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have a reduced amount oflessfavoured area land but that
agricultural land is defined aslessfavoured area land i do
the main point of thelessfavoured area scheme to help
obtained for crofters regarding thelessfavoured area subsidy amounts to
the week to discuss thelessfavoured area support scheme i
the effectiveness of the currentlessfavoured area support scheme in
minister tell me why thelessfavoured area support scheme is
rural development ross finnie thelessfavoured area support scheme is
investigation determines that the currentlessfavoured area support scheme is
transport and the environment thelessfavoured area support scheme scotland
transport and the environment thelessfavoured area support scheme scotland
until 14 may 2002 thelessfavoured area support scheme scotland
the following negative instruments thelessfavoured area support scheme scotland
until 6 april 2001 thelessfavoured area support scheme scotland
transport and the environment thelessfavoured area support scheme scotland
cattle from support payments forlessfavoured areas and recognises the
cattle from support payments forlessfavoured areas and recognises the
occurs in the resources forlessfavoured areas did the increase
the increase in support forlessfavoured areas happen because you
dr winnie ewing s1m 1452lessfavoured areas lodged on 12
grant maureen macmillan s1m 1439lessfavoured areas lodged on 6
godman hugh henry s1m 1439lessfavoured areas lodged on 6
the whole of scotland slessfavoured areas officials will work
those who are in thelessfavoured areas ross finnie that
support to crofting communities inlessfavoured areas s1o 6741 the
suffer from drug users predationslessfavoured areas scheme 4 george
minister aware that the newlessfavoured areas scheme is designed
executive cabinet meetings correction drugslessfavoured areas scheme local government
ferry costs under the newlessfavoured areas scheme s1f 513
highlands and islands that thelessfavoured areas scheme will be
mr gil paterson s1m 1443lessfavoured areas subsidy lodged on
policies s1m 1443 fergus ewinglessfavoured areas subsidy that the
other relevant forms of appraisallessfavoured areas support crofting 9
ferry ballycastle to cambeltown housinglessfavoured areas support crofting nursery
three sadie playboy centrefold nothinlessagnes awthing less sadie yup
it wis somethin that kythedlessan less as time gaed
the rage an there waslessan less ca these days
tho minnie s da cutlessan less each year chaip
tak ower their lives somelessan less like fishers act
english inflectional distinction wis becominlessan less markit an ane
er i think it becomeslessand less fun the longer
i navigate single handed journeyinglessand less good morning black
people began to understand themlessand less [inhale] new texts
sayings because you hear themlessand less now m1021: [inaudible]
personally feel that erm mu-lessand less of the youth
second language so pupils understoodlessand less what they found
like i said we feellessand less yo- that the
here open endings with indicationslessand more pleasant less and
indications less and more pleasantlessand more unknown are marks
ladies 6d ladies were chargedlessas they had less money
somethin that kythed less anlessas time gaed by the
an there was less anlessca these days for his
that was less skeely bitlesschancie the fye whey from
s da cut less anlesseach year chaip fuel wisna
50 less followers and thereforelessemployment by followers of scottish
suggests that there are 50lessfollowers and therefore less employment
the much less latinate andlessformal english that most of
think it becomes less andlessfun the longer you do
single handed journeying less andlessgood morning black and yellow
the more he heard thelesshe spoke the less he
the less he spoke thelesshe spoke the more he
to understand them less andless[inhale] new texts in the
english certainly in the muchlesslatinate and less formal english
here a year no mibbeelessless yes hardly there fae
their lives some less anlesslike fishers act an mair
distinction wis becomin less anlessmarkit an ane grammatical category
charged less as they hadlessmoney and in december that
are well aware that thislessmuch less than the wedding
you hear them less andlessnow m1021: [inaudible] you know
that erm mu- less andlessof the youth nowadays are
in terms of cleaner beacheslesspollution less rubbish and greater
of cleaner beaches less pollutionlessrubbish and greater care of
centrefold nothin less agnes awthinglesssadie yup that s who
and then turning that waslessskeely bit less chancie the
less than you know bylessthan like you know eighty
aware that this less muchlessthan the wedding and fortune
a matter of hours bylessthan you know by less
