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huh m1055: which is forleftfor left handed f1009: mmhm
yeah f1009: [laugh] m1055: ehmlefthanded alister m1008: [tut] that
m1000: no f1001: cousin waslefthanded an abody in the
and she made me writelefthanded and obviously it wasnae
your left my grandaughter islefthanded but sometimes we would
the violin ma grandaughter slefthanded but you can t
the m999: aye aye m1002: lefthanded cannae work them naturally
lookin ticket f1053: what aboutlefthanded f1001: well my m1000:
ehm [tut] what about ohlefthanded f1005: corrie handed f1054:
which is for left forlefthanded f1009: mmhm m1008: and
money we ve done richlefthanded f1011: geggy m1013: skellyjoukit
get used to f1054: nolefthanded f1023: mmhm the right
well i would just saylefthanded f1025: but normally you
er insane attractive pregnant [inaudible]lefthanded f1025: mm kippie handed
as i asked him aboutlefthanded f1027: coordination f1023: he
if you were kippie handedlefthanded f1027: uh huh yeah
f1043: mm f1054: what aboutlefthanded f1041: corrie fisted f1043:
ones noo ehm what abootlefthanded f1145: corryfisted f1144: oh
mean some in some wayslefthanded folk were made out
of left handed scissors orlefthanded fountain pens f1005: [laugh]
right f1025: if anybody waslefthanded he used to think
i talk about someone beinlefthanded i don t know
kind of bad are youlefthanded i mean m1004: [laugh]
m1020: and somebody that slefthanded is carrie pawed f1018:
m1015: yeah [inaudible] yeah f1054: lefthanded let s start wi
the word sinister used forlefthanded m1004: it probably does
that m1014: for what f1054: lefthanded m1014: i ve got
there are scots words forlefthanded m1055: yep m1008: but
amazin the teachers that werelefthanded m608: aye aye f638:
left ha- if ye werelefthanded m608: what was the
fisted they re they relefthanded mm m1007: [inaudible] yeah
gaelic for a for alefthanded person m1007: aye [inaudible]
ye get tools for alefthanded person ye ken the
pregnant drunk lacking money unattractivelefthanded rich good we re
out he says oh anybodylefthanded s cack handed f1024:
know two hundred pairs oflefthanded scissors or left handed
brother was left well islefthanded so he was always
can t play the violinlefthanded so she s got
to discriminate against folk wilefthanded that s why they
apparently were tended to belefthanded the the people called
ve done drunk moody richlefthanded unattractive lackin money pregnant
m1022: yeah f1054: erm richlefthanded unattractive lacking money drunk
see we re doing richlefthanded unattractive lacking money drunk
kippie handed somebody that slefthanded we ve always said
ort- who would have beenlefthanded were not allowed to
the [?]one thing[/?] f1145: corryfisted islefthanded yeah although my mother
would say some- or yourleftmy grandaughter is left handed
no idea my brother wasleftwell is left handed so
gradually ehm phased out thelefthand an continued wi the
few weeks doin it wilefthand an the writin was
held the pipe in hislefthand and broke the silence
hand rather than using theirlefthand and gettin into bother
carrying the needle in hislefthand and the club in
let ye write wi yourlefthand at school f637: no
the nails short on thelefthand but sort of well
start off in the toplefthand corner with words for
i know m816: on thelefthand especially and then you
into bother for using theirlefthand f1025: [cough] mmhm f1024:
er their house wi theirlefthand f1144: oh right that
one and got a blisteredlefthand for my pains perhaps
divided into three compartments thelefthand half forming one unit
unless she holds up herlefthand hampered though she is
door held open in hislefthand he contemplated the dishes
noo that s anger jillylefthand jab right hand jab
jab right hand jab jablefthand jilly punches bj s
out the splinter with herlefthand moula holding up the
gaelic s usually on thelefthand page the translation s
sits properly and puts hislefthand properly half on the
it with your right handlefthand same again f963: mmhm
a certain person on yourlefthand side can either shake
f1154: right there on yourlefthand side f1155: i think
you f1154: mm on thelefthand side f1155: maybe recognise
purpose the table on mylefthand side should be used
a bony chest only yourlefthand stretched out palm downwards
rolly and backy right handlefthand touch the ground touch
can t remember right handlefthand touch your heel f963:
his mother finally turned andleftmiss troy grasped his hand
far she said as theyleftthe house hand in hand
a wooden contraption which hasleftabsolutely no trace behind after
yet that short stay hadleftbehind a living legend of
discover the history they haveleftbehind and get to know
or hearing person is everleftbehind and that no deaf
over the candle she hasleftbehind begins to read his
its waves like paw printsleftbehind by a cold hare
citizens of europe are oftenleftbehind by political elites in
two unfortunately chris had inadvertentlyleftbehind [censored: forename] s camera plus
the station one girl nearlyleftbehind couple had difficulties in
mat one funy paw wasleftbehind for afters honest assassin
had died but he hadleftbehind him a queen and
time to recover from stressesleftbehind in the north luxuriating
warm stuffy rooms i hadleftbehind me americans i used
here is the eden adamleftbehind mount lavinia restaurant arabian
collect toys the children haveleftbehind sadie and carolanne freeze
what they rose above andleftbehind whatever they d all
end the gairden a haeleftbehind wis jist like eden
you felt like you dleftthe city miles behind on
farmers i thought as ileftthe gate open behind me
wanted said morag archly andleftus closing the door behind
that m1106 : [inaudible] left f1105: leftand what leg s this
what left for it meansleftdoes it not m1004: yes
pint of milk [wail] heleftf1105: has he left good
leg s that m1106 : [inaudible]leftf1105: left and what leg
it f1114: one piece isleftf1113: one piece is left
right f1135: no that sleftf1136: left [laugh] again f1135:
laft ilkie een hid hisleftfit bare an his left
i think it s whatleftfor it means left does
he left f1105: has heleftgood can you pop it
ye tae write wi yerleftha- if ye were left
left fit bare an hislefthaun raised abeen him fat
left turn right m1090: [toy noise]lefthe s bad [toy noise] it
you left them carolanne ilefthim sadie that s no
mmhm m691: er then ilefti left when i was
no that s left f1136: left[laugh] again f1135: no last
when i left when ileftthe school i started in
walter auntie mary until yeleftthe school once ye left
left the school once yeleftthe school ye were allowed
secret drinker a slut youleftthem carolanne i left him
