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somebody they d become rubberleggedand hit the deck the
between being comatose paralytic rubberleggedthey re all kind of
re paralytic you re rubberleggedyou just cannae you just
arse and strides away longleggedas a cat walk model
tree the heron the langleggedcrane the stork they nest
mend vivid blue nets crossleggedon the quay animated children
coles round a wooden threeleggedframe called a boss these
into the trees behind thinleggedmahouts in torn vests river
fine with round bottomed threeleggedpots and usually there were
use a cast iron threeleggedpot on the fire judge
in the group meditated crossleggedin the main quadrangle while
my son and squat crossleggedon the futon that word
floor make them sit crossleggedstew and ed hold each
over point and finally heleggedit to avoid any retribution
a stew to feed twoleggedpredator vegans like you the
jaipur brave heart mongoose shortleggedmesmerist speckled grey coat cruncher
eight up a blonde longleggedmini skirted import fae eh
pelican emblem complementing the threeleggedbrass water ewer page i

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