so pupils understood less andlesswhat they found in the
a year no mibbee lesslessyes hardly there fae elsewhere
said we feel less andlessyo- that the youth are
house which made him bothlessand more than the other
expect the apartments would belessanonymous and impersonal than the
even joseph seemed to thinklessbadly of them than she
might turn out to providelessclarity and transparency than we
suggestion that some people werelesscommitted than others to the
threatening the cases are perhapslesscomplex than may be encountered
other englishes it is nolesscomprehensible than american or australian
social language which is muchlessconcerned with abstractions than english
be found they will belessdesirable than the current care
we deal with it inlessdetail here than is given
to the holyrood project withlessdetailed construction information than is
make speech in the countrylessdiverse than it is m741:
fox destruction clubs generally uselessdogs than foot packs and
the conventions which are evenlesseasy to understand than resource
opiate addiction is more orlesseffective than methadone treatment s1w
and representation maitters a lotlesseh than what sometimes we
extent those venues will requirelessexamination than a venue that
women and men are takinglessexercise than they used to
effective medicines rather than olderlessexpensive drugs which may have
in a way that islessfavourable than the way in
hunts because they have relativelylessfollowers than hunts elsewhere in
capacity to empathise with thoselessfortunate than ourselves and the
than annoying the neighbours arelessfrustrated and bored than they
love to hear you beinglessgenerous than me on you
than in my more orlessgrown up head live together
which perhaps makes them feellesshard towards us than they
order tae enrich men farlesshonourable civilised and deserving than
the east yeah m762: perhapslessimperialist than before you know
that money comes from islessimportant than what it actually
it will receive 5 000lessin 2002 03 than it
in those days its peoplelessinsular than they are today
also sure that they getlessjob satisfaction than nurses who
in egypt looks a lotlesslikely now than it has
feature of voicing he waslesslong lived than most of
charitable than usual then tolesslucky people in the 1840s
side and have then gotlessmoney from the council than
difference mark hazelwood there islessof a difference than some
to see more rather thanlessof that kind of work
than operating a more orlessphonetic system this system presently
themselves his solo records arelesspop driven than those of
experience of growing old alesspopular poetic subject than falling
have a system that islessprescriptive than it has been
seem tae ha e evenlesspurpose than mine loretta i
because their rhythms are appropriatelylessregular than say a smooth
re not your life islessrich f963: mm f965: than
to be for a measurelessserious than culling such as
then i was like muchlessshy than she was i
she is still puzzled thoughlessso than dod she used
the messan burn is nolesstempting than it is improbable
will require a good deallesstext than one who wants
despite often having budgets oflessthan 1 000 we are
i think that it islessthan 1 per cent des
me most forcibly was thatlessthan 1 per cent of
example that your newspapers getlessthan 1 per cent of
for the same period islessthan 10 believes that the
from memory it is probablylessthan 100 per cent however
contributing and if this islessthan 100 what are the
will have to live onlessthan 102 a week and
in funding that amounts tolessthan 10p per person scots
impact subjecting mobile telephone mastslessthan 15 metres in height
impact subjecting mobile telephone mastslessthan 15 metres in height
event that mobile telephone mastslessthan 15 metres in height
or disability in 2000 01lessthan 16 per cent of
a continuous period of notlessthan 168 days 29 apart
from over two million tolessthan 180 000 in four
ironworks store there were nolessthan 20 but glad to
the pilot study in aberdeenlessthan 25 of children attended
time that a fall oflessthan 3 per cent has
per cent it seems thatlessthan 3 per cent of
sale at a cost oflessthan 30 and provides youngsters
of the committee or neverlessthan 4 whichever is the
of income earners account forlessthan 5 per cent given
the counter medicines accounts forlessthan 5 per cent of
that those medicines account forlessthan 5 per cent of
fur scots hus become availablelessthan 5 year syne scottish
all have per capita gdplessthan 50 of the eu
granted for a term oflessthan 6 months to a
granted for a term oflessthan 6 months to a
granted for a term oflessthan 6 months to a
parliament snh suggest that notlessthan 75 of the funding
weeks of frenetic activity forlessthan 8 per hour that
proposal it is sad thatlessthan 80 peers could even