this way look [toy noise] turnleftturn right m1090: [toy noise] left
[inaudible] f637: well when ileftwhen i left the school
when you were f828: ileftwhen i left when i
er then i left ileftwhen i was auld enough
f828: i left when ileftwhen i was fifteen cause
left f1113: one piece isleftye hey f1114: let s
groceries dolly glanced to thelefta sixteen year old school
and then her driving instructorleftand the driving school made
writing would lead [note: newspaper article from 'mearns leader & kincardineshire mail''] leslieleftarbuthnott school in 1916 at
govan new york until ileftprimary school then manchester for
regardless of whether they haveleftschool a number of processes
cup o tay jonsar eckleftschool an started tae work
glasgow springburn parliamentary constituency arealeftschool and attained a higher
the 1st world war sheleftschool at 14 and went
my problem is that ileftschool at fifteen m608: mmhm
job okay eh well ileftschool at fifteen with a
two years after i dleftschool before i did no
withoot any qualifications i dleftschool cause i was so
bert when your uncle bertleftschool eh he wanted to
over the years since ileftschool i ve i ve
wore short trousers until theyleftschool in the summer to
attended the visually impaired unitleftschool last year and all
would you be when youleftschool m194: eh fourteen m608:
it was fourteen when ileftschool m608: uh huh m194:
when i first well firstleftschool m865: okay yeah yeah
always mind when i firstleftschool m865: yeah mmhm m952:
former pupils nan when nanleftschool she took up nursing
the majority of children wholeftschool the previous year got
looking you know when theyleftschool they didn t bother
for girls who had justleftschool until the age of
a mining surveyor and heleftschool when he was sixteen
and in her childhood theyleftschool when they were fourteen
glasgow springburn parliamentary constituency arealeftschool with no a standard
aft- no because i dleftschool withoot any qualifications i
leave the school and ilefttae go and work for
my school career when ileftthe assessment centre i was
the teacher with language skillsleftthe post the school was
read by the time theyleftthe primary school f963: mmhm
when i was when ileftthe school f631: mmhm f634:
oh it was when weleftthe school f638: oh we
f637: mmhm f638: yes ileftthe school in june and
ve got kids eh thatleftthe school that dropped oot
to school because they justleftthem got this great jobs
the post the school wasleftwithout someone who was trained
room with her when heleftfor work food and water
puil there wis nae roomleftfur watter she grew as
won t come i amleftin silence the room flooded
room s tidy you veleftit downie smoothed pillow sitting
garden room a door downleftleads to beaumont s room
cakes if there was roomleftmabel and her sister got
quine s room tae thelefto the laft abeen the
the large room to myleftpeople milled around large washing
light invading the room sheleftshe returned she deposited trays
the same again after danielleftthe music room for palma
i had met since danielleftthe music room the stranger
it i turned aroon andleftthe room didna say a
lady s carpet abruptly sheleftthe room he could hear
as suin as he haedleftthe room meg chappit up
i m sorry wendy sheleftthe room returning minutes later
ah forget it andrey hasleftthe room unnoticed toozenbach ye
of a room that wasleftwhen we knocked down the
room after he upped andleftwith her new video player
s budget process they areleftwith very little room for
gruppit hir ticht wi hirleftairm syne wi hir richt
wes gaen the guidwyfe wesleftaw hir lane wi smaw
gaed ti the kirk anlefthir at hame ti mak
raither nor mairrie him shelefthir faither s houss an
hou coud she be ahlefthir for deid in the
alane she s ti belefthir lane ti say hir
hir tung turnt awa anlefthir lyin thare ti dee
near ma ludge whaur yelefthir ti dee lest wunter
hir wi amaist nae braithleftin hir bodie on an
ah want naething belangin hirleftin the houss ti bring
hir mutch ajee owre hirleftlug cruiks hir mou on
rowes hir hair up theleftsyde hir heid piece hir
e i d nae bevvyleftafter the party no matter
s richt and richt sleftbacklins is e only wye
hid a operation on hislefte e jonsar wis fer
ba hit me on thelefte e panic i coodnae
e e mind you thelefte e wi as clear
a rale disappintment fin elefte fairm e wis at
dinna wint tae dee ilefte hoose ae mornin it
e wye it cam ilefte hunt an craalt back
d swypit e fleer bitlefte styoo on e furniture
e birds an e beastieslefteir tracks tee as ey
snail wis faar i dleftem e idder crackit shall
sprots an stookit em anleftem till e wintit em
ower e palin an jistleftfor aa eternity aside e
wis in line on elefthaan side an e yard
wis nae meevement fae elefthaan wick o ma moo
be a faimily o forkieslefthaimless tee bit e richest
an first finger o elefthan an draain em back
niver wid e fyow mothslefthovert a meenitie mair syne
syne ye steepit fit wisleftin e baggie ye d
wis nae girse or greeneryleftin e riv haad awa
beeches likely e biggest treesleftin e wid e nuts
wis hoordin jist on eleftinside es door wis anither
till e roller e dleftit a richt mess appeerently
teen an i heard eleftit at e boddem o
machine richt hame on wednesdayleftit at e fit o
e mell and sae yeleftit es is faar e
ye jist bottlet it anleftit in e milkhoose for
e smiddy craft aifter gidleftit when they were laid
shoutit weel weel aan anleftjock stumpin ower e park
bein yer leen faar yeleftnae mark in e world
wis e hares fin ileftnellie s hoose i crossed
tae get in fit wislefto e ruckie an fit
door at wis near ayleftopen for e hens tae
spak till s bit elefts in a meenit tae
an iverlaistin lump on theleftside o e middle finger
fae e richt till eleftside swappin airms bit e
an e darkness an weleftstannin at e kitchen door
wi e tattie chapper anlefttae sit by the fireside
e soo there it wislefttae staan nae bit fit
laich sin fit e fairmerleftthough wis e fail dyke
that the letter could beleftto me i will e
00 michael matheson when youleftafter lunch convener donald gorrie
the husks of oats asleftafter milling soak them in
f637: it was what wasleftafter they burned the coal
i ve got nae strengthleftafter this week er it
regular the mound of strawleftafter threshing was called a
the change occurred after ileftat the end of 1998
would meet again after ileftbar bosch that morning feeling
at the weekend after sheleftdaniel considered me through the
wrote you just after youleftdid you get my twa
back for it after shelefti don t remember being
had been to arrive weleftmount caruso after watching the
that s f606: s- f209: leftof it after somethin bein
here two years after chopinleftour house round the corner
