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and oh i liked ilikedhe had a lovely little
scintillating stuff and oh ilikedi liked he had a
yeah [laugh] no he reallylikedit he liked just kind
he really liked it helikedjust kind of going out
the tinkies weren t reallylikedabout the place and the
rare ye ken fit ilikedbest a really dark weet
the culture that i reallylikedcause y- we know that
to norway and he reallylikedit f1148: mmhm mmhm f1149:
f746: uh huh i reallylikedit f745: erm but ulysses
enjoy it f1150: i reallylikedit in first year actually
seen it once and reallylikedit julian and i were
yeah i think he reallylikedit so maybe i can
mmhm f1148: and i reallylikedit then and i had
under repeated viewing i reallylikedjason robards as dashiel hammett
and so they never reallylikedme after that f812: oh
ve always like really quitelikedsnow but [laugh] f978: that
at school and i reallylikedthat but the history f746:
don t think i reallylikedthat one when we di-
t either really i justlikedthe excuse to wear a
don t think i reallylikedthe other kids that were
at school and i reallylikedthe sound of erm some
were really appealing we particularlylikedthe stormy nature paintings of
a lot an he reallylikedthis hurdie an i ll
ehm i i i reallylikedthis morning though when she
m1055: one i i reallylikedwas the eh there s
kind o stuff ye baithlikedit and ye didna it
f814: uh huh well ilikedour stuff i like ehm
ehm f813: no but ilikedstuff i like f814: not
years from er i particularlylikedthe heavy stuff cause i
one our families have alwayslikedbecause no one else but
i ve i ve alwayslikederm both c s lewis
performance pieces i ve alwayslikedthe dramatic monologue but i
s lewis and tolkien alwayslikedtheir writing and they they
when of course we alwayslikedto go you know lookin
always stayed i always justlikedto