of a total grant oflessthan 900 000 to pay
and horticulture were retained forlessthan a century mallorca had
highlands and islands requires nothinglessthan a comprehensive jobs regeneration
12 despite these countries havinglessthan a fifth a third
straw rope a wee bitlessthan a foot in diameter
and turning off the showerlessthan a month old specially
is due to start inlessthan a month on friday
people although they make uplessthan a quarter of the
picture of what seemed littlelessthan a savage communal orgy
i recalled my arrival therelessthan a week before how
a brainstorm here i amlessthan a week in canada
888 signatures were collected inlessthan a week that demonstrates
and painless it took himlessthan a week to come
the executive s response oflessthan a year ago seems
be that a period oflessthan a year is possible
years ago i stayed forlessthan a year though and
latter carries two small packetslessthan a5 size they are
picture of dialects is certainlylessthan accurate the most noticeable
think that my efforts werelessthan adequate he tried to
our winter lasts not muchlessthan alaska s there are
a brief amount of timelessthan an hour on what
at 31 march 2000 waslessthan at 31 march 1992
services such as laundering atlessthan cost or on a
very convincing meg and alessthan diabolic old nick nanny
nor corrie cannae please atlessthan echty nine degrees strecht
buy fish you get nolessthan five and we drank
suppressed due to there beinglessthan five such pupils s1w
gilbert hay already given writtenlessthan five years after the
the year award and nolessthan four scottish championships in
like ehm if you golessthan four times a year
and contracts this will includelessthan full time contracts develop
all is said and donelessthan grains of sand in
labour administration there will belessthan half a police officer
me that half an hourlessthan half an hour ago
yet men attend their gpslessthan half as often as
yet men attend their gpslessthan half as often as
that the pail would belessthan half full to stop
18 4 billion that islessthan half the 41 5
whitewash salvador to make himlessthan he is a plaster
aged under 4 regrets thelessthan helpful propaganda of smoking
need to wash which waslessthan ideal f1151: [laugh] i-
traditional musicians arrived they werelessthan inspiring so three of
level of funding is significantlylessthan it was 10 15
more than 0 5 millionlessthan its fair share of
per annum which is muchlessthan its gaelic counterpart 66
the total health budget andlessthan last year s underspend
was 135 million it islessthan lumberjack mcconnell filched from
act like a playboy onlessthan nothing appropriate title i
it has been revealed thatlessthan one third of prisoners
number whose experience is eitherlessthan one year or one
some people s lives worthlessthan others and notes that
past or at best thoughtlessthan polite and no doubt
to this debate have beenlessthan satisfactory we should not
agent and b heard notlessthan seven days after the
lightly the cruise ship slessthan six feet from the
per annum pension package forlessthan six years as permanent
be a magic formula nothinglessthan space age magic will
subsequent artistic career had beenlessthan spectacular after graduating he
in scotland has been muchlessthan that experienced in england
available in the highlands whereaslessthan that is being made
16 005 is 9 7lessthan that of a newly
qualified police constable and 11lessthan that of a qualified
provided by local authorities islessthan that outlined in their
robertson east lothian lab ratherlessthan that the convener i
a clear time scale nothinglessthan that will do we
of closures has been farlessthan the 434 that occurred
would have about 2 billionlessthan the encouraging figures in
motion we will be supportinglessthan the executive amendment the
in resources may be ratherlessthan the raw figure implies
should have to live onlessthan the state pension and
yard of arbuthnott and notlessthan the sum 7 6
the variable d is presentlylessthan the sum of the
plane trip there it slessthan the trip from prestwick
96 of advertised vacancies paidlessthan the unit s minimum
something like 17 a weeklessthan their council worker counterparts
should earn 17 per centlessthan their counterparts in england
earn approximately 17 per centlessthan their counterparts south of
for upland farming are muchlessthan they are for arable
payments results in claimants receivinglessthan they will this year
enterprise and the estonia sanklessthan thirty minutes after large
are workers in scotland worthlessthan those south of the
nominated by members of nolessthan three parliamentary parties or
voyages the coastline boasted nolessthan three symbols which the
and staff are working arelessthan tolerable that is not
