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craik shows that often thislexicalabundancy in urquhart derives ultimately
pathway has remained but thelexicalexponents have changed usually the
on all levels including thelexicaloccur in living languages diachronic
clearly scots various of thelexicalforms are distinctively scottish quhylis
what grammatical structures what col-lexicalcollocations and erm one of
syllables it has a highlexicaldensity that is a large
on the lights and thelexicalchoice shouted the punctuation feature
water but disappears as alexicalitem in middle english interestingly
discourse modren scots shaires monylexicalan grammatical features o standard
and on the nature oflexicalsets an alternative text could
an objective or scientific viewpointlexicalsets are series of words
of the members of thelexicalsets in the charlie and
a particular topic or fieldlexicalsets often also have a
you could say that certainlexicalfeatures are common to both
mood there is also alexicalset which suggests extremes and
by the rest of thelexicalset and on the nature
thire ur gey few scottishlexicalitems an e en within
ethnic conflict social organization andlexicalculture new york columbia university

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