for some time after ileftour meeting he said had
after her sister peggy hadleftshe had put them out
tea gingerly offstage to thelefttea wyfe crying after him
role of secretary after viveslefttemporarily to continue his studies
to the time after youleftthe sqa usually when results
maha oya after the elephantslefttheir fans in tow ooing
tell you after the druidleftthough i reflected we oaks
woman that was teachin meleftto open another shop after
it was after you dlefttunbridge wells that s right
ten minutes after she dleftwe met up with aliona
be away over to theleftf889: an the thing is
f1135: over there where ileftit [inaudible] f1136: i go
she s over here sheleftitaly when she was well
approvingly over the hot tureenleftof the blue pool a
with andy he s likeleftover adolescent acne while you
skin formed the next dayleftover dumpling was fried in
meat and poultry with enoughleftover for export mallorcan olives
for example to gather hayleftover from gathered bouts there
it there maybe it wasleftover from his saturday penny
packed like an old umbrellaleftover from somebody s funeral
pasta sauce pieces of noodleleftover from the chinese takeaway
entitled french for football fansleftover from the last but
80 million s worth ofleftover holiday money which will
got the bit that wasleftover on the on the
completed sentences and the cardsleftover pupils can then predict
and found a bowl ofleftover salad i added chunks
d finished packing away theleftover sandwiches you took off
the burn before making aleftover the the hump back
that if there is someleftover the united kingdom could
and pasta great and enoughleftover to cook tomorrow [censored: forename]
yet still have a bitleftover to participate in recreational
pepper little cream sieve liquidizeleftover veg add to stock
but scarves were knitted andleftover wool would make a
it s all over margaretleftthe hospital through streets where
over another bank to theleftthe little thing you just
to la paz as weleftthe sun was setting over
croft over the hill andleftthis one standing maybe aa
speed trip turn right turnleftturn over elephant squashes a
i d seen hae naethinglefta lot o fowk likit
unless you d raither weleftagnes no me no you
suddenty the reets i dleftahin cried oot tae me
siller tongued irish we dleftahin on the shores o
dee d but he haedleftahint him a queen an
road winnie fand she dleftane o her gloves on
tae the lives they dleftarthur wis streekit oot in
awthing he s got naethingleftat aw anfisa ah d
d brocht wi him heleftat the strenth an he
nine three feet we dleftaw the wee bit so
throu an ye d beleftbegrudgefu and fair letten doun
me breeks good twintee powndleftd soond u d tyres
know there d be enoughleftf641: and hoping there would
at migvree fin she dlefther hame tae merry an
ainsley jaundice when he dlefther mother came into her
he remembered why he dlefthome at sixteen then a
wish that i d maybeleftit a year or two
the night where i dleftit i splashed bilin water
trades centre where i dleftmy slides to be developed
where we d we dleftoff m762: yeah that s
like ruth she d newleftschule sae spent her days
yer guests fin he dleftshe curled her airm throwe
you and if he dleftshe micht hae taen her
the miracle that he dleftstrushle jock back in aberkinnie
comes back or hae yeleftsyne i d ken the
for buits an shuin werelefttae sit he d try
maybe no maybe they dleftthe country you re never
wang an his auld mitherleftthe eastren capital they d
d peed fin he dleftthe hoose this mornin wi
i d gone before ileftthe pub m815: it s
and she d she dleftto go onto another job
kent fir sure when theylefttourists at auschwitz we d
an ye d maybe beleftwi aboot a third or
home ye d maybe crumbsleftye never let them see
up for sale and onlylefta few on the estate
only have about nine minutesleftand a number of items
i have only a minuteleftand have much to say
s only six of themleftand they re they re
i wis the only eenlefteatin and he had to
recreation are the only areasleftfor manoeuvre unless there is
only a few people arelefthowever some new folk including
him since yon time helefti ve only lived for
only four or five weeksleftin which we could get
haven t got camping ticketsleftit s only the saturday
the only breadwinner since havingleftjournalism for the bar her
think there s only oneleft[laugh] f631: right f689: on
ve only got four bitsleftm1096: ah f1095: found it
s only a wee suppieleftm1096: no it- look what
the only trace that slefto pictish the generally accepted
there was only one personlefton such a fine friday
ve only got two bitsleftone two mmhm m1096: oh
cement in a drain thisleftonly the contents of the
to be all toon hasleftonly there mark to tell
i have only 30 secondsleftso i will not the
it was only when ileftthat i realised that it
were only 27 of usleftthe others had been shot
wis only aifter thays hudleftthe scuil that tony foond
find i have in factleftthe studio but have only
you it s only mylefttit and it s always
the only workin class folkleftwi jobs except fir the
and lady arbuthnott were onlyleftwith the library alan taylor
the fluff off cause somebodylefta tissue in their pocket
turned off the main roadleftand our bed and breakfast
right the other on thelefteach screened off from the
it was i who hadlefti broke off the conversation
on foot and goes offleftmoaning softly curtain scene 8
to pick up where oneleftoff but we will try
soller and the mountains aliceleftoff hoeing the almond terrace
will pick up where weleftoff last week michael russell
i got found a knifeleftoff m804: mmhm m805: the
at the point where itleftoff members are advised to
had managed to get itselfleftoff my finger last night
pause jist stert where yileftoff silence zeb i felt
at the point where itleftoff similar targets for subsequent
at the point where itleftoff similar targets for subsequent
oan where the auld yinleftoff tess silly robby did
mailshot why is aberdeen universityleftoff the academia list a
s last day has sheleftor just gone off on
cellar there she points offleftthe nail s aye there
silence lee shouts yur dadlefttook off went a wall
for hissel ilkither thing wisleftahint him there weill he
and investigated the coathangers heleftbethia grimaced he wis tae
anither till there wis naethinleftbit the scrapins at the
onie o the ithers hisleftee wis shut ticht while
on the sole o herleftfit and walkin wis sair
mooth sae aa that wisleftfor puir john an mysel
tongue micht tell on thelefthaun aisle wis the nint
wis twa load o muckleftin the coort as the
wis stottin doon fin ileftit sae i wis sypin
thair wurk sae yid wisleftliggin ostensibly sleepin on the
whan whit wis tint wisleftlyin on the road an