syne an he d beddlessthan twa mile frae far
preserved but difficult to inspectlessthan two hundred yards away
i see that i havelessthan two minutes in which
of a bus service inlessthan two months he had
complex sentence patterns and appeallessto the ear than to
that her loss is duelessto unseaworthiness than to an
here so it is alessusual outing for me than
but it is quieter andlessvulgar than georgie s they
curriculum in the mid 1990slesswelcome in secondary than in
privately operated prisons are nolesswell paid than in publicly
privately operated prisons are nolesswell trained than in publicly
this august for example waslesswet than average until two
for the percentage being notlessthat 20 per cent by
for the percentage being notlessthat 20 per cent by
for the percentage being notlessthat 20 per cent by
000 per annum juist faurlessnor its gaelic coonterpairt 66
per capita spend and beinglessseasonal progress has been made
in areas where it islesslikely that civil marriages will
two or three groups inlessrural areas made it impossible
for farmers to expand intolesssensitive areas and to move
areas that might have beenlesstrue of larger hmos in
mair cruel gin a didlessa m shuir ye are
the faimlie here mair orlessah m masha s guidman
ready for winter mair irlessan it s maybe got
out thair proablems mair orlessas the narrator concludes four
as muckle and mair andlessatween the pair o them
mair an nae ae draplessay ae dooms siccar man
mair trees e ither twalessbit it hid been cut
ee the treuth mair orlessilka tyme a think back
s ae puddok mair orlessin aw the warld forby
r yae baron mair orlessin aw the warld lat
wi a kirk mair orlessin e middle an e
ye nae mair an naelessin the grund houss doun
yes comatose f1005: mair orlessit s the ne- comatose
say that was mair orlessmodern money like modern talk
drunk aff a dizzen bowlslessor mair he speirs hae
ju soond there mair orlessreferred to a hjog or
twenty four ye mair orlesssay they were born intae
though scots was mair orlessshuckt in a ready and
fin the lassie mair orlesstelt jonsar he coodnae use
in the stable a bittielesstemper an a bittie mair
watter an feenished mair orlessthe maitter ___ crack talk
the meaning s mair orlessthe same ye ye didn
f1005: you re mair orlessunconscious f1054: [inaudible] m1004: yes
the mair ye dae thelessye r thocht o sobbing
face had mair colour wislessyella lookin and lined ah
the mair you greet thelessyou ll pee and th-
the mair you greet thelessyou ll pee you know
that mondays are falling intolessa class and more a
but predictable and pedestrian orlessaccurate but more enterprising and
it was mother more orlessasking me you know is
the same thing more orlessat the same time and
yesterday one lie more orlessbeaumont i maun clear the
brick you know more orlessbecause it wasn t it
f606: yeah m691: more orlessbounces otherwise ye d have
restrictions you can more orlessbuild anything and it s
improving more short walks neededlesscar bowling hat night triples
more complex sentences and introduceslesscommon verbs vocabulary and language
to use more complex languagelesscommon verbs wider range of
is in view more orlesscomplete as seen on the
structure of clauses more orlesscomplex ways of binding elements
now it is more orlessconfined to the sunday but
modicum small person more orlessdisparagingly partlet proper name of
can be read more orlesseasily by the english speaking
ever had more certificates forlesseducation 5 rls was a
fee payin more more orlessfee payin f640: [inaudible] preparatory
yes yesterday we more orlessfinished buying presents and wrapped
more diverse shifts of keylessformal structures but naun o
good boy a more orlessgood boy a bad boy
it was er more orlesshide and seek except that
or austria no more nolesshowever we know that that
in this debate more orlessi have some empathy with
for the year more orlessi really am just a
trying to do more withlessi therefore welcome the minister
conventional farming more efficient withlessimpact that is a good
the schools were more orlessin place however the sqa
and to follow more orlessin salvador s footsteps with
him for one more orlessinnocent incident with a girl
now revealed as more orlessinnocuous the c n d
smaller one is more orlessintact the small wreck north
make that point more orlessit is unfair that a
people pay more and getlesslabour politicians have thrown cash
brought up speaking more orlesslike dave an me f902:
of attacks him more orlessm762: that s right f963:
m964: mm f965: more orlessm964: mm f965: is that
a long warm more orlessmotherly kiss with her moist
more of a city andlessof a massive museum also
you re all more orlessof an age sort of
english but rather more orlessof the one variety or
mr wilson but more orlesson the same round of
i got here more orlesson time after my 3
