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orries o ma speak weleevein a sair disjaskit warld
orries o my speak weleevein a sair disjaskit warld
cypresses growe lyke weeds mappiesleevein the dug s kennel
wi twa heids ane weleevein a sair disjaskit warld
due lealtie loyalty leddie ladyleevelive leimit limit leir learning
n ladder leddie n ladyleevev live leim n v
whit dis it maitter thayleeveforaye in the mynd s
wes that the ettin wadleeveon foraye an the day
the waesum lyfe ye veleeveareddies lyke it wes juist
the lyfe ye hae tileevehere cum awa wi me
ah hate the lyfe ahleevenou but whit a lift
ti cum the lyfe weleevethe day wul seem orra
morag ir ye gaun tileeveme on ma waddin nicht
auld tuin men howp tileevea hunder year flouers lest
howp it is better tileeveorm comes in wounded stops
we war bairns we wulleeveas free as the burds
wi the ootmaist wey tileevesae i come greetin ower
nichts as lang s ahleevefor nou it s shuirlie
walks here macbeth wul shuirlieleevehis weirdit span yit ma
an tuim hou can yeleevean no ken hou the
be brunt hou sal ahleeveas suin as the lest
we hae even begun tileevehou dae we git ti
dae nou hou wul yeleeveson lyke the birds dis
hou ir we gaun tileevethrou the rest o oor
the paerls at aince anleevecatriona in yeir guid haunds
yit we r gaun tileeveyon band is that cheerie
saul gaes stramplin on weleevein a sair belbevart warld
sae blyth thegither gin ahleeveah wul cum back gin
green an thare ye wulleevebien in ma castel that
rowle he isna fit tileevepuir scotland whan wul ye
be lyke you fowk wulleevethair lyfes in your wey
thair puir lives they michtleevefor a lang tyme tae
n lady ledgin n protudingleevev live leevin v living
thay wad be mairrit anleevethegither in the whyte houss
his eelids cursit he lleevethrou wearie weeks ful nyne
apparition fades naebodie macbeth thanleevemacduff a hae nae need
dae guidnicht soliony ah cannaleeveathout ye follows her it
if ah canna gang anleevein moscow that s that
canna bi the law weleeveon tak yeir bairn or
ah see that ah cannaleevewi you nor ye wi
kent the wey ah soudleeveah ken it aw nou
nou thorfinn byde you anleevewi yeir bairn valgerd but
olga we r gaun tileevethare ye ken irena we
sturt and strife gin weleevefor oorsels alane gif we
starts to go haein tileevein this dreich climate wi
no ti suffer wutches tileevemeg we aw hae ti
ah feel ah want tileevemercie o god the years
fou o the ettil tileevesings to love all ages
syne yield ye couard anleeveti be a syde shaw
nicht as shuir as ahleeveatweill than said the streinger
safe as lang as ahleeveeilidh promise me ye l
oniething but the langir ahleevethe mair ah thirst for
o weir lat the nationsleevein saucht ane wi tither
margaret fowk wha want taeleevetheir ain way believe their
ye maun ken whit yeleevefor or naething maitters awthing
o us ilka day weleevethe deid mirk dale psaum
to show interest thomas theyleevein caves the soldiers are

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