wis guid an whan heleftme the bottles were tume
an cuidna lest i wisleftmy lane ontil ae nicht
dived eyed wis again deyleftnae spreadin rings art hoidin
s parks by fit wislefto fit hid been a
road i scraped fit wislefto him in ower a
aa thon pipes tae thelefto their pew wis the
go broon an roost wislefton a brae for the
aricht broon an roost wislefton the brae again that
foo much grain wis beinlefton the strae i ll
advanced ana an she wisleftsittin there april 1998 thusday
coldstone cavaliers her faither hidleftstrathmore fin she wis a
an awa marischal hong wisleftstreikit out at a tree
can fowk dee faa sleftt rely on a wis
n butter syne minnie wislefttae her ain devices while
stable aneth aa that wislefttae her noo o her
o offeecials an we wislefttae wirsels tae get on
bide lang efter her faitherleftthe neep wis feenished she
up frae the warren anleftthem tilt isie wis enjoyin
s foo the air wislefttrimmlin foo aathin trimmlet like
somethin lowpin awa tae oorleftwhit the hell wis that
weel an aa we wereleftwi wis their puir minder
away the shape that wisleftwis nicer than the wan
85 o whit watter wisleftwis rinnin doun the mill
she deed and martha wisleftwithoot a penny jack poor
craiters get at fit wisleftye ken it lay for
were beginning to dread beingleftalone in the class when
barriers vast when the travellersleftassisted or unassisted the masons
m1090: turn right is thatleftf1089: that way when he
in the window when ileftfiona gave him another dunt
until around ten when ileftfor a 10 30 appointment
some shut eye daniel hadleftfor a meeting when i
by wattie black when helefthis placie at the hill
was freezing hard when theylefthome their father told them
67 bus which had justlefti changed my tune when
it once when she actuallyleftit unattended there was nothing
was just as i hadleftit when i rumpled it
town when you and jackleftit wisny his first cairry
van stopped when the bannermansleft[note: photo: 'this carefully posed scene outside the shop has survived as a hand-tinted postcard. david watson is the driver of the lorry, which carries a crate stamped with bannerman's name. su on the number plate revelas that the vehicle was first registered in kincardineshire.'] [note: photo: 'isabella and grant williamson outside the shop during the gulf war in 1990.'] 1916 1924 innes
more than when the conservativesleftoffice peter peacock as george
services than when the conservativesleftoffice peter peacock one cannot
today than when the conservativesleftoffice that is the reality
monty the scotty when heleftone of his puddles on
pause cause see when yileftoor world lee looked it
granted we realised when billleftthat we had taken advantage
firmly closed when my familyleftthe house now his spirit
i was fourteen when weleftthe night before he he
huh f637: and then ileftthere and when i was
gave me it when ileftthere in eh june m608:
ben when you take theleftturn and go through the
mither was in when yeleftweel she struggled on for
staff so thank god ileftwhen i did m941: you
when jack straw was aleftwing threat to anyone i
f828: mm f606: but youleftyou said when you were
aye there is when ileftyou yestreen i went a
thereafter missionaries attending state dinnersleftbefore the dancing began one
planted time bombs before theyleftbut these were luckily discovered
nodding knowing decades before shelefthim back there on the
a quarrel just before ileftit was to do with
in kensaleyre but before ileftkensaleyre towards perhaps primary six
of back again before sheleftnever a blanket or a
signed the treaty before heleftoffice was to allow for
in the morning before ileftpuerto soller and i had
picked it up before sheleftsadie an if she didnae
before the exit on theleftstood the engine shed absolutely
to meet joy before sheleftsveta and misha were extremely
electricity until just before weleftthat we had gas gas
on the day before ileftthe plains to return to
should have went before youleftthe pub but you decided
the winter that before welefttreebank we never really had
not seeing arthur before heleftus but all his troubles
winter bef- just before weleftwe never really got using
rainbows there is curly bushleftand a large toadstool right
not know their right fromleftand arms and legs were
a goat looks right andleftand crosses the tarred road
your accelerator m1098: aye f1097: leftand right and straight on
every inside forward and outsideleftand right back amongst them
m1098: go f1097: remember steerleftand right oh mum s
that s your accelerator andleftand right ready steady go
hello [inaudible] f1089: [?]let me see you[/?] turnleftand turn right m1090: turn
difficulties of turning right orleftat the foot of belmont
right back right forward meanleftback ok we then piled
to right then 8 toleftbobbing down slightly with each
back window holes right andleftclosed by big heavy wooden
forward stretch face right faceleftetc it took some practice
or right right that wayleftf1136: that right f1135: no
english we were mostly anglophonesleftforward mean right back right
right eyelid then on mylefthe used every possible clashing
was in agony and ilefther right in that sad
right and he might havelefther with one of his
office another door further upleftin the right wall a
get it gordon well ileftit right there sadie did
junction does a loop rightleftnothing around cars parked everywhere
located a little to theleftof her right knee cap
us mine f1097: right steerleftoh me you re roond
to go that way f1135: leftor right right that way
keeps pulling it to theleftor the right m1098: aye
anything right she could haveleftpoor heart rending wee fiona
[?]ڤ ر و ل ض ـ٤[/?] reading from right toleftthat says this is a
right arm and sucking hisleftthumb again he sits there
then eventually the road goesleftto dunoon right to inverary
an arc on stage fromleftto right as the audience
his whole body round fromleftto right in utter despair
for us and we discreetlyleftas we descended the five
fungi della an then yileftdeserted us takin the money
lyfe is drawn what sleftfor us nou but wershlyke
full wi haly watter anleftfur us bi oor landlady
we haena sae monie fareweillsleftin us man dinna say
year syne an than heleftmoscow an taen us wi
he tells us that ileftmy palace in the milky
they war awricht whan aleftthaim macduff tell us mair
pangs so three of usleftthe group and wandered down
here by the time weleftthis mp was offering us
of english is what isleftto us of the state
scots language is what isleftto us of what was
ellen oor gentle ellen sleftus aw efter a fecht
nae ither the birds hadleftus aw thegither nae rival
was all that jimmy hadleftus but all he did
spoke broad to us sheleftus each two hundred pounds