future europe there should belesspollution and more aid for
people are smoking more notlessprice definitely has an impact
3 it is more orlesspurely inter governmental the commission
whole make burns s songlessrhetorical and more personal in
so it s more orlesssayin although they ve got
was older in that districtlessskyscrapers more little wine shops
in irish waters it slessstormy and there are more
it was just more orlessthe same as mary everythin
for dumfries is more orlessthe same as the rate
city is intact more orlesstoday though bound round by
european parliament remain more orlessunchanged we had all sorts
other stone circles more orlessvisible from that one on
also architecture more eastern andlesswesternised lots of delightful little
[laugh] f1023: just more orlesswhat they all said f1027:
continuit thi formal subjunctive becamelesscommon an thi form dee
sorti en courant entraron corriendolesscommon comparative and superlative forms
a feature quhilk is becominlesscommon in scotland as thi
bil itself one of thelesscommon sword synonyms it will
control of modal verbs inlesscommon tenses j aurais voulu
tense and the introduction oflesscommon verbs and structures e
significant in the case oflesscommon words and particularly of
supported perhaps if there werelessemphasis in funding on what
the cost would be muchlessit would perhaps be as
which i have perhaps hadlessof when i ve been
you things become a littlelessreal or hyperreal perhaps you
to be defective another perhapslessserious drafting error concerns the
glasgow because such environments arelessthreatening the cases are perhaps
and roles that are otherwiselesswell defined and perhaps uncertain
let thaim gaun for ochtlessnor a penny each that
on the road that weslessnor an oor syne an
nor an aiblins a sichtlessnor it is atween the
gait ma present fears islessnor outlin dreams this murder
the kinch wi gittin onielessnor twa thoosand o the
in use depravit none thelessvice nor virtue is depravit
additional support there will belessvolunteering while the snp broadly
staff and support staff arelesswilling to move throughout the
for time and money withlessbureaucracy it must also be
aid has been targeted towardslessdeveloped countries the money from
can there would not belessmoney for the other agri
the next four years significantlylessmoney will go into agriculture
chair when the oil becamelesssignificant and the money was
s that makes him feellessguilty steve so whey s
because local communities will feellessinclined to disclose information to
however can make one feellessof an oddity and the
cause it maks them feellessold m1015: och it s
s sister made watching feellesssordid one fact remains it
site a single track muchlessa double one two choices
fell asleep i was muchlesscomfortable and raquel welch was
illegal if something so muchlessdangerous and injurious to health
f643: mu- much colder muchlessfriendly m608: uh huh f643:
probably not gonna be muchlessin the international corpus of
modern scots poetry looks muchlesslike a careless version of
even though it is muchlesslikely to kill me given
although nowadays they are muchlessrepressive towards religion and we
like sponges and are muchlessself conscious in displaying their
far failed to develop muchlessto promote a coherent and
the buildings though these werelessfanciful and of course ten
horde were phantasies though nolesspowerful in their consequences for
upon though again attitudes arelessrigid now there are a
candidate for the title thoughlesswell known worked in the
turn at peak times farlessa right turn the roads
enough to have sex farlessfather five children wendy s
for a healthy life farlessfor fuelling people s sporting
of privacy is clearly farlessif they are in a
accusative endings at all farlessmake exceptions for the verb
the far seeing indefatigable selflessnay self sacrificing citizen who
to play any sport farlessthe variety of games in
parking charges is 10 orless4 paragraph 3 of this
you do not meet orlessambitious ones that you do
worse arranged or proportioned withlessart 47 frank mclynn robert
or weet ere s usuallylesschance o seein onybody onywye
language unacceptable or their speakerslessdesirable and so on linguistic
alien aesthetic standard or recoveringlessfamiliar or downright obscure writers
television or radio often arelessfluid many are slow and
forms often literary or personallessfrequently transactional or functional ideally
in interesting ways they arelessgood or completely useless at
class sizes of 18 orlesshave on children suffering from
consultations in two months orlessjohann lamont said that some
where there are 5 orlesspersons in the household the
where there are 5 orlesspersons in the household the
where there are 5 orlesspersons in the household the
