See this word as a collocate cloud

to let him straighten upletalone move jimmy jimmy j
a ll love nae mairletcauld winds blaw let trees
problem to provide it justletgo but if i let
to i ll let goletgo f1121: no hold on
let go but if iletgo i d die and
we have to i llletgo let go f1121: no
feart fae let it golethim go fund yer ain
let me in and shelethim in and she said
let s be evil andlethim in yes a little
to inhale enough air tolethim straighten up let alone
whan wantin fed let ootletin let oot again a
say kinda let it flowletit flow f831: ye jist
jist as i say kindaletit flow let it flow
whit we re feart faeletit go let him go
in skye let it rainletit hail let it thunder
the wee hoose in skyeletit rain let it hail
it rain let it hailletit thunder ootbye ye can
plug a wee bittie toletlet out some water out
that day he feels heletme doon let us a
let me get the titleletme get the title f963:
saying what s that bookletme get the title let
let me have one ohletme have one f1111: oh
me the instructions f1112: ohletme have one oh let
at her door alice aliceletme in and she let
pat let mi go jillyletme ooti here pat runs
f1122: oh let me seeletme see f1121: oh will
is it let me seeletme see if they re
his eye go f1113: ermletme see let me see
s them done is itletme see let me see
this in here f1122: ohletme see let me see
f1113: erm let me seeletme see that s one
black f1111: let s seeletme see what flavour it
aye f1097: let s seeletme see your big tummy
mm let me think f1054: letme think ehm words for
house f1005: ehm cutlery mmletme think f1054: let me
this up ed please edletmi dae this let mi
pat let mi go jillyletmi go back ti where
uncontrolled violence uncontrolled aggression patletmi go jilly let me
children playing on swings patletmi go jilly let mi
ed let mi dae thisletmi see if ah kin
spring let nae flooer bloomletnae bird sing laughter an
winter niver turn tae springletnae flooer bloom let nae
fed let oot let inletoot again a cup o
impident yalps whan wantin fedletoot let in let oot
of the franchise not beingletor re let s1w 27367
of the franchise not beingletor re let s1w 27368
a wee bittie to letletout some water out of
on my bus heh hehlets be evil and let
worst idea ever let slets build an open air
let s chynge this tacklets check this blether the
tide nae man can tetherlets chynge this tack let
s the song let slets dance f1113: yes [inaudible]
let s do it againlets do it again f1113:
let s do it againlets do it again f1113:
the birdies the hippopotamus f1114: lets do it again let
heaps and heaps look f1114: lets do it again let
a little bit let slets f963: mm mmhm m762:
and write some articles andlets get let s get
articles and let s getlets get some work done
should hae- let s golets go and tell your
girl f1122: [?]right[/?] let slets go f1121: okay hold
f1054: let s think nowlets go into getting personal
on her you should hae-lets go let s go
ehm now let s seelets go onto the inside
a look then f1122: ayelets have a look let
mmhm mm m762: let slets humanise it a little
s let s you knowlets just say warmer [laugh]
like the worst idea everlets let s build an
f1114: here s the songlets let s dance f1113:
humanise it a little bitlets let s f963: mm
s a girl f1122: [?]right[/?]lets let s go f1121:
yes yeah mmhm mm m762: lets let s humanise it
little pony f1114: look [laugh]lets let s see them
well well f806: mm f807: lets let s you know
let s make a belllets make a bell f1113:
woops sit up [inaudible] f1114: lets make a bell let
f1114: yes f1113: yes f1114: lets make a panda let
let s make another onelets make ano- f1113: here
girl are you clever f1114: lets make another one let
panda let s make flowerslets make f1113: what s
let s make a pandalets make flowers let s
water let s run f1112: lets run and see see
that s probably plenty waterlets run f1112: let s
i bet george eh [laugh]lets say let s start
see let s see f1121: lets see can you find
eh f1122: let s seelets see f1121: let s
let s have a looklets see f1121: there s
f1112: [chair scraping along floor?] want black f1111: lets see let me see
big tummy m1098: aye f1097: lets see let me see
f1041: [laugh] f1054: ehm nowlets see let s go
gonna be next eh f1122: lets see let s see
f1114: look [laugh] let slets see them f1113: what
eh [laugh] let s saylets start with the word
s where i live f1054: lets think now let s
f806: mm f807: let slets you know let s
not being let or relets1w 27367 mr kenny macaskill
not being let or relets1w 27368 mr kenny macaskill
think wi yir hauns senatorletthe air in tae let
let the air in taeletthe pain oot gruntlin he
them in lock them upletthem fester and let them
up let them fester andletthem out again yes thank
mair let cauld winds blawlettrees gae bare let winter
feels he let me doonletus a doon peggy ye
blaw let trees gae bareletwinter niver turn tae spring
great relief tae see himletaff wi nocht beside a
nae opportunity tae see themletalane provide for them so
convinced that jimmy won tletanyone else see this jotter
and i says don tletcherie see where ye re
principle i wis tryin taelete wee lad see as
ye come here they dinnaletfolk see me he had
wis biggit wi gless taeletfowk see the golf course
see her first we cannalether ken the ither packet
see her i haven tlether know i m coming
creature for a faither taelethim see him afore he
s the livingroom live andletlive right see that supposed
me see turn around pleaseletmam see m1098: that s
the colouring book go andletmammy see the colouring book
me see f1114: [sniff] f1113: letme have a look at
f1111: i see so toletme read while you re
think ye re finished yetletme see can you do
[censored: forename] and [censored: forename] okay okayletme see can you hold
the same as you m1090: letme see ehm what s
a swell f1054: good erletme see er f1145: or
f1091: where m1092: there f1091: letme see erm i think
get one out of hereletme see f1114: a star
that looks a good oneletme see f1114: i ll
might have knocked it ootletme see f1114: oh f1113:
over here help your nosieletme see f1114: [sniff] f1113:
s what s that f1113: letme see f1114: that f1113:
f1114: what s that f1113: letme see f1114: that f1113:
f1113: what f1114: that f1113: letme see f1114: that f1113:
there [inaudible] f1122: me seeletme see f1121: you want
it s nae sticking f1139: letme see f1140: put it
aye a- and bouncy f1095: letme see fa s this
sliding down that s rightletme see fitt else is
f1127: eh m1128: [exhale] f1127: letme see fitt s i-
s that up tae hereletme see h i t
that s a good girlletme see have you done
more bit o it f1117: letme see how are you
s obviously very organised ehmletme see i think we
out like splashes f1105: rightletme see if your pyjamas
ll check oot your earsletme see [inaudible] clean out
you had a chippie yetletme see [inaudible] oh i
[?]where is[/?] that horse f1093: mmletme see is it in
want to see it f1121: letme see it do you
piglet f1121: piglet wow f1122: letme see it f1121: can
i fell [sob] f1121: lookletme see it you hurt
f746: oh right f978: ehletme see like ehm they
aul working claes angelica ohletme see lizzie will i
f1097: far m1098: here f1097: letme see m1098: look f1097:
read the whole page rightletme see m1110: whole page
that wi her eh orletme see maybe we could
erm erm erm erm ermletme see me see f1103:
f1127: is it a stamperletme see oh aye it
[censored: surname] fa s this ainletme see oh fa s
i try it on youletme see oh that s
anything more f1117: hold onletme see oh there s
bucketin doon m1090: bucketin doonletme see on ma chair
it s green icing rightletme see one teaspoon of
f1114: that s wh- f1113: letme see over this way
ve nearly daen it lookletme see peep peep look
manage f1102: [inaudible] broken brokenletme see pull that off
some more on this ainsletme see put some more
ll get him orange hairletme see right roll this
m1090: yeah you would f1089: letme see right see this
daughter there it would alsoletme see something more of
laa m1092: who that f1091: letme see that s dipsy
this is not ready f1125: letme see that s fine
that s good f1071: [scribbling sound]letme see that s the
s the [scribbling sound] the camelletme see that s the
ronnie he s offered toletme see the fish if
so where s winnie the-letme see the picture there
shape of a babywipe wellletme see the shape o
think so m1098: [?]stuck[/?] f1097: letme see then m1098: [clip-clop]
m1110: no f1109: oh wellletme see think we re
mum see m1098: look f1097: letme see turn around please
nae supposed to [inaudible] thatletme see wait aye you
[laugh] m1146: [laugh] f1054: ehmletme see we ve done
don t you f1118: nowletme see what s in
yellow one f1135: i knowletme see what there is
on my wallpaper huh m1090: letme see whaur s it
your finger f1118: [sob] f1117: letme see will i kiss
breaks like that f1107: ayeletme see yer bum m1108:
are you puttin up firstletme see you choose f1122:
f1122: aye f1121: right wellletme see you do it
top of the boat f1105: letme see you doing your
yes f1113: here we goletme see you now you
see this mum mum f1105: letme see you on your
f1091: no m1092: [inaudible] f1091: letme see your [?]lion card[/?] [inaudible]
mark nobody dared speak linziletme see yours he was
m1098: no f1097: right okayletme show you see okay
ball f1114: a big ballletme try f1113: aye see
your eyes m1098: aye f1097: letmum see m1098: look f1097:
no [panting] f1125: go andletmummy see f1126: no i
that f1113: that s ohletmummy see that s f1114:
yeah he was he f812: lets face it f813: see
you ve [inaudible] f1122: mmlets go and see it
to manage that f1122: ayelets go and see the
don t know f1122: [laugh]lets go and see what
could f1122: ones can welets go down and see
and see f1121: mmhm f1122: lets go down to see
how many can we seelets hae a look at
ll see better noo okaylets hae a look out
lace underneath m1096: [exhale] f1095: lets see and then [inaudible]
s crumbs [inaudible] [shaking sugar?] f1125: lets see clever mm f1126:
[tut] like my dress f1103: lets see f1104: look at
t have a square yetlets see f1112: [?]see if i could[/?] f1111:
away to ballet just nowlets see f1112: [squeak] f1111:
and who else is hidinglets see f1114: a bird
caterpillar oh hairy caterpillar nowlets see f1114: [exhale] f1113:
look at your nose [cough]lets see f1114: it s
see over the page f1113: lets see f1114: two smelly
look fa s this f1126: lets see f1125: who s
got tae get your changelets see fit i ve
a mm mm no f1097: lets see fitt letters have
will it be alright [third speaker says 'should be alright i think.']lets see fitt we re
mmhm f1054: good erm ohlets see grandfather any of
his tail keekin oot f1114: lets see him again f1113:
is like a pause solets see how it sounds
ll sing for them andlets see if they can
don t push it yetlets see if we can
edges m1096: [inhale] f1095: [inaudible]lets see if we find
press that one f1112: [child noises]lets see if you can
f1112: that s mine f1111: lets see in your pile
myself f1141: right okay [inaudible]lets see [inaudible] and you
no f1054: okay ehm ohlets see insane [inaudible] rich
one o your books welllets see is there what
on your back m1106: mumlets see it [censored: background music] i
eeyore right f1126: yes f1125: lets see it does- no
your steppie m1096: [child noise] f1095: lets see m1096: how do
f1111: seeing any f1112: nolets see no i wan-
it f1054: aye [inaudible] mmlets see now f1027: yeah
yeah that s good ehmlets see now i think
mm eh [scribbling noise] hmm f1089: lets see now rub it
for that no f1054: ehmlets see now to play
colour s that f1125: [mixing icing]lets see oh a minute
aye how s your chocolatelets see oh f1122: see
toenails m1106 : no f1105: looklets see oh oh no
that s it oot f1097: lets see okay do you
one two three four f1114: lets see one two three
uh huh green car f1114: lets see over the page
f1054: mmhm good ehm [tut]lets see pleased annoyed hot
f1089: look use this handlets see right hold it
supposed to touch right noolets see so that you
f1113: what s that f1114: lets see something else f1113:
this fitted on this ainlets see sorry put on
is that a bit ohlets see the box you
they practise whit they preachlets see their words backed
again up again up againlets see them go really
says bessie and ribble f1114: lets see them pack their
this i looked quizzical ohlets see they have an
that s it oot f1097: lets see tilt your head
[laugh] f1054: okay brilliant ermlets see to rain lightly
interestin f1143: mm f1054: ehmlets see [toodle-doo] young person
no f1054: and ehm ohlets see we ll go
