail
ian robson chief executive sportscotlandleecousins head of policy sportscotland
to which i was comingleecousins i will leave the
you stop people being preciousleecousins i wish i knew
either of my colleagues hasleecousins in respect of the
objective what government should doleecousins is pointing out where
deliberations on the point thatleecousins made all sports facilities
does that underpin the restleecousins on a page that
in the meeting 14 45leecousins on the target that
of scotland snp attended witnessesleecousins sportscotland alastair dempster sportscotland
and local authorities 14 15leecousins sportscotland two major costs
a chicken and egg situationleecousins the targets are closely
information to hand 14 30leecousins this is a strategy
alastair dempster i will askleecousins to answer that but
i am making myself clearleecousins we are already beginning
chief executive of sportscotland andleecousins who is head of
of introduction ian robson andleecousins will be happy to
spar with gary long silenceleeah miss waiting silence bj
what really happened long silenceleeah understand bj realize what
us bj duck an diveleeah wanted ti gee yis
bj di a look scaredleean hit yi smack in
stands to the side watchingleeand bj lee come oan
bj bj side steps leeleeaye you me jilly an
bj bj stops looks atleebj goes to punch bag
pat tries to get toleebj holds him back lee
tell thum noh yur fistsleebj let s go back
hit her jilly rushes toleebj pulls pat away lee
at bj bj stands asideleecatches pat as he falls
side watching lee and bjleecome oan bj lighten up
sorry bj you sorry silenceleecomin here botherin yi ah
bj steps in front ofleeexit lee lights fade boxing
did he dae it leeleefalls to the floor bj
ti pat s stories laughsleegoes to bj dances in
spar with bj enter leeleegoes to ring stands on
bj your kind o funleehe pushes lee aside lee
bj makin you nae moneyleehope your noh gonnae start
curtains apart then bj keptleeif she wants ti come
waiting pause on what silenceleeit disnae matter bj yi
only life ah ken exitleejilly goes to bj bj
lee should ah dae thatleelaughs bj mind what yi
the mair feared you becomeleelaughs silence bj ah say
around bj bj side stepsleelee aye you me jilly
jilly spar with bj enterleelee goes to ring stands
never bj listen ti umleelee shouts don t you
exit bj and jilly enterleelee stands and watches as
what bj you heard enterleelee stands at the side
wur ayewis guid at thatleelee what waiting bj naw
see silence bj jilly silenceleelook ah dey ken what
your looking guid bj silenceleelook ah m sorry bj
been trainin fur jilly enterleepat goes to bj exit
bj is that a threatleerab and young boxers leave
wae he did pat screamsleeruns at jilly bj steps
askin boot mah game bjlees game nae rules game
sounds like a bj wordlees right bj s got
happy famely bj still inlees world fantasy land it
aw this bj aw thisleesee it s ah m
bj listen ti um leeleeshouts don t you tell
bj bj holds pat steadyleeshouts make um say sorry
silence bj what yi wantinleesilence lee when will ah
ti cause trouble wi usleesorry bj shouts pat face
bj and jilly enter leeleestands and watches as young
bj you heard enter leeleestands at the side pat
lee bj pulls pat awayleestarts to move away pat
bj an the other stuffleestuff what stuff bj boot
husnae changed bj goes towardleetakes off his gloves lee
weak jilly holds pat bjleetelt yi what pause she
bj pat what aboot patleethe silly idea yiv clutched
silence bj how is itleethe stronger jilly becomes the
to punch bag starts boxingleethis place husnae changed bj
lee bj holds him backleetries to leave bj stops
ayewis guid at that leeleewhat waiting bj naw saying
floor bj stae focused patleewhispers because he wis weak
bj exit pat and bjleeyou hing aboot pat wantin
lee takes off his glovesleeyour looking guid bj silence
oan the gear again leeleea brother looking oot fur
lee and had left theleeand all that followed frae