attending schools with 65 orlesspupils s1o 234 30 irene
grown into julia s motherlessresilient or inventive had simply
as they are under considerablylessstrain whether by chance or
13 out of 41 orlessthe test region covered aberdeen
as little as 250 orlesswhich would be an insignificant
assessment exercise of three orlesswill not be funded s1w
with english romanticism and nolessconsequential since it provides a
the whole they are ratherlessdivergent from standard english in
few scottish standard english haslesso thise characteristics because is
sse an standard english becomeslessso this division is e
english phd student julian nolesstonight with alex the australian
literature needs to play nolessvital a part in english
her clothes there s evenlesscomfort in this kind of
well that we have evenlesscontrol over the size of
of operating ports and evenlessof constructing them a panel
totalitarian state i want evenlessto be down on the
language and has given evenlessto scots we have not
and about markers being paidlessthis year can you clarify
learn the lesson of beinglesseasily reassured and asking harder
of the scottish parliament whylessis being spent on education
they were being a bitlessscared about deviating from the
of reasons with people spendinglesstime in hospital before being
artless annie couldn t carelessa typical art teacher fiona
they they couldn t carelessand i have to say
travel on buses there islessawareness of what free care
decision the government is drivenlessby care for the elderly
tutankhamen you just couldna carelesscould you toots fit a
ti steve he couldnae carelessif yur in pain mean
an ah certainly coudna carelessirena shrugs her shoulders bobik
guess an i cuidnae carelesson the setterday morn it
naturally smaller bones which arelessdense and also because the
the situation is a bitlessdifficult because people can change
of it which there waslessof because we had to
should work out a lotlessthen paying rent because its
euro because this would meanlesstrouble for business make it
role i would rather havelessdiscussion in the language of
language of the relatively powerlesslesseducated and easily mocked it
that that makes the languagelesslegitimate take switzerland with four
chapters vi and vii havelessto do with language and
of committees there are alsolessimportant matters such as whether
also suggested there was alesspositive correlation in modern languages
the council of ministers applylessto scotland he also said
it was enjoyable none thelesswe also heard david davidson
reply as they deserve nothinglesswe will also have the
since social inclusion policies arelessdeveloped in the candidate countries
the age of 65 arelesslikely to have an occupational
know that older people arelesslikely to suffer from crime
man why weemin aye sufferlessmy banes are sair i
dealing with the problem oflessteaching time the convener are
sculptures they are everywhere onelesswould be no tragedy the
there wis nae star thelessbit tho a marvelled at
bit dey seemed t belessbudder fittin in dair doo
ve got it a bitlesscause my parents like weren
did weel bit gordon wislesshalesome in s praise thinkin
f746: yeah a bit littlelesskind of dry and academic
only marra modern machinery seeslesssteer aboot the fairm bit
in some ways a bitlesstension f1151: girls going mental
addressing her subjects she getslessbroad i believe that there
fate of the hounds islesscertain there is a lack
the same shore there wislesschaunce it wad sail awa
sector statutory agencies and councilslessclear cut there is concern
aged speakers in belfast werelessclose to the vernacular there
mills which formerly stood therelesseffort is required to discover
would have been a lotlesshappy if there hadn t
think there s a lotlessof that now talk properly
cause there s maybe beenlesspeople actually movin in tae
there appears to have beenlesssuccess in the dispersal of
very different that it slesstechnically orientated but there s
went into organic aid thelessthere was for the rural
days f1077: erm there werelessthere were fewer sort of
the past once people becamelessable to manage for themselves
that such people would belessprotective of and helpful to
and literally means people oflessvalue geneva is having difficulty
disbanded them would have beenlessable to overcome the emerging
interviews presumably so that thelessdirect stipe doesn t have
you stay is the thelessexposure you have to just
the crisis might have beenlesshad some our concerns and
i ll have one courselessi shan t be going
have fewer farmers who havelessincome similarly we have hundreds
would have thocht ony thelesso you she sits comfortably
the directive but may havelessof an impact on the
have record cash spending butlessof the nation s wealth
