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een athort the bey yattlichtsgliff yallochie tassies plinkin evening
gied wey an aw thelichtsafore him explodit in a
ma shouthers riding ithoot onielichtsshawn on ma bike is
ti haun we hae drummondlichtsfrae ane auld fair grun
d ye hae onie stranglichtsti haun we hae drummond
tried tae wauken up thelichtsafore his een got brichter
see yon whit terrible northernlichtsvalgerd haes monie men fawn
catched in a larry slichtsare yalla oorie swamp flop
our society beaumont take thaelichtsawa i dinny want them
martha beaumont take awa thaelichtsi tell you i dinny
ower the snaw white sheetslichtsblink by in back kitchens
a blink the instant whilklichtsup the hale o a
an aal farrant camera wilichtsan shaddas an ootlines in
the beam o the reversinlichtswe cuidnae believe oor luck
lichts i nivver sa thoselichtsafore they re mair than
tae cairry prood heids olichtsi nivver sa those lichts
east dreich murky smirr itlichtsthe yerdstick o the year
spreit o the auncient sunlichtsup that s boond in
reached the road whan caurlichtscam roun the corner a
soar her neebors the northernlichtsan a pirn tae doo
doon the derkness the northernlichtscast their magic on crest
an it nicht the northernlichtsfair enhances the birch branches
be here gunlöd the northernlichtsmelts nae ice valgerd naither
haun kinnelt a line olichtsthrow oor thrawn lan a
buson throu the snaw thelichtso yon hames that clasht
muin skowe steers the lenternlichtsdepairts deid springs is steirin
in downtown callander airport ambiencelichtsflichts fathoms o heichts towrists
poachers till we saw thelichtso the village we suid
hauf the village oot wilichtsup the burns luikin for
ceilin only hauf the firelichtsup ootside naavies drills are
he cuid see wee colouredlichtsafore him as weel as
o edinburgh lies afore yelichtsootlinin e streets an e
deid o nicht when thelichtsgae on an poacher john
wis a boannie nicht dalichtso bressa wis mirlin on
concludins wes reddies gin thelichtswes laed on aw nicht
bi the wey the weelichtswis movin that he wis
jonsar eck pit on thelichtsan asks dis that please
blue licht flashin an heidlichtscomin aff an on jonsar
bittie wi is days olichtsawye e roomie wis coom
frae the lowe o oorlichtstae no be recognised the
of fire now all thelichtsin the windows are out
ane a castaway unner thelichtsrugged frae their meanin their
yer byke mine niver hidlichtsbe lookin up in e
then we ll pit thelichtson him i whuspert we
belyve andra tirned aff thelichtsan whan the ruff o
choir singin whan the bishoplichtsthe incense on the hie
in her heid like trafficlichtslettin an idea ging through
wake pouer frae the lymelichtsnapier s voss wes reduced
in his lounge wi strippitlichtsower the peintins tae bring
bricht glare o the streetlichtsahint us tae gang doun
a pie ma richt eelichtson the delicate raxx o
say o him that thelichtswar on bit the hoose
on the table nae saftlichtsbackgrun music nae waiters fuss
man vrocht steps strung wilichtstae guide them on the
abeen the veesitor s buiklichtsare fused an carpet s
inti the shede an thelichtsonpit the parkes bene kyndlie
for this but noo thelichtscome on earlier for the
wumman s hert the goudenlichtsin her hair when the

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