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matchin an cross matchin organsliftitfrae a corp warna near
man o wiry build whaliftitmuckle clints like dauds o
his haund trummelt but heliftithis pypes an beguid ti
ae forenicht he rase doucelykeliftithis pypes an maircht awa
than attie cooper frae northiesliftita cairt chyne an clattered
jin frae the weaponsock heliftita rung an forrit he
trailed out twa thrie pocksliftithis cutty rung an awa
ti lea ahint him thenheliftithis eebrou lang rung an
wang jin jinkit about anliftithis rung up i the
seen wi trimmlin hauns sheliftitthe dry leaves tae scrape
wark o ithers is ayliftitup whan truith dings lies
i juist raxed ower anliftitthe bunnet aff his heid
the mair he haed juistliftita hantil peats frae near
frae the ettin the ottersliftitthair faces til him an
ettin neist the reivar doucelieliftitthe bairn frae the ettin
whan the peats haed beenliftitthe year afore that day
thairsells doun an syne sheliftitthe caudron o claenin wattir
blak k nicht at beneliftitbi the poliss afoir thai
sclate inno their hauns anliftitthe blinfauld a thochtie sae
smell see my hauns heliftitup his haund tae show
efter pucklies o tests theyliftitthe boxie s lid an
it til him the princeliftitthe lid o the kistie
frie a mukkil birn beneliftitfrae ruth s shouders an
jin juist leuch an niverliftita haun the auld maister
fore entry an auld jinliftitthe hingers an cried dochter
the wird fur she niverliftither haun tae her hauf
arthur niver as muckle asliftithis haun tae a dog
haun raxxed fur the phoneliftitit syne drappit it fur
fauts gat ti his feetliftithis heid ti look an
pickt up the toddie kettleliftitthe bucket brod an gat
thing about it but aliftitquarto wang s letter i
doun on their knees anliftitup til him twa faces
couldna i jist couldna heliftita steen an chappit it
es holiday e snaa niverliftita fresh niver cam it
wiz strapped in again andliftitoot there wiz awfy bright
haed laid thaim sae heliftita gowden broun ane at
wad be gin he haedliftita needle belangin the broun
made an bonnie prince duanliftitthem up ti look at
e reemishin fae e byreliftite sneck an in i
wi saut tears but sheliftithir heid an luikit strecht
bonnie blue ribbons an theyliftitminnie grippin the shaif ontae
wi the flit alec mathiesonliftitminnie up on daisy s
on his breist then heliftita muckle neive the size
the educational tree as iverliftita tawse faith tarry mcphail
oot hir mukkil bed anliftitup hir puddok cannilie in
ve seen e cover beinliftitfor cleanin ye d ging
o a hunner seatroot beinliftitoot the tidal puil yae
he d chokit on sheliftither leather glove frae the
the derk benjy the dugliftithis heid frae his paws
jock short atween thum juistliftityid up an owre the
on him owre sune heliftithis blade an wi the
three days an efter itliftitit hid left him wi
grew the mair whan sheliftitup ane o hir wee
strode ower tae the reedsliftitthe dyeuk bi its spinnle
she d gaen ower farliftitthe neep an ran ben
calton hul lest the fyfersliftitthe rails ower the brig
he raise up again profunditasliftitthe twa buckets inti the
as the brithers an prenticesliftitaathing awa then lord clerk
ae lug an fin jessieliftita hank o blaik hair
weety gales blew up anliftite stooks an spread e
on it comin it wisliftitoot o e basket an
nodded tae him booed doonliftitthe hurcheon an rowed it
him oot dandy the halflinliftitthe sleepy futterat ooto the
said about it sae heliftithis siller censer gied a
stibble park far she dliftitthe clyack sheaf raxxin teem
stravaiged throwe the toun anliftitbairns playin alane or wheeched
obayed the morn he wesliftitontil a wain an out
rue the day ye everliftitit nou the puir man
easins o a hous heliftitthe hingins gaed inben set
is cauld the smirr haesliftitthe culors o spring splairge

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