that they would have likedlessonerous evidential demands placed on
seem to have taken alessrobust attitude towards the problem
provisions which we have discussedlessthis morning intentionality relates to
will be your death havelessto drink he said to
council will have 50 millionlessto spend in real terms
operate over terrain which islessaccessible on horseback such as
tell the fire is gittinlessbowsterous stretches juist the yae
sex and the pattern islessclear at the age of
on which the position islessclear under the proposed legislation
housing that is easier andlesscostly to occupy that costs
of bank staff means thatlesscover is available for illness
is that it would belesseffective but it would not
it is and and thelessessentialist you know f963: mm
rehearsed here robertson smith islessfamiliar and some brief biographical
gies us pleisir is thatlessfash here the door macduff
the community they will belesshappy where someone is to
create an orientation which islessin touch with the orientation
ti mairrie a keing naethinglessis guid aneuch for the
with a disabled child islesslikely to be in work
strong orcadian accent is gettinlessm865: mm mm so f948:
subtle but hit is naelesso an imposition fur a
the thing as it islesspolitely called is knitted from
the provisions would cost considerablylessrhoda grant the matter is
new but today s agelesssociety is very live and
to warn them but notlessterrible is yours the women
home in 4 weeks hopefullylessthe magnum opus is finito
were effective netsmen would catchlessfish and reducing income the
which it would be infinitelylessobvious you must accept that
helpful and would enable manylessprofessional witnesses if i can
would be delighted to takelessrevenue from cigarette sales but
passage i would quote seemlesssublime knowledgeable and polished praise
an impact it would belessto do with scarcity of
farmers and crofters would costlessto public funds in the
at the time but nolessstrange were theological conceits such
correct and in consequence aslessworthy such prejudice could be
hour later to a softerlessintense world the cats were
could check we were takinglessout again and had not
wi the poachers nane thelesswhan we were hauf wey
puddok prince here cannie onlesso the puddok ma name
wouldna be here it slesstrouble tae think jean weir
they re beginning to soundlesslike their parents and grandparents
investment indigenous businesses had beenlessof a factor as they
you know probably ten thousandlessparking spaces f826: they that
to be detrimental eh thelessthey dae ye know the
of the record of eventslessattention has been paid to
of a scottish chancellery nolesshas already been discussed by
some of the financial hurdleslesschallenging for the voluntary sector
the fields o may meanlesstae some fairmers in es
we will settle for nothinglesscan we do this yes
s existence will lead tolesscriminality of the sort that
into account the fact thatlessfunding will be available to
the rent payments will belesslikely to get a look
beginning the executive will devotelessof the nation s wealth
be available will be nolesssatisfactory in cases where use
project enric miralles none thelessthe project will go on
wanted to write on alesselevated level we had all
a heroin addict s justlessintense if i had had
lik a wrapped loaf faurlessmove furniture archie had done
time gaed by he grewlessfeart poked his wee heid
effective in gathering data andlesstime consuming to administer 3
crime and protecting communities andlesstime on paperwork recruit 500
said that the corn waslesslikely to grow in the
understand what that means yetlesssaid pantagruel so again you
vacated by their tenants townheadlessupper and lower whitefield was
citizens advice scotland and alesscomprehensive response from cosla i
volume of advertising others attractlessmiss goldie i gather from
be delighted to take inlessrevenue from tobacco sales the
up front about that thelessrevenue that we receive from
greater impact on children fromlesswell off backgrounds and calls
new wee troot tae wislessconceitit nae wish tae see
tee stoppin t wis naelessfykie aifter ye d turnt
banquo but gentil banquo naelesshae ye deserred it maun
wes the bryde hirsell naelessshe wes a wutch an
of anna gordon but nolesscompelling in its tale of
says his imprisonment sounds nolessghastly but still he reminisces
gentleman a senior citizen nolessin a suburb of cumbernauld
want [pages turning] look it makeslessnoise okay no don t
wyfe coud ye no maklessnoise that s an awfu
wul you stap it pleaselesso that ir ye no
old room but with onelessbed and a nicer view
that one before a littlelessconversation you can sing it
to a high style onelessobviously scottish note too the
true beautiful and glorious andlessabout what pisses me off
s rape of the locklessambitious and complex in form