and break up again ksenialeftus in the lobby with
that an agent of corruptionleftus this evening i can
earth ti leave the earthleftus ti face oor freedom
to open and the driverleftus to lug our case
wait a f643: so thatleftus wi ten pound tae
whose book steam sapper hasleftus with an interesting and
arts you see and itleftus with the opportunity to
his back on us anleftye ve got tae watch
at his disposal and salvadorlefta calling card with the
the war but twa pictslefta faither an his lad
down he glances to hisleftagain fiona is sitting up
to his prize prisoner nowleftalone with him lauder found
jonsar looked ower tae hisleftan fit div you think
into his friend gripped theleftarm which maclaurin held rigidly
his bairns at he haedleftas infant weans war nou
entirely renewed in 1914 douglasleftat 14 to serve his
haed died an he wesleftaw his lane it wes
nae winder miist u dmleftbilly returned tae his pipe
ma nature she iced hisleftbit sae heid ower hurdies
he was joined on hisleftby a drunk and on
tae stick agien an willyleftda doctor s door his
the university away to hisleftdrifting higher bowling greens and
richt o big rab hisleftelbae diggin intae the saft
half andy looks to hisleftfiona at the next oak
war but the thrie princessesleftfirst the keing gied his
victor jimmy drew back hisleftfoot approximated a kick and
and he smiled jingling hisleftfoot in time with his
lost the fingers on hislefthan sae he was neen
roon the fingers o hislefthaun an turnin the pages
in the luif o hislefthaund the r a wee
jonsar eck looked tae hislefthe cood mak oot the
gasping knackered somewhere to hislefthe could hear the flat
the the handlebar with hislefthe did superman m608: [laugh]
up efter the electrician hidlefthe nocht his glesses tae
his hat f1089: he slefthe s hat fan m1090:
not a stone but welefthim alone with his glory
him snorin his heed afflefthim aye but movin in
be lang or his dochterlefthim his lane an she
he widda wondered like jistlefthim his usual chainge whenever
and life the experience haslefthim pondering his own mortality
turn at hame i velefthim snorin his heed aff
so the grand- his parentslefthim there with his maternal
they saw one his wifelefthim years ago for an
been the driver an hadlefthis caur doun a nearhaun
a distressing quarrel he bérangerlefthis father and began life
he m1090: yeah and helefthis hat f1089: he s
inside of the furnace helefthis home in the morning
her smirk of satisfaction helefthis job and contacted social
tauld o a herd ladlefthis lane his maister tae
s that f1089: silly dadlefthis shoes what s that
boyter dow went away andlefthis wife and bairn but
bairn there was no fireleftin his eyn the ministers
aboot a gallon o fuelleftin his fuel tank there
is it krista see hisleftleg still draggin it della
leaving for the summer hasleftme his desk and swivel
walked back tae whit waslefto his waddin aa the
in mid november he hadlefton foot pulling his transitional
remembered his 5 brethren stilllefton this side of time
at lu da wi hisleftowrancer lu tuik his chance
me ti gang til theleftpompitie corrects his course and
to his sick pal hadleftricky with a gut feeling
the pyock slung ower hisleftshowder i telt ye tae
herd an his faimlie whaeleftthe bit i 1940 thar
his supper whatfor hae yeleftthe chaumer macbeth haes he
the sink andy puts hisleftthumb in his mouth and
interactive poetry the reader isleftto supply his own adjective
bulk of his fortune wasleftto the scotch hospital in
bade yid guid day anleftum tae feenish his stent
very neat hair to hisleftwas two neds trainers polyester
through the atmosphere with hisleftye ve seen me roond
most of the others hadleftand have breakfast in a
stour bessie the servant hadleftand was never coming back
up anything the cows hadleftand what was more he
in a bag i hadleftat alice s house she
the suitcase that i hadleftat ca na gaia straight
i had little energy andleft[censored: forename] s early so i
an eye infection in mylefteye and had to get
as i had no moneyleftfor purchases and from there
joe darling you had alreadyleftfor your cricket match why
were supposed to be ehlefthandit and they had the
i had it in mylefthaun aa the time i
three more unplanned to thelefther chin had gone numb
came but the talk hadlefther more confused than ever
the border [censored: forename] had accidentallylefther stamped copy of her
life with continual soakings hadlefthim with rheumatism and asthma
son there s nae beerlefti had the last bottle
my loyal companion had beenleftin the corner forlorn ignored
judging from what he hadleftin the stash by the
you know he had ehleftireland on the way to
to jakey old dear hadleftit in the kitchen by
on i had as usualleftit late which led to
ma schoolbag which had beenleftlyin in the corner of
the street since she hadleftmore to humour the old
tae see if they hadleftocht for i kent they
sighed one shower had beenlefton full its jet angled
the parcel katie morag hadlefton her doorstep contained two
some stage or had justleftor were m811: [cracks knuckles] f812:
being input once they hadleftschools data being input inaccurately
1960 the mutch s hadleftthe district except for ina
telling a lee and hadleftthe lee and all that
eh or teachers that hadleftthe profession and had come
all these things i hadleftthem and then he came
train for stranraer had justleftthere is a tradition that
made it had to beleftto ferment and was fed
haven t had the energyleftto jog though i keep
their student offspring who hadleftuniversity and gone abroad they
wallet and valuables had notleftwith them they had not
shuts it again naebodie slefta licht on oniewhaur andrey
in a hundred yards turnleftagain past bridge of aird
again i hae nae prayerslefthe said let me awa
started passing again the oneleftholding the prize at the
open again sae i jistleftit open a crackie it
again you just canna belefton your ain sae muckle
doon again thon bi thelefts far we set fire
sandy said stepping to theleftshe blocked him again turned
again there s twa rigslefttae cut an the stookin
a drink or two weleftthe cosmos to return again
them a tint cause betterleftalane an nae tae bi
temp 3 13 nae hairstleftan entry mornin it is
was saying the depute sleftand there s nae replacement
it s lyke ti beleftaw yeir lane wi nae
s ver near nae warkleftbut dad said jackie we
but i ve nae couponsleftdod i ve got some
f1101: there s nae breadleftfor a sandwich f1102: [inaudible]
the girls has nae moneyleftin oor fightin fund ye
was nae peer aul catsleftlyin for oors on a
the lad i merried hasleftme an i m nae
nae whare juist tae thelefto the plane an aboot
it all done nae mairlefttae dae f1100: mm [?]can i play wi[/?]