fine yeah no bother ehmlets see we re doing
wi something on the frontlets see what about that
come on then jump uplets see what designs you
round your sta- your buttonslets see what different shapes
m1012: [inaudible] ta f1054: ehmlets see what have we
all raspberry are they f1111: lets see what other kind
right f1114: spot s onelets see what s happened
f1114: yes a big snakelets see what s hiding
these f1122: oh a cardlets see what s inside
do another one f1121: rightlets see what s on
f1113: a different colour f1114: lets see what s over
that s number eight f1114: lets see what s over
man the warld is widelets see whit there s
tall as the eiffel towerlets see you being as
tall as the bin hilllets see you being as
m1106 : [laugh] f1105: up talllets see you being like
wipe up aside that eyelets see you that should
need to cut your toenailslets see your toenails m1106 :
rub hard see like thislets show you nae like
see it [censored: background music] i llletsome water out mum i
oot to meet the peopleletthem see if you like
maybe crumbs left ye neverletthem see it remember that
to bring it alive toletthem see the real context
that in anybody s mindletus not see any crocodile
go fur the bag kristaletus see his tricks silence
officer the deputy presiding officerletus see how we do
affordable measures for both languagesletus see the intelligent beginnings
ti fetch yur bag tiletus see what s in
i kneel beside fiona andletwee andy see her he
cla es rope an neverletyou see the loon again
give some examples of thatletall of us ensure that
your love hauds sway withootletcome an teach us the
me as i really amleteveryone of us look into
didnae want us jilly bjletme deal wi this ih
tv announcer informed us anxiouslylets be thankful for small
is not suitable for uslets go back to our
us now he will reletthe top to someone else
us an thocht wull hadletthem by so as we
to stick together don tletthem grind us down a
and navel gaze we shouldletthem those of us who
market of customers out thereletus again take the west
s guild or a cosyletus all get together and
measures as a whole andletus assume that we want
the rate for the jobletus attract people from throughout
ye ye ll need taeletus auld anes awa tae
it has not brought forwardletus be absolutely clear about
the names of the statesletus be careful kontuz 17
53 bill aitken glasgow conletus be clear about one
of the world out thereletus be clear if there
in with the court caseletus be clear it is
other recent legislation the convenerletus be clear that other
on the report in octoberletus be clear the minister
the potential for more jobsletus be realistic we are
scotland would be welcome howeverletus bear in mind that
administration secretarial and laboratory staffletus bear it in mind
of losing searching and findingletus bring our prayers to
table although there is loyaltyletus call it that among
scene in totem and tabooletus call up the spectacle
trade better culture and integrationletus celebrate the fact that
more fully please angus mackayletus consider the specific circumstances
rd car drew up toletus cross zebra other car
look into his conscience andletus decide that from tonight
an said come on nooletus dee justice tae this
a labour led government toletus deliver those radical ambitions
but at the same timeletus do all that we
raise the profile of disabilityletus do it stuart duffin
i appeal to concerned membersletus do something about this
to join this exclusive societyletus enlighten her 1 the
changing children s services fundletus ensure that money is
retain the nurses we haveletus ensure that the profession
the issue in the roundletus ensure that we make
of in an earlier sectionletus examine subsection 3 the
we are doing about itletus get ahead and do
oot the road sanny anletus get on wi luikin
songs for people to singletus go back to burns
be a level playing fieldletus go back to the
wye the binder worked andletus haud the feedbag for
you know to at leastletus have a chance o
say snaw snaw come awayletus have a holiday an
the end of term butletus have a question margo
where its glossy documents areletus have constructive policy development
the worst use of moneyletus have names named and
letter the presiding officer orderletus have no commentary during
cupboards built in and theyletus have their old ones
presiding officer the presiding officerletus hear from the right
to find such an exampleletus hear it ben wallace
the responsibility of historic scotlandletus hear what historic scotland
a pause deana yes rowlandletus hope that this has
brothers be for a thatletus hope that we keep
wisn t it lads weelletus in oan it demanded
in supporting the voluntary sectorletus in partnership build on
and the fuckin gentlemen winnaletus in so we thocht
will deal with the issueletus investigate it secondly on
as a committee bruce crawfordletus just annul them anyway
force unless we say noletus just say yes stephen
wad raither hae chynged juistletus ken an we ll
in that way they shouldletus know and we will
you over but do pleaseletus know if you need
could write to us andletus know stuart duffin eydp
be treated as a languageletus lay that calumny to
that complaints come to usletus leave the wording of
put bye yer spray anletus live it touched ma
the bar noo my lordsletus look a little further
a vote on this motionletus look at the highlights
have come to this committeeletus look at the package
a victory for scottish pensionersletus make no mistake however
social justice committee s reportletus make sure that the
cathy peattie falkirk east labletus move on to marking
exemption for newspapers nicola sturgeonletus move on to prohibition
alex easton yes michael russellletus move on to the
to make on that paragraphletus move on to the
are in the latter categoryletus not allow the scottish
legislation in the scottish parliamentletus not destroy it by
being blessed with and forgivingletus not forget forgiving i
and a management board andletus not forget that there
recruiting retaining and valuing nursesletus not forget the whole
to the waist ms curranletus not get carried away
relaxed during the debate butletus not have too much
give way david mcletchie noletus not pretend that lack