noted by a different andlessanglicised officer of the university
bite making direct labour organisationslesscompetitive and unable to win
for meaningful enjoyable experiences withlessemphasis on assessing and it
massive theatres including the bolshoilessemphasis on lenin and the
emphasises the difference between theselessfamiliar medieval customary practices and
hour and woke up feelinglesshappy later i went back
her she s a shadelesshard and sulky almost vulnerable
to weather beaten farmers andlessinclement weather to weary fishermen
of these and the otherlesslatinate words in the poem
sit down like christians andlesslike hogs despite the fact
and north west it waslessobvious in bute employers found
old vocabulary neil has stilllessof an accent and his
scottish executive to take alessprescriptive approach and allow local
and port manager at stranraerlessrational was the reason for
in several eighteenth century andlessrelevantly romantic period anthologies and
analysed by murray pittock andlesssubtle scholars but the novels
received and imitated by hislesstalented countrymen for hecht burns
and oyis deprevit non yelessviois mou virtius deprevit and
months and my thoughts grewlessvivid of poland as the
easily identifiable and where thelesswell off in society do
number of languages including thoselesswidely used and taught for
a significant shift in thatlessdiscretion should be left to
he l be a wheinlessforritsum nou for in the
if you want to belessgenerous on you go brian
context it may sometimes belessinaccurate to say x minister
the lighting colour should belesswarm for atmospheric effect the
able readers while supporting thelessable evidence of pupil attainment
erm of course you getlessable to experiment freely erm
profession the matter of alessacademic route into the profession
familiar minister but none thelessan important component of our
in complicity with other oftenlessbenign institutional conduits of influence
a picture of reality givelesscomfort about the small business
number of the serious butlesscomplicated sheriff summary cases could
of clustering as does thelesscontroversial fact that the poem
of linnets in spring stilllessdid he plunge into the
the work of a ratherlessfashionable roster of artists something
again the backst- background oflessgreat flats f826: yes it
previous meeting but none thelessi welcome that of course
permit the use of firearmslesslethal alternatives to firearms including
for having told the truthlessonerous ways of proceeding could
end up having to subsidiselessprofitable parts of the mail
meanin of the word faurlessthe practise carolanne ironing should
letter as a second butlessfavourable option the convener we
local communities particularly for thelessmobile but the post office
a lady but she waslesssuccessful in her attempts to
embassy like a giant balllesssex organ wet with courtesy
speaks to caird andy bettylessso with jack lilian rowland
i agree with i amlesssure about whether the guideline
you re like you relessinclined to give them any
an early focus on thelessable has swung in the
widen opportunity in scotland slessadvantaged communities i commend the
the life oot o shelllessbodies legs scuttlin in the
t in a position olessimportance despite thi fact it
i m getting about 10lessin each monthly payment over
a missed opportunity for thelesswell off in my constituency
all move closer to dodlesswell lit on the other
m605: like this it getslessprestigious m741: yeah m605: so
picter o e sky wislessan withoot gaan farrer e
laicher islands made a lotlesswild silhouettes against e horizon
love o gairdenin his gottenlessjist that the docknail needs
if at the banquet juistlesso that ma lord ye
hand andrey that s aneuchlesso that wipes his face
tirrivee ithers that hates himlesssays he s reamin fou
haed ye duin a hantillessaw a hae left ti
it s a guid nichtlesscoughin her wee body at
o mey an simmer slesshes aw tae schort a
offer a realistic incentive tolesshighly rated departments to improve
aliens i m a lotlesshomesick now i m getting
haunle a wee troot faurlesspou a saumon oot sideweys
failed tae bring oot faurlesspromote a coherent an practical
promote energy efficiency measures tolessaffluent families the home energy
ah growe ah sleep thelessah wauken the midnicht oor
dee shaa d her hitslessdan perfect shape da ruckly
fa cup 1st round goallessdraw not exciting fell pear
the book cammy fuck alllesshe says it thru doll
first an syne uisin thelessrespectfu thee an thou pronouns
by oor mistakes nane thelesssanny did come tae coort
you re startin to getlesssympathetic m741: yeah m605: till
slow to develop it slessvalued originally it only begins
got dresst ah kinda feltlessvulnerable at way you needn

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