his skin by telling aleeand had left the lee
o fun lee he pushesleeaside lee there s only
now wur gittin somewhere truthleecome oan lee pit you
her tries to hug herleefreezes pulls away lee laughs
ah m gittin oot leeleegittin oot o what gittin
forward pat dad wis illleehe hud depression lee shouts
dad tell me why leeleehim low life running off
her lee freezes pulls awayleelaughs jilly a cuddle lee
back oan the gear againleelee a brother looking oot
why did he dae itleelee falls to the floor
pat ah m gittin ootleelee gittin oot o what
ti dad tell me whyleelee him low life running
when yi show hur respectleelee picks up bandages starts
jilly still cannae hear yileelee said he couldnae cope
pat ah m gittin ootleelee that s mah boy
jilly he hud an illnesleelee the coal board didnae
it hame wi yur famelyleelee this is a bloody
s the same fur everybodyleelee tries to leave jilly
weak jilly cannae hear yileelee whispers because he wis
gawn to fast fur yileelee you an me wid
in front of lee exitleelights fade boxing ring has
noh learn that fi youleelong silence lee you watch
ti be three o usleemind lee pat awch pat
three o us lee mindleepat awch pat kent he
yi show hur respect leeleepicks up bandages starts rolling
somewhere truth lee come oanleepit you two inti care
s lee with a manlees crying pulling at the
still cannae hear yi leeleesaid he couldnae cope wi
hisel should ah dae thisleeshould ah dae that lee
ill lee he hud depressionleeshouts a man should be
s time you left hereleesilence lee you playin at
lee laughs jilly a cuddleleesomething yi dae when yi
ah m gittin oot leeleethat s mah boy git
he hud an illnes leeleethe coal board didnae see
lee he pushes lee asideleethere s only yin kind
hame wi yur famely leeleethis is a bloody boxing
the same fur everybody leeleetries to leave jilly grabs
a dug fight boy boxersleeunlicensed dangerous lee you an
it s jilly ah loveleewhatever beej enter pat lee
what yi wantin lee silenceleewhen will ah git mah
lee whatever beej enter patleewhere s jilly pat stands
jilly cannae hear yi leeleewhispers because he wis a
on the screen it sleewith a man lee s
young siward ye lee yeleeye ill teirant that ye
nae dout young siward yeleeye lee ye ill teirant
to fast fur yi leeleeyou an me wid uve
boy boxers lee unlicensed dangerousleeyou an that fancy mooth
you left here lee silenceleeyou playin at at was
fi you lee long silenceleeyou watch where yur gawn
afore jilly leave her leaveleecome an stae wi beej
stae focused pat long silenceleelaughs sorry son bit laughs
jilly stae here wi usleepat say yur sorry jilly
yur heid up stae wileeshouts an you ll end
naw mean stae here faceleesilence jilly yur noh strong
mean ti dae aw thatleestops jilly stae here wi
30 s pat 20 slee50 s jilly sits crossed
jilly say yi hate mileeah ve came here the
gittin somewhere jilly gittin somewhereleeanywhere where ah couldnae hear
like like pat jilly dadleecouldnae take the chance jilly
jilly ooooooh god silence patleedisnae ken ah m here
you ll see her seeleeexit boxers jilly starts skipping
to the ground covers himleegoes to jilly and pat
aye yi jilly it sleegot yi talking this wae
silence pat game jilly saidleehud a game noo your
got sharp edged bright bitleejilly kens ah ll forgive
disnae want ti come backleejilly needs me ah m
rolling them up long silenceleejilly s aye makin mountains
killin her this is killingleejilly starts shadow boxing pat
jilly pat wi baithe kenleekens every move you make
jilly say yi love mileelaughs jilly say yi hate
stop hiding in your cornerleelaughs jilly what the hell
efter us carin fur usleelaughs long silence jilly ah
jilly pat reaches out afterleepat dogs bite bee s
jilly pat stands close toleepat like bein back in
buckled belt she thrashes jillylees image fades jilly stands
image that s your jillylees put yi up ti
boxin life an meanin jillylees still tryin ti push
away fi the madness olees world come wi jilly