each an old lady attendantletus on the big wheel
fifteen minutes and then theyletus out at twenty f812:
all burns s songs thenletus pray that come it
a useful opportunity was missedletus remember that the public
the united kingdom into nursingletus retain the nurses we
mid scotland and fife conletus return to the issue
receive a clear answer eitherletus return to the letter
thin gies a piece anletus rin minnie s fowk
doing what is desperately neededletus save gaelic by legislation
of production and materials isletus say just over 20
two experienced singers and thenletus say the c above
around multiple discrimination for exampleletus set out what we
stop sticking pictures he willnaletus stick pictures on the
to challenge that visionary goalletus suggest that the presentation
they need are coming soonletus support the motion and
be a right situation butletus suppose for a moment
by the bill as draftedletus suppose that there was
gave me a swirl roundletus swirl around a wee
is an unco sicht sandersonletus take it in all
allowed to proceed is disgracefulletus take the decision to
positives in the scottish economyletus talk them up instead
there might be a challengeletus think about the accused
global and his persona iconicletus toast his memory by
efter me but i neverletdab beaumont and i jalouse
are ye thinking o lilianletgo of me i have
good at no don tletgo of me i need
hae prayed in her namelether be wi me the
mother kept me back andlethim go on his own
done it she d actuallylethim you do love me
me maist o all butletit come gaither in about
members indicated agreement nora radcliffeletme add that if we
as a freen ye unnerstaunletme adjust this aipple leaf
help me st marshaw holetme alane for gaud s
help me st marshaw hawletme alane for gaud s
the bottom of hell nowletme alone ye have deaved
we disagree on the objectiveletme also take this opportunity
s up then she dletme answer or sometimes she
railway project listen mr rowlandletme ask you something rowland
nae prayers left he saidletme awa i beg ye
gang yer ain gait andletme be an if ye
into private hands sarah boyackletme be clear about why
anybody the convener no sorryletme be clear the reference
o deevin thochts at widnaletme be onywye ye dinna
[inaudible] yes [laugh] f1097: noletme be up the stair
a year before my parentsletme buy a pair of
gladys in a minutie justletme catch my breath whooo
is on on the radiatorletme check now nae soaking
you you re aa dirtyletme check your hand f1122:
that s a good girlletme check your- that s
pey my share ronnie weelletme chip in wi a
want tae dae m1092: ermletme choose one f1091: er
f1127: are you nae gonnaletme colour in oh puir
officer the deputy presiding officerletme continue please if you
heard it mmmmh silence edletme dae the talking ok
of scotland want and deserveletme deal with the arguments
then peggy enters she winnaletme dee it but she
coming alive i think justletme die again my boyfriend
hae lived as a beastletme die as a beast
raising that issue don tletme die you re right
do do this do thisletme do this do this
that f1114: me does itletme does it me me
so you d better naeletme doon can ye start
wouldn t it f1112: noletme draw it that one
[laugh] m944: [laugh] [laugh] waitletme drop the idiot look
i did that day beaumontletme explain to you keeping
still in your teenage yearsletme explain what a diary
to get ower there justletme find my feet jack
observed jim you didn tletme finish protested dorothy he
will find that out interruptionletme finish suffice it to
the easel she won tletme finish with her hands
yes cigarettes are imported butletme first address the question
get a solution susan deaconletme first be clear about
fand at the stane foundsletme frae in pittin a
anes o the strenth wadletme gae for hauf the
there s ane abune thenletme gang the second cried
ye can get oot anletme get changed in a
me into the piano andletme get on with it
to blurt in her faceletme get sorted empty my
child is that right butletme get this straight it
oot the queen of heivenletme gie praise tae hathor
f1089: on the flat bitletme gie you a round
available to meet those needsletme give an illustration the
welcome on the basic issueletme give the analogy that
afoot lilian yes i knowletme give you a hand
tell me and you llletme give you a pill
and will not be ignoredletme go further than that
me how yi kin evenletme go oot ti work
t help and reluctantly heletme go still pleading his
was wonderin if they wouldletme go to sydney and
are now oh right ohletme go up on your
then no dinnae tell meletme guess eh a generous
all this bitties here rightletme hae aa the jigsaw
huff a kindly frien juistletme hae his muckle een
through his brain said heletme hae this thing clear
i knew beaumont jack justletme hae twa words to
by changing your thinking nowletme have a a willing
your knee f1122: [sob] f1121: letme have a look darling
red f1114: yes [child noises] f1113: letme have a wee lookie
keep it in that cupboardletme have some perfume f1111:
you re down do notletme hear of the wisdom
point the presiding officer orderletme hear the point of
many fingers have you gotletme hear you counting f1112:
a manger m1096: aye f1095: letme hear you saying it
jammies m1106: mum [inaudible] f1105: letme hear you singing m1106:
f1105: by the window stoodletme hear you singing m1106 :
f1049: my till won tletme i m like uh
found people [inaudible] wouldn tletme in for some reason
lawyer to get vendors toletme in pay over another
the richts an wrangs hereletme jist guide ye tae
asking a four minute questionletme just ask this could
tae grup the thistle anletme ken ___ unsocht unsolicited
sees you oot you canletme ken hou s that
comment to make they shouldletme know bruce crawford i
for texting me to toletme know [laugh] f1049: yeah
care to come anytime justletme know so that i
here please feel free justletme know when so that
comes to bolton can youletme know where in bolton
ran down he wouldn tletme leave my mum i
mum and dad wouldn tletme lie out in the
to link the two activitiesletme link contributing positively to
london and they wouldn tletme live away from home
shout bring out my hopeletme look on its lovely
the ferm is whaur theyletme lowse awhile free o