puir myra hid nae veinslefttae makk ony eese o
there s one mair bitleftthat s it nae bother
the three lassies nae langleftthe schule an wirkin at
ivery day as the lichtleftthe sky nae to touch
o deeing wi nae bairnleftto noo nae mair argie
he s actually nae longleftye ye mind craig f831:
mm there s still oneleftare they gonna catch him
bairn frae the ettin slefthaund an passt him oot
eftir aw the dirdum thaylefthim alane fair daivert aw
i m chokin the angerlefthim as quickly as it
lilian soon will be ilefthim in front of the
the fact is he hasnalefthim in the cane fields
stepped in i wouldnae havelefthim then i was in
eyes he said horrified lilylefthim there in fact it
meditators never lat dicht anlefthim ti sleep the morn
efter it liftit it hidlefthim wi an orra kinna
being there so i justlefthim with granny and he
there bein sae little maitlefton the beens o him
ll try him with theleftovers mashed don t forget
the kin she s gotlefttell him he owes it
table sit him on myleftthigh and pick up a
nou desertin him he sleftwi conscript wratches nou an
into a net he sometimeslefta hole un netted so
ve got [?]it still[/?] so heleftah f1103: ah he did
hame shovin the bairn heleftahin a heavy wecht her
thochts o the britain theyleftahin he heard her sing
plenishins an the coorse gearleftahint them he steikit the
the milk in fiona sleftbreast he spits out her
tea he turns to goleftbut the needle goes prick
their dramatic entrance here stageleftfae her weggie accent he
awa than he flies awayleftfor home the witch waves
tattoin wisna craft the computorleftfur repair last wikk he
the end of 1936 ileftgeorge square he says three
[laugh] f1154: he s apparentlyleftglasgow and f1155: for good
being a drunken sot thenlefthe seemed undeterred and outlasted
like a giant bubble helefther sittin readin magazines sayin
he regrets the day helefthere m608: aye m642: [?]so as the femily got oan, john, bigger,[/?]
home life as such helefthome at seven each morning
merk on belle heislop slefthurdie whaur he haed gruppit
kin o anxious fan helefti wondered jist fit he
fae da oor at heleftida moarnin ta da wye
i will if i mleftin peace to he goes
great a void would beleftin the ether were he
i think he s beenleftin the hoose f1116: i
near fraserburgh into aberdeen heleftin the sma oors which
ogre lost the needle heleftit ahint stickin in a
fish he should never haveleftit but abody was makin
tae the world as heleftit lest nicht he fechts
f810: did he not heleftit though and then formed
we know this because heleftlittle marginal notes eh in
m tellin a lee heleftme a jaur wi fowr
harry no no he sleftme a letter he s
an then addy he sleftme och i ken weemen
he daundered aff hame anleftme staunin wheezin tae i
has done she declares heleftmy arms straightway to rack
some time ago no heleftno forwarding address and so
laws o the country heleftraither than the laws o
a wonder there s anythinglefttae drink the way he
an hide an he waslefttae tae dae it till
at me accusingly as heleftthe bus and said that
a pity that he hasleftthe chamber interruption i see
areddies 1st murderer he sleftthe horses 3rd murderer it
hame he turns to moveleftthe needle goes prick prick
pairty caird aifter he hudleftthe royal he didnae really
one way or the otherleftthe sentence unfinished he swung
an ah haed onlie juistleftthe skuil masell he haed
intae a narra road heleftthe truck in the car
roch nur a trumpet heleftthe wee group staunin on
with coffee i think heleftthem in yer neck carolanne
were [censored: forename] s think [censored: forename]leftthem last time he was
didna like it so heleftthen he got the notion
or even sympathy medicines wereleftunopened as he dosed himself
he wid ken if yeleftwatchin pause then he s
trio of rings on theleftwedding engagement and eternity he
five name he s fairlyleftwing to moderate sdp and
didna want tae ken heleftye alane wi the major
f1115: oh there s oneleftyou can oh he s
tae the fishin she sleftalane wi greitin wean an
scottish songs and street gamesleftalone she often reverts to
on the end at theleftand er she was like
ll go see if sheleftany messages on the board
unfortunate that she has beenleftcarrying the can for the
were all so tired sheleftearly and we went to
as she says i veleftem on the table in
many years does she haveleftf1148: oh this is her
linda i mean since shelefthere i would say her
later guid kens why sheleftida teeth o a se
whole subject so i justleftit f1155: was she really
that the thing has beenleftlying on the pavement she
dee nicely bit fin sheleftmary jist reamed anither bowlfae
her little sleep she hasleftme alone in the sitting
m lonely why has sheleftme i haven t seen
she steired up afore sheleftmrs laing another scandal michty
dee suin gin she sleftoot here in the cauld
complex janie s future isleftopen she is young very
post office juist afore ahleftshe wantit ti send a
siccar that she ll fashlefttae me wance oan the
noo anely twa hunner fitlefttae sclimm fin she turned
skourit thaim claen syne sheleftthaim in the grund houss
pretty russian girl as sheleftthe class giving me a
erm tallulah m1108: aye sheleftthe gate open f1107: ah
i don t know sheleftthe house to go to
far tae wak as sheleftthe lift missus chatterbox hid
she s f963: mm m762: leftthere in in the kind
whatever [laugh] f958: she hasleftuist m959: has she f958:
pinch any food that wasleftwhere she could see it
an efter aa that sheleftye at that it s
since our sandpit days sheleftye i feel a kind
then a shift tae theleftan the sympathies o greig
rumor irena we l beleftaw oor lane then olia
by a binder the sheavesleftby the binder were then
and then we take aleftcause we re going down
went i know but weleft[censored: forename] wi granny then didn
then silence berna efter yilefteftir yi did what sol
tattie pits they were thenleftfor a month to let
put into hooicks they wereleftfor a while and then
gooey liquid which is thenleftfor a whilie more and
then we an then weleftm941: oh no the eyeball
water which was white andleftnothing but the husks then
the dictatorship then little isleftof the temple the foundations
then around three the vansleftonce more for cusco arriving
foreman cycled a bit thenleftthe byke and started running
at the lights then firstleftthen hauf a mile across
huh m194: and then ileftthere and went to the
strained the remaining liquid isleftto ferment and then usually
the liquid added and thenleftto set sometimes the trotters
to foxes which are thenleftto suffer shooting foxes requires
and then there was noneleftyou took oot a lot