an greet pat rushes atleestarts to hit her jilly
stop yi jilly pat nothingleetelt yi ti say is
jilly this is oor hameleethis is where pat an
take the chance jilly chanceleethit yid be like pat
laughs jilly starts shadow boxingleewhat s gawn oan there
livin in the real worldleewhen yi gonnae tell jilly
a laddie then jilly openedleewhere s jilly pat is
the life enter jilly jillyleewhy did dad die the
holds jilly pat moves towardleeyou made me the wae
gonnae tell yursell the truthleeshouts get off mah back
let it happen ti himleeshouts happen let what happen
pat try talking noh hitingleeshouts what lies what secrets
huv got ti be uncoveredleeshouts what secrets what lies
the wae ah um silenceleeshouts whey made me the
looking fur the truth silenceleeshouts your truth or mine
didnae help dad long silenceleeshouts yur dad left took
and pat hold each otherleeyi wanted the truth shouts
finished at 10 35 amleebridges clerk to the committee
closed at 10 58 amleebridges clerk to the committee
pm on 18 march 2003leebridges clerk to the parliamentary
30pm on 21 january 2003leebridges clerk to the parliamentary
28 may 2002 if necessaryleebridges clerk to the parliamentary
pm on 7 january 2003leebridges clerk to the parliamentary
scotland clerk to the committeeleebridges senior assistant clerk mary
attended clerk to the committeeleebridges senior assistant clerk richard
hugh flinn senior assistant clerksleebridges william venters steve farrell
did yi let it happenleeah gee pat a week
time the night it sleean me pat is this
easy yi slip back intileean pat s world how
catches pat as he fallsleehey you settle doon ih
think an talk fur hiselleelaughs pat she s laughin
pat she s pushin yurleemah laddie s as guid
duck an dive pat patlees gonnae hook mi back
yur talking crazy again patlees poisoning yi pat if
drugged yur wae back intilees world long silence pat
there in the other worldlees world pat jist whey
makin yi dae that patleesaid ah wis ti be
will yi stop believing whatleetells yi pat falls down
o where pat prison silenceleewhat the hell you bein
keep yur guard up patleewhat um ah dain here
holds pat around the shoulderleewhat ur you slaverin aboot
wur seven yur auld patleewis oot ur mind back
to punch bag starts boxingleeah dey wanti ti upst
shadow boxes music lights fadeleestands inside the boxing ring
his stuff in wi usleelaughs how long di yi
s startin ti run ootleeah think yi should apologise
did yi dae it maleeah ve noh got aw
whey beat an battered usleeah wis makin yi tough
ll catch yi move fasterleedad sittin in that chair
yi git a blood testleehere that s noh very
when yi left oor worldleelooked it us an every
ur big broon leather beltleemakin yi a tough guy
a cuddle smothers the terrorleeok what di yi want
in another world up thereleepause mibi if yi staed
ve been teachin us silenceleewhat the hell ur yi
yur ain famely long silenceleeah d come here watch
teachin us the right waeleefillin yur heids an ears
as yur weakness right anlees weakness is gonnae meet
freedom pause oot there inlees world yur a slave
ah say somethin funny silenceleeyou you an yur theory
orders they all start trainingleeyur telt kin take a
matter it dis matter silenceleeah could never decide what
him in a corner silenceleeah shoul uve done what
mean telling the truth silenceleeah ve lost track here
dae athoot this place silenceleehere you two how s
a word you listenin silenceleeis it something ah said
other wae o life silenceleethat s the only world
curls up in a ballleestands over her with a
tellin the tea wyfe aleeaboot me the needle stabs
ah ah m tellin aleeah think ah div feel
na ah m tellin aleehe left me a jaur
micht hae been tellin aleehe said the r a
eilidh ah m tellin naeleemalcolm aweill we l forget
hir up ti tellin thisleenaither o thaim wantit me
my een tellin me aleeor twa foxglove in bloom
i m tellin ye aleewe hae a vote ivery
ye think o tellin aleeye l bring me in