scarce resources at wealthy pensionersletme make it absolutely clear
in the chamber this afternoonletme make it abundantly clear
of its own political survivalletme make it clear that
the government this afternoon howeverletme make it equally clear
many elderly people in scotlandletme make one thing absolutely
that i have not seenletme make our position abundantly
the couch [exhale] f1111: okayletme move this out the
i am grateful for thatletme move to the substance
with it but father winnyletme mrs beaumont you re
steve bit folk ah kentletme near uncle sandy ohohoh
priceless you ll have toletme off on dates richard
as if to say pleaseletme off the hook i
[inaudible] it s okay [?]do you agree[/?]letme off with my- thank
their muckle passion fur herletme offer ma braith tae
him to be on handletme oot he said i
the lift which wouldn tletme out at anything lower
out a pen you llletme out i asked without
didnae empty the ashtray carolanneletme out sadie sadie no
ye he says you llletme out then i asked
juan and mercedes don tletme pass out again no
need ma bed at leastletme pit on some claes
this bedroom through here f1112: letme play toybox f1111: no
in this country bill butlerletme put it this way
or in submissions the convenerletme put that a little
i have not michael russellletme read a paragraph of
me worship the gowden aneletme reese oot the queen
full public access ross finnieletme reiterate an important point
the negroes in jamaica butletme remind ye that mr
as does the minister butletme repeat them all the
even entered the debate todayletme respond to the comments
particularly those involving the policeletme restate it as conservatives
in the wee red eeletme rin lowse an dinna
my time an whiles theyletme rin ootbye in braider
clean all done f1121: wellletme s- check oh well
then cut it f1112: noletme [?]saw[/?] f1111: yes i
win this battle susan deaconletme say sincerely that i
we leave this agenda itemletme say that as we
to ronnie a richt butletme say this first it
you wind up angus mackayletme set out our general
unlock it he won tletme she kept saying he
ll take a break hereletme show you some of
day f1121: right f1122: mmletme smell it mum f1121:
wi nettles naethin broken hereletme sort it wi a
unable to contain it maggieletme speak to her maggie
a new year rubber earletme start 2007 with a
galloway by 2004 alan fraserletme take a step back
clock f1136: eleven o clockletme take that bit that
are non critical muir russellletme take the example of
academy skails an they michtletme takk him oot in
spare me the details pleaseletme talk it out i
beth faltering he won tletme tell what he s
screwed up piece of packagingletme tell you after the
answers she goes on weelletme tell you something aboot
guys that are goin nowletme tell you something now
who always think of foodletme tell you that a
here to destroy you wellletme tell you what he
heed that mrs beaumont noletme thank you and forgie
be a cliché then ehletme think aye bad guys
your favourite video f1118: mmletme think f1117: i think
name f1005: er fiancé ehmletme think m1004: i ca-
take an example like ehmletme think silly which nowadays
is it this one f1126: letme this this one f1125:
and round [inaudible] f1114: ohletme try f1113: round and
[inaudible] are they still hotletme try u1028: they re
the house maybe she llletme use one of her
next day the wee wummanletme use the pens again
are sorry he won tletme whisper it into his
society of biblical lit 1995letme worship the gowden ane
disabilities do vote mr patersonletme write that down are
him have him i wontletmy daddy push me and
made me hungry i snappedlets eat i took the
you tell me f1111: ermlets have strawberry i think
me lilian come away jameslets not be maudlin it
pond pause but don tletthe boggles get me he
doon aside me we kinletthe sun beams play oan
hole loyalty matters to meletthe trumpet sound and i
raither weet ma brikks thanletthem catch me jock dow
suffer the littlie children andletthem come to me and
me fur the day jistletthem go cammy stew s
press forrit i ll noletyou ding me down harry
i m gonna go andlet[censored: forename] in i want you
she fitted perfect right boysleter go dan yelled up
it doon aboot here lookletgo a minute there haud
i wis gaun limp anletgo ae ma throat it
coursed over the dogs areletgo after the hare has
to these hooks so iletgo and start to wander
up and i wouldn tletgo and the actual frog
hold these a wee bittieletgo and you- you ll
desire lat lowse is releaseletgo blithe is happy content
what we should keep whatletgo both in scotland and
effectiveness of the learn toletgo campaign bib number 25242
spent on its learn toletgo campaign since the campaign
mumble but she won tletgo don t mumble she
move it dinna move itletgo f1118: [inaudible] f1117: right
[?]pen[/?] f1133: [inhale] you dareletgo f1134: [inaudible] [?]lid[/?] [cough]
world yi wur feared tiletgo feared if yi loosened
sexy an aa stupit iletgo his arm for he
it s nae f1099: nowletgo hold on there farr
pick up pic cit isletgo ida is give way
er and eh she justletgo in such a you
they really know how toletgo it feels like there
it does not want toletgo its own powers the
stretchit oot an whan aletgo ma paper dart lo
hot f1107: darling can youletgo o the spoon a
my daddy even more iletgo of his knee and
avoiding but i couldn tletgo of that window it
right accelerate then reverse [inaudible]letgo of your accelerator m1098:
light of the learn toletgo project to ensure that
wouldn t it though toletgo to chop to drop
viewed on the learn toletgo website how many single
it aye neil refusing toletgo well will you do
afore angus hid time taeletgo ye maun be deein
watching what you re doingletgo you have to be
his hand and makes himletgo you re not going
that carolanne we can tlether go back maggie that
lassie be sadie we justlether go carolanne that s
stop her we won tlether go maggie you can
has persuaded the daad tolether go to tübingen in
he makes money so theylethim go and do it
toilet and she wouldn tlethim go f640: [laugh] f637:
thou speaks naturally and solethim go for the poor
thou speakest naturally and solethim go for the poor
so we stew cammy jistlethim go ih cammy you
intended to betray him notlethim go mitchel realised he