[tut] hm f1039: them haveleftan come oot an aw
whit aboot be in lanesumleftaw bi yeirsell ye can
gunlöd im ah ti beleftaw ma lane eftir ye
mairrit an ah l beleftaw ma lane i the
binna masell an ah mleftaw ma lane ti fend
a waesum weird ti beleftaw yeir lane mynd ye
ve no got any marshmallowsleftf1122: aw f1121: what about
ye aff aw that slefto you wul be guid
r aw gaen nobody sleftsomebody is playing an accordion
hantil less aw a haeleftti say ti ye is
oot aw they ll haeleftwill be a saicont haund
took the stage many touristsleftand the locals were allowed
weren t that many holidaysleftand they were going quickly
fill the gaps that wereleftby the non appearance of
[inaudible] f638: if ye werelefthan- i mean it s
if there are 10 pageslefthow many were there altogether
previous interest in sport wereleftimpressed and even awe struck
b combined we were thereforeleftin a situation where around
farms the ones that wereleftin the area they went
message an there we wereleftin whit ye caa a
case we were stupit anleftit on an caused an
and drove away we wereleftlooking at each other in
cream cakes and we wereleftoh m1078: mmhm f718: with
dinner there were about 10leftout of 50 in the
there were just 140 menleftremarkably they held their positions
go to much to theleftside were come out of
mid day emergency services wereleftstretched to deal with the
estimated that there were 13leftthat was at the end
and a trinidadian as weleftthe city the roads were
who were under 21 theylefttheir two bottles apiece at
so the farms that wereleftthey got quite a lot
scarlet comb her feathers wereleftto a quaker quilting commune
in our direction we wereleftto our own devices in
of the church containers wereleftunder the drips and lots
month but normally they wereleftuntil the spring tattie pits
were recruited by and bleftvisitscotland in each month since
mandelson could be classified asleftwing extremists allegations were also
and they were all goodleftwing people [laugh] because they
silence total silence we wereleftwith guns and no ammunition
the city but the trainleftarrived on time i got
that s the last oneleftf1104: it s got f1103:
i ve got some hairleftf1112: uh huh f1111: have
huv you got oney moneyleftgordon go where sadie does
ye ve got there ileftit here this morning fin
i ve got any moneyleft[laugh] f810: [exhale] don t
you havena got a lotleftm1096: [exhale] f1095: [cough] m1096:
many bits have you gotleftm1096: one f1095: no one
many pieces have we gotleftm1128: [?]mam, i hit it[/?] f1127: we ve
fitt letters have you gotleftthat s a f that
how many have you gotleftto do now m1090: i
just got bored and soleftwent home f807: yeah f806:
m818: is it quite aleftwing tutorial you ve got
phoned her just now andlefta message for a contact
sick because i stapled herleftfinger to the phone now
quine caad maisie cotter aylefther ferlies in a sotter
ower an be decent meglefther maister s dother tae
through naw ken where leelefther mark naw ken where
carolanne i should never havelefther sadie to maggie i
mark naw ken where leelefther tattoo hur mega fist
with you because you velefther to spend her life
pubic hair on fire andlefther totally bushless the remedy
servents jist like da hidlefthersel an her ma an
a knife an her beensleftoot on the shore fur
her by the rump anleftpuir maggie scarce a stump
inno a bun on herleftsat aunt florence like aunt
lang reid skin ower herleftshowder it laundit wi a
slipped oot o her bedleftthe doctor sleepin and came
sexually suggestive sniggers we areleftuncertain about her future alone
peggy yes ma bessie naneleftfor me was there peggy
lyke ma neibor on thelefthaes a yung dochter that
holidays oh yeah ma dalefthame by the way aye
bairn a teet in malefthaun syringe in ma richt
lek id an ah wizleftin ma misery oh ah
ower the simmer lawn maleftis takkin tent o the
ye gaed awa sen yeleftma darlin ah canna luik
awthing awthegither ah hae naethingleftma guitar s burnt ma
that wes ma sairvant lassieleftme lest year ti mairrie
an thaim ah loue haesleftme ma corp is seik
here an feinish whit slefto ma days near you
ye ah cannae hae yelefton ma haunds ti be
the imprint of ma fingerleftsparkly wee trails a light
servant l macbeth haes banquoleftthe coort servant ay ma
thing an some braw thingleftti me yet ma coorse
dee rain mandala i haelefta lan o haar tae
visitors book up tae myleftah chanced to look an
tae a far kintra anleftahin three servents jist like
a lang eneuch pyocher weleftaiberdeen in a doonpish tae
is aff here tae theleftand i m awa tae
tae leather me for beingleftf638: in the stomach f637:
the first door on theleftfin jonsar came tae the
wadna be mony fine daysleftfur arthur tae dauchle wi
m1013: but onybody that waslefthandit we used tae ca
the day that miss viningleftnatalie ran tae the door
o grun atween twa dykesleftower tae the wud beasts
in the grate slices oleftowre christmas cake tae devour
this maitter it maunna belefttae chance it ll be
fur ae wheen yeir anlefttae git marriet i 1938
o ae clock whan sheilefttae git marriet i dizember
an quate noo fyew arelefttae greet far thistles fell
a bairn an its mitherlefttae greet ye micht hae
bessie no it was ayelefttae me at s why
anlie thing at ull beilefttae mynd fock o thair
a lamb the heid byllielefttae phone for the polis
an sheds o tools wirlefttae roost da boffins pondered
fyne tae macduff macbeth haesleftthaim in peace ross ay
an so on fin theyleftthe aal man said tae
and a jaundiced jyner wileftwing political leanins decide tae
no see since i velefthome my parents have suddenly
language litter bin they veleftlots of wirds ahin egypt
wee while langer that sleftto me peggy ye ve
in peat bog we veleftwir mark even the moon
gone back since i veleftwork to going back to
if you ve any moneyleftyou can stand me that
drams a ve shuirlie niverleftyou short o drink siller
we entertained alex there weleftbarbara in hospital rushed back
frost cut to the boneleftby the back door cutting
go back sadie efter ileftcarolanne nods sadie i was
and away to safety thislefteric to climb unsteadily back
forrit thunners back my bairnsleftfor traivel wirk or lover
a bit loun whan ahlefthame ah cam back a
back trained staff who haveleftthe nhs margaret smith scottish
back o denner time andleftto boil till supper time
to date michael and marilynlefttoday and wendy flew back
cost the runway as weleftwas icy and coming back
wi ye nou ah mleftalane lyke a draigilt burd
wi juist the ae dochterleftan the pair o thaim
bend an wi bells anleftda hirplin deer bedded noo
