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for declaring the rights andlibertiesof the subject and for
act declaring the rights andlibertiesof the subject and settling
including our concern about civillibertiesalan miller pointed to the
in the protection of civillibertiesand human rights it will
which would severely violate civillibertiesand individual choice and would
strikes a balance between civillibertiesand the need to deal
things the protection of civillibertiesand the requirement that law
between what constitutes appropriate civillibertiesand what constitutes appropriate law
want to ensure that civillibertiesare not undermined for example
about some of the civillibertiesaspects of the bill i
tommy sheridan threat to civillibertiesat govanhill pool that the
yet another of our civillibertiesbut no scotland to a
the protection of individuals civillibertiesby removing section 3 3
expense of people s civillibertiesf963: mm f965: you know
the possible threat to civillibertiesfrom parts of this bill
about such surveillance on civillibertiesgrounds but i think that
are effective given the civillibertiesissues that were raised by
1980s phone tapping and civillibertiesissues there is a long
a fine record on civillibertiesissues this is a free
miller who represents the civillibertieslobby and from the police
a case that upholds civillibertiesmr john mcallion dundee east
and ensure that the civillibertiesof individuals in scotland are
is concerned with the civillibertiesof our citizens versus the
achieve it protects the civillibertiesof our citizens while ensuring
how we balance the civillibertiesof our citizens with the
at the threat to civillibertiesposed by strathclyde police in
and complex amendment about civillibertieswhich is a very serious
securing our religion laws andlibertiesfrom and after the death
better securing the right andlibertiesof the subject and that
securing the religions laws andlibertiesof these realms and whereas
violation of the laws andlibertiesof the kingdom the claim
led him to take somelibertiesin creating characters out of
safety guaranteed fodder rights andlibertiesit chooses to stray will
up affirming the rights andlibertiesof the people and conferring
and infringed an individual slibertiesand privacy to tell that
nae liberty bodice agnes naelibertieseither stays just by the

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