troosers sae they had taelethim go we fand oot
conceive of step aside andletit come and go like
gey hard i d fainletit go aheid bit i
a hook too late toletit go maths co ordinates
raffle so we can tletit go to waste now
i nearly say but iletit go too busy savouring
society is very live andletlive these days pensioners go
f641: no f639: i llletmum she can go christmas
exercise before we agreed toletour staff go to those
i must go on youletout that you weren t
noo here we go f1113: lets build a house f1114:
daisies f1122: aye come onlets go across the bridge
duster to dae that m1110: lets go an get f1109:
m942: nice [laugh] here kidslets go an smell some
[inaudible] [?]play a game, the playing game[/?] [inaudible] [inaudible] f1111: lets go and close all
the next one then f1114: lets go and do dory
done that m1090: [rustling noise] f1089: lets go and find the
do you want to golets go and get a
need to get a dusterlets go and get a
there right come on thenlets go and get breakfast
paper then f1112: eh f1111: lets go and get paper
f1112: uh huh f1111: okaylets go and get paper
till after teatime come onlets go and make the
noh yur fists lee bjlets go back ti how
take two o them mmhmlets go f1114: i ll
toybox f1122: mmhm f1121: okaylets go f1122: erm i
we did things like welllets go for a six
re in here f1054: ehmlets go for the familial
michael foxley who would saylets go for the quality
over the pier watching f1136: lets go in f1135: you
no f1135: right come onlets go into the house
f1113: paper hat f1114: [inaudible]lets go [laugh] f1113: [laugh]
to go aboard jack yeslets go oh but lilian
f1121: how f1122: come onlets go on this rock
mmhm that s interestin ehmlets go onto how we
it was talking about footballlets go out for a
day you insisted on sayinglets go out to ballyhillock
s on come on thenlets go quick quick f1112:
party f1121: well done f1122: lets go roond this side
[laugh] okay f1122: come andlets go round this side
f1097: right come on thenlets go so fa was
right that s it erlets go sort of thing
twenty past twelve [inaudible] m1096: lets go that way f1095:
that s it f1114: [?]that's the bus one[/?]lets go this one f1113:
your own feet now m1096: lets go this way f1095:
is that pretty f1122: ayelets go this way f1121:
f1122: it s i [inaudible]lets go this way mum
an hour for [inaudible] m1096: lets go this way next
f1144: never use lounge nolets go to the lounge
will he say dad matterslets go to the registrar
mm aye i think solets go up the bridge
[inaudible] away wow f1113: rightlets go upstairs and we
sticks to go in nowlets hurry and get this
effects i was like okaylets not go there [laugh]
and going boingggg had hamblinletthe others go show s
we will be content toletthe sewel motion go through
and the tugs would justletthem go and then they
get fuckin real dimpsy stewletthem go it ll be
difference f606: what you canletthem go out without being
them ms oldfather we shouldletthem go through the due
wi gee ed a goletum dae his stuff if
an face it tess awchletum go fur the bag
near han human if yeletyer fancy go a bit
you re sorry i llletyou go and you can
f1122: [laugh] f1121: i willnaletyou go back next week
yep f1135: right will iletyou go f1136: no f1135:
are i suppose i shouldletyou go for of course
my troubles i really mustletyou go mind the step
f1136: yep f1135: will iletyou go no [laugh] right
when i go home andletyou know but erm f963:
puts her arm around bjletyursell go huv fun fun
girl f1114: ah f1113: nowlets brush your hair gentle
got heaps oh no f1114: lets do it again f1113:
is left ye hey f1114: lets do it again f1113:
s do it again f1113: lets do it again f1114:
it f1114: yes f1113: rightlets find him again there
bump into each other f1114: lets find the noo noo
f1113: you getting sleepy f1114: lets look at all the
f1113: that s nice f1114: lets make a egg look
[laugh] f1114: it s biglets make a little one
f1114: i made i makelets make a [?]tony[/?] f1113:
f1114: that s the proudlets make an egg f1113:
little one f1113: eh f1114: lets make another sausage aye
they re wooden f1114: mmlets share them f1113: right
f1114: kick f1113: whee f1114: lets sit doon i m
f1114: there s his mummylets something else f1113: [?]yes[/?]
there s there s threelets do another one f1113:
s a chute look mumlets make a chute f1113:
s make a chute f1113: lets make a chute okay
the yeah make a circlelets make a circle f1113:
s make another sausage ayelets make a- f1113: now
it s there f1113: rightlets roll them flat and
him jane said she coodnaeleta monster like jake bring
galleon invited him on boardletdown her rigging a tug
a ship from amsterdam thatlethim ashore at limekilns in
on its heid will welethim back ower the door
that case do by otherslethim be condemned without mercy
convicted of dullness and nonsenselethim be done by as
come here they won tlethim because he s sixteen
wee troot said nocht butlethim blaw whan sudden across
the doubt and decided tolethim board wait a minute
huh f1091: well we lllethim climb up ha ha
s sixteen they wouldn tlethim come here a boy
to get interesting so ilethim continue and continue he
he did in fact ilethim continue his foul mouthed
and then f641: mmhm f639: lethim decide when he s
she loved him if shelethim do it that it
loa but weekend afternoons theylethim do the kileau van
somebody that he thocht hadlethim doon in some wye
ay dae wad be taelethim doon she wisna lat
at john s oneste naiturlethim frae howkin about in
at brak hiz faw anlethim frae rowin doun ti
s bad f1115: then ilethim g- fa s bad
pleased wi him wad helethim gae hame aa nicht
an halsit him wad helethim gae he wis hoyed
o stentsaucht wad shi jinlethim gae quo he gin
did ye dae ye didnalethim get aff wi it
him loretta i suppose pauselethim ha e his ain
ronnie i ve agreed tolethim ha e the barrel
complains mother i wouldn tlethim have his biscuit this
the floor and when ilethim have the bed he
held her since she hadlethim hold her next day
louder for carolanne don tlethim in carolanne draws bolts
sex so please don tlethim in granny s teeth
doddy boy s ignorance solethim in i did and
aw hey gordon ll nolethim in nuthin ll happen
with beth no don tlethim in oh please i
you really think beth wouldlethim in sadie could you