wi twa or three meenitsleftfin wan fittit let fustle
thinkin i m a devoutleftfitter mr robb wi a
used ta coordinate wi milefthaand owre a set a
michaelmas daisy wi naethin elseleftin the bed the folk
would it be dod thatleftit wi you jim slyly
wi thaimsels in the vacuumleftower aifter the hogmanay cairry
i fand twa coal secksleftready for neist time wi
want anyone writin wi theirleftthey thought it maybe was
here dey nivver could alefttrist slaked wi beauty air
braks in two i mleftwi just the han le
supper fur twa miss viningleftwi the planter an the
think there s any ther-leftwi three spots f1104: mm
headed where of course columbaleftfrom it s the glen
the bridge where on theleftthe low embankment is fairly
to the space where youlefttime pining till it died
a chirp coming from myleftwhere the first minister was
and croon are probably bestleftalone also there seems no
aa there s somebody wasleftan ye ye huntit they
while there will be noneleftand the executive will have
and soon there was littleleftbut rubble men and women
go there s one bitleftf1104: mm one bit [exhale]
is there any mair puppiesleftf1116: no puppies f1115: i
there s loads o smartiesleftf1122: and there s no
a week there since ileftf958: i think i think
that there s no housesleftfor anybody else to go
an there ll be plentyleftfor next week an the
[laugh] there s no chairleftfor you [laugh] f965: you
say there s lassies ileftgreetin sair an some threw
one ooh there s onelefti ll hae to mind
angelica there s hardly onythingleftin this bottle an i
there are some decent folkleftit s lonelier than it
on there is there oneleftm1094: mmhm now f1093: now
there was no good weatherleftnow for shetlands [laugh] m952:
was weeds but luckily weleftone clump there is a
ten years ago since ileftso i was there for
there s no wet bittiesleftsometimes the towel doesnae get
there ll be get monyleftstandin by the burnie that
little toad why have youleftthe pond isn t there
at last entering from theleftthe witch is standing there
out a caff and ifleftthere a blue skin would
six year auld afore ileftthere ay the fairy hillock
was and it was justleftthere f606: mmhm f209: the
was posted to egypt andleftthere for france on 9th
and moving round to yourleftthere iona m1007: alastair [censored: surname]
swanson because there s naebodyleftto tak you on efter
for their own ailments ifleftto themselves one day there
there pompitie enters from thelefttoll man seeing pompitie wha
been nineteen fifty one weleftcragie street in just it
for [censored: forename] f1121: just oneleftf1122: one for [censored: forename] one
the second one on theleftf1155: but it looks quite
one and a half minutesleftflexibility is another key issue
is passed no one isleftin any doubt as to
how many stickers have yeleftm1128: tw- two le- one
one whole centimetre to theleftmy body peered from its
one pole and what isleftof scots at the other
presiding officer several names arelefton my screen one member
and we ll cover fittlefton this plate which one
ensuring that no one isleftout that is the sentiment
one of the two buildingsleftstanding on that side of
such as the one thatleftthe equal opportunities committee in
still in one piece ileftthe terminus and literally tip
no one knows why theylefttheir original homeland they dispersed
sane in hell one isleftto question whether davidson really
was the one that wasleftto so if i like
okay you managing two piecesleftf1122: i ll do i
as we have two minuteslefti will take questions from
moved away from home andleftmy boyfriend two hundred miles
two rows of assorted hopefulsleftto be sifted through the
underskirt two bricks from theleftwall of a granite church
from the other lektors andlefta message for me advising
s still a few yearsleftin me yet m608: oh
but the chatting on myleftis distracting me i would
shinin aa day whan theyleftme alane in the dreich
a potential millionaire jimmy hasleftme alone for longer than
haes taen flicht bedein anleftme ferr awa ahint masell
yeir faither haes gaen anleftme in this mukkil houss
we approached and sylvia tooleftme with nils burwitz who
them a bonnie penny itleftme wonderin fit does happen
lauchin at me ah soudnaleftthe table lyke yon but
slut at me as theyleftthe vehicle how very kind
me f1135: we should haveleftthis bike at home f1136:
taen awa what howp wesleftti me malcolm macduff yeir
the loo and me beingleftto translate i was told
an haud maist dear yeleftahint athoot as mukkil as
lands pit it in theleftane an ye can save
caddy pompitie enters from theleftfeather nou ye ir on
was thinkin ye shouldna haelefti was mair angry at
iz wutch ye gomeril yeleftit stickin in a puddok
is it lang sen yeleftmoscow irena eleivin year nou
or ye ll git whitslefto yer heid in yer
mirror ye re ay backlinslefts richt and richt s
throw gurly seas efter yeleftsmittit bi ambition youth s
eftir a while folk jistleftye alane in scotland ye
o the hooses are justleftye know f606: yeah mmhm
de heatin cause we relefta bit o heatin on
on them fin they warleftahin bit miss vining sugared
hae a bit o spunkleftin them they re aa
of guys erm kind ofleftit a bit late coming
bonnie glenshee bit finiver weleftthe north east ahin twis
boxes disingenuously i ll belefta on my ain dod
i was but fortuneately mylefteye is able to function
naething to eat or drinkleftin the place my baggie
this toots the last thingleftin the press my bottle
suddenly remember that i haveleftmy baby beastie all alone
on plump white pillows andleftmy breakfast tray on an
an blurts oot i hivleftmy fitba beets at hame
wa ahint the bar ileftmy hearrrrt in san fran
m going to crack upleftmy straighteners on f1154: [laugh]
i doing here i haveleftmy tracks in the snow
was naething worth speaking olefto my mither s share
and my testicles what sleftof them disturbing twitches occur
intention of seeing gardenstone weleftthe inn and found my
gathering up my gear ileftthe pavement tables for the
mr scott and i wasleftto eat my baked beans
watchin last house on thelefttwice [laugh] oh my god
and antony at last wasleftalone sitting upon the tribunal
m941: so did i weleftcause it was borin f940:
the inniskillen dragoons it wasleftempty since at the time
ireland in 1608 stranraer wasleftfirmly in kennedy hands it
it was borin f940: ilefthalfwey through [inaudible] i was
and aside it was noneleftmam f1109: oh you put
hay grass was cut andleftto dry in the field
more questions so i wasleftwondering what sort of report

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