scare the truth oot oleethat s ok ay ay
near yull git burnt pauseleebrushin mah hair ti the
crazy crap wi mah faithirleesaid mah dad didnae want
next move is gonnae beleeopponent pause your treadin dangerous
shakkin thorfinn that s aleevalgerd and gunlöd enter thirlman
gary appear in the ringleeleaves the ring makes her
in gym box around gymleesteps near ring puts her
an access issue because theleemcconnells of this world are
hur pause see her worldlees world wis fu o
look different fi up thereleepause must be hard fur
defend yursel is ti retreatleeah dey huv ti defend
haill lyfe haes been aleeah sal sacrifice the respect
christ christ forgie me theleeah telt springs up noticing
mercy thorfinn that s aleeaw ma lyfe ah never
the dark again bit seeleeshe better hurry up ah
ava but ah haed tileetil ma mither an that
ay ah can see theleewrutten on yeir face na
care aboot you you anleewur a famely so ah
the natural harbour on theleeside of the isthmus climbed
7 surely it s aleeat the gless dis tell
a ll tell ye naeleema mither an masel wir
a ll tell ye naeleemaister says wang jin it
thorfinn thare ye tell aleeorm orm never lees thorfinn
a ll tell ye naeleesays lu da acause o
really happened ti thur faithirleeyase words ti tell thum
chinkin through naw ken whereleeleft her mark naw ken
her mark naw ken whereleeleft her tattoo hur mega
cherie sarah and gary sparleesits on stool boxers leave
noo this wis a blaikleefur i niver kent onybody
thon could hae bin aleefur the mathieson s sake
i simply remember my favouriteleegets up walks away lights
they re both at welllees away tae a party
the toll man a dounrichtleean ye war gaun ti
telt the toll man aleean ye war gaun ti
it s got ti endleethe night the secrets an
is he bothering you maleewhy wid he wanti ti
you took the dirty moneyleewi wur up ti oor
i ken it s aleei hid a futterat fin
up to 1902 was mrleekerr a very fine man
bit man it s aleethat a m past it
here turns to eilidh theleeis wrutten on hir face
will say tae them yeleenoo ye re awa noo
say it s no aleethe jaud s juist bocht
the tea wyfe a dounrichtleeback at hir houss ye
what s hur next moveleegets up sits on the
for fifteen years beaumont aleelilian what does betty know
an me we d makeleechange thigithir we d change
phd except maist fowk wadleeincludin me sae fit s
the competition s the nightleeyou an me facing each
nae a word o aleesays jonsar eck i got
then that it s naeleetae speak o folk s
told him that if mrleekerr ma did not know
love for ye an cannaeleema pen dry any longer
ma radio programme something atweenleemarvin an a cheese grater
without a word of aleeand then she packed her
slightly screen image appears ofleebanging her fists on a
auld trap following your ordersleeshe s awright needs anything
til the grave wi aleefor yeir haill lyfe haes
meenister oh an learn taeleeweel i niver got tae
huv got hurt real badleeyis wur nothing bit a
ower muckle or it llleeye as daft as the
afore onybody could prevent himleein jennie an the dungarrochs
or sleet or rain awleelang day the sun ll
s mortal banes inno theleeo tomnaverie though i jalouse
a screen mirror image isleeshe s breaking dishes and
sapir s pupil was benjaminleewhorf 1897 1941 he was
lugs withoot ae wird oleeeuropean aiberdonians skinnie dippin on
lugs withoot ae wird oleeeuropean aiberdonians skinnie dippin on
kirk on sunday in theleeo a stook aside the
abuse mr john o brienleeo brien solvent trust will
nicht it was his aeleelang delicht wark wife an
we d soum awa theleelang day at breist stroke
a chaip like thing taeleetae the bairn sae she
hard on tae a craggyleeshore but valour gied wey
yeir lyfe haes been aleethorfinn with repressed anger and
wink dinna ask to beleed te mither jist pit
or olympic medallists such asleemcconnell and graeme randall who
be the same again whetherleestaes in hur corner or

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