last week uncle dod hadlethim into the byre after
wet and granny wouldn tlethim keep his wet trousers
yur love silence doll magiclethim keep that steve keep
mean it s just tolethim ken i m there
cottar bodie cam owre tilethim ken o this shi
faither the keing for tilethim ken she wes weill
drew him a glower andlethim ken that as far
the chorus arrived the clocklethim know he had been
letters on the closed lidlethim know how long it
in touch with dad tolethim know we ve phoned
to marry margaret wouldn tlethim marry anyone else she
rudolph i think we canlethim off eh f1104: but
of the brae the driverlethim on and he collected
it past blinkin liability shouldnaelethim on full stop whales
or they d never havelethim oot would they an
call out for vanse tolethim out of the cell
calfie was born and hadlethim pet it it had
to withdraw my rays tolethim rest but he should
fighting she doesn t evenlethim shove his big brother
up helpin him so ilethim stand on the chair
am and where i lielethim surpass one of my
faut a ll hae tilethim tak the interrogator tho
on his own so ilethim think i was pining
that she wouldn t havelethim unless she d loved
get it fae him dinnaelethope drag ye back carolanne
twa abune the rise anletit come doun tae him
ever call him he llletit glow all of the
fi yi cause yi mightletit happen ti him lee
wheesht his sister telt himletnava get on wi t
o jesus oor saviour dinnaletony hairm come tae him
thoughts for him and toletothers be dazzled by the
at him look at himlets bam him up they
the auld wummin telt himlets hear fit the chiel
he s lucky if shelets him loose mair n
sticker get that off f1109: lets take him ben and
in cunyie but him heletthe siller gae by tho
her and she wants himletthem have each other james
ti him lee shouts happenletwhat happen jilly same as
ever call him he llletyou glow you ll say
s his ears at thenlets have a look f1122:
f1122: no erm f1121: [toy says 'let's play']lets have a look shapes
is that big enough rightletthat one set f1122: mmhm
f1122: don t don tletthe bowl all full full
sort oot their ain livesletalane help you wi yours
pathie jist eneuch time taeletfox oot tae pee ower
he stoppit the car taelether oot at ledrach an
faced yowes bit maistly helethis parks oot fur feedin
to be careful nae toletit get oot o han
jist hid tae sing taeletit oot we set aff
heids if they d onlyletit oot willie mentions yirlin
oot o the wey taeletither yins intae the wa
ye wur the fish weletlarsson an sutton oot fur
a gates wae gargoyles eeletlarsson an sutton oot fur
pynt it oot he dletminnie haud the hazel fork
rose fae his chair anletoot a almighty roar dinna
wee wifie jonsar eck jistletoot a grunt it wis
run be ill chance heletoot a hen the fairmer
up aw his maucht taeletoot a michtie yowl but
even answer her i jistletoot a muckle grumph of
be the cat jonsar eckletoot a roar an ey
an you wis sleepin teenieletoot a roar i wisnae
in through her window sheletoot a scream that could
sign sayin ward seven sheletoot a screech o delight
she squeeled wi delight geordieletoot a sigh an said
dee wi gooseberries jonsar eckletoot a sigh an says
bye affa unhealthy day iletoot a sigh monday 20
i fear for rain anletoot a sigh wi a
haun clamps ma shooder iletoot a yell an burl
a triumphant roar that jakeletoot as he opened the
better he grumphed jonsar eckletoot sigh an said you
was a skilled job toletoot so that the rope
tess silence della yur beinletoot yur prison tess krista
chill oot time come onlets be huvin yi dimps
seat for god s sakelets get oot o here
wechtit doun in the watterlets get tae hell oot
here noo i shouldna veletthe fire ging oot at
sorted oot fine bit aletthem ken that the fitba
asked his next question vanseletye oot when ye d
the doctor and his wifeletye sit oot in the
there was no swey taeletye swing pots oot fae
up f1121: oh no [inaudible]lether do that [censored: forename] right
aye no erm i llletmine cool f1121: but it
mm call them names erletpoor rul- rudolph f1121: rudolph
made at playgroup f1121: okaylets sit down here and
back windae noo okay okaylets dae your room m1110:
and edinburgh rock m941: okaylets discuss something political so
of both okay ehm [scans list of words]lets do hot f1145: bilin
oh well yeah okay ehmlets do the next set
what a nice smell okaylets dry now so you
about five times now okaylets get the ducks in
bob the builder f1109: okaylets hae a look at
gets too hot now okaylets have a wee sleep
okay not too difficult solets have what do you
make up a puzzle [toy says 'let's play']lets play right okay that
we reads thomas mam f1109: lets read thomas first okay
shetland first m865: okay rightlets say other would be
just now okay just toletyou hear this er th-th-the-
okay and then mum llletyou listen to [inaudible] stop
wantin f1141: okay i llletyou off f1142: can i
f1091: birds okay i llletyou off wi that now
sin whaur nane wis meantletgod begin god look adam
ere wis something at widnaletim look ony mair e
one f1109: bbc one rightlets have a look inside
there f1111: there must belets have a look it
f1097: count seven cars looklets keep the cars here
areas has also affected themlets look at a few
s also getting popular solets look at a three
replaces our own negative thinkinglets look at joshua chapter
areas moving to individual hillslets look at them in
a noise it s musiclets look at this book
at this book here [censored: forename]lets look at this book
tae tak an aipple herelets look aye here s
lucky before it rolled awaylets look f1112: it was
from the gaelic primary schoollets now look at secondary
get it hey listen everybodyletthe fallen women look after
just butt in f1054: ehmlets do baby we ll
those ones m1015: mmhm f1054: lets move down to inside
section yep f1027: mmhm f1054: lets move onto the next
twae f1054: very good rightlets start off in the
[inaudible] yeah f1054: left handedlets start wi you andy
f1043: [laugh] f1054: good ehmlets think noo ehm to
so f1054: great perfect ehmlets think now what else
when i i- f1054: [bell rings]lets wait until this stops
yeah f1054: but i llletyou know if if they
leave to kill them nowletalone get a bit cold
pit his name doon anletem get on wi it
again but she doesn tletherself get too close holding
it under the water toletit get clean that s
get it goin ye daardnaletit stop ir e job
use whipped cream don tletlower biscuits get too soggy
weel i wisna gaun taeletnae cuddy get the better
but he wasna gan toletpolitical principles get in the
seconds to get his bearingslets get aff here and
the builder can you fixlets get change f1115: eh
get change f1115: eh f1116: lets get change f1115: no
dad s sleepin f1116: [whimper]lets get change f1115: what
re aw fired up nowlets get some kind o
aboot the bush ony langerlets get tae the root
next f1093: yes m1094: welllets get the towels f1093:
helps her up come oanlets get you comfy sadie
an auld ain come onlets get you dry m1098:
mean i would say definitelylets give fine get the
medium education in glasgow solets hope i get this
the sooner i m backlets just get it done
the city inspired living roomlets just get one thing
needin benjie s care butlets no get ower oedipal
hid tae be stilled taeletthe loon get on wi
fatso best wait a bitletthe others get changed after
best to stand back andletthe scheme get on rather
a visitor here then le-letthem get a message that
wis better tae bide awaletthem get on wi t
at their sores you shouldletthem get on with it
now i ll away andletyou get on with your
had it yourself i willletyou know how i get
the wye ye lose eenletyour mind get cairriet awa
say he s going toleta body ken this evening
eneuch tae ken better thanleta littlin try tae sclimm
general call for onybody taelete police ken if ey
you wouldny be feart toletfolk ken it rowland oh
lass on his arm tolether aunty ken for the
once in a while taelether ken i wasna deid
jist a regimental letter taelethis fowks ken arthur wis
je cognois bien mouches enleti ken flees in milk
keep ma ee open anletim ken if onything wis
bit though eez sister ayeletim ken in gweed time
men wir affhaun sent tiletken the abbeymaister an the
is set doun ye maunletma faither ken afore ye
gilchrist rade tae widside taeletminnie s uncle jim ken
eese wad it serve taeletneil duguid ken fit kinno
tellt his menyie niver tiletonie ither leivin sowl ken
ll haad on ye lllets ken gin ye hear
i thocht i d betterletsarah ken sae i asket
dee nae tae sneeze anletthe bethern ken she d
george and maister john canletthe cooncil ken they ll
hidin an went across taeletthe polis ken whit we
them in the wuid kenletthem haul too much and
tae fish for seatroot weletthem ken we were there
frost hole as weel frostinletye ken at winter wis
back tae ye a llletye ken for shuir an
ye shilpit thing i llletye ken that i m
a thocht it best tiletyir excellencie ken depones the
the diagram again ehm [cough]lets have a think at
ehm right first of alllets start with how you
[inhale] ehm so i wouldletthe fire burn out and
them touch in the daytimeletalane kiss the only time
awa withoot them and neverleton with mounting indignation i
number ones and number twoslets be straight with them
anyway in the room butlets just tell them what
under there m1094: what f1093: lets put them in the
them cleuk them hook themletthe bobbies come an book
scotland con members should notletthe white hair fool them
at the end we llletthem away cause they ve
a had a mind taeletthem be but when a
wheen o flowers ach weelletthem bide folk will think
thames etc licht the bonfiresletthem burn burn burn x3
toon x3 licht the bonfiresletthem burn burn burn x3
yis need ti dae isletthem cammy what di yi
o it beaumont fine fineletthem come awa boyter weel
f1127: we ve got toletthem cool before we can
you know f963: mm f965: letthem do what they want
the wee hoose in skyeletthem flee aff tae spain
garden f890: small things andletthem grow f606: yeah [laugh]
told staff that we willletthem have a full progress
here but ye maun niverletthem in for why they
the scheme i had toletthem in on whit i
but we are content toletthem interpret it as they
ms macdonald so we justletthem know how we are
to the radio to toletthem know it s time
is kinda like after iletthem know m819: they re
maybe been asked to toletthem know when i wakened
the wedderburns would have toletthem marry for the bairn
the required statutory intervals andletthem out again so that
gotten haud the people wouldnaletthem pit it in afore
them aa now we llletthem set you can eat
t know if hattie wouldletthem sleep in her room
general rule we should notletthem slip by we will
s all well and goodletthem spell it like that
cottage near the coast andletthem spoil the wee ones
of cabbages they camped grandfatherletthem the fee was always
a kind of swivel thatlettwo or three of them
open the sticker packet andletye brak them up fa
find out how politicians haveletdown scotland s elderly we
the national federation of subpostmasterslets be clear about this
cammy aye come oan dimpslets be dimps s e
quality end of the marketlets do so in good
to many initiatives and saylets do that it will
by countries such as chilelets do what we are
are you drinking water nonsenselets have some wine he
indiscretion [laugh] f809: [laugh] yeslets [?]head to[/?] scandal on the
name is synonymous with footballlets hope that after today
issue along nationalist lines butlets hope the cross part
here to name but twolets hope the next year
living so i wanna maybelets maybe [?]overarching[/?] title i
on that erm oo rrlets move on now to
[inaudible] what a- er ermlets move on to what
like the irish f940: [laugh]lets no [inaudible] [laugh] m942:
the surface of english butlets not cut it off
s efforts are commendable butlets not kid ourselves he
this colour next no [inhale]lets play i want to
purple button and it sayslets post letters farr do
running doon the worktop darlinglets quickly rinse those off
tossers goin about like ohlets s- save the world
not argument is war butlets say argument is ballroom
sometimes it s thoughts solets say this c d
plastic bottles paper cans solets start off the new
parliament [laugh] [laugh] f806: yeahlets start off with that
i like that idea pamlets start with drunk [laugh]
stew ok guys cool itlets try an maintain some
[inaudible] mr froggie f1105: rightlets wash under your arms
to charity and you knowlets you know throw money
s just an old twisterletthat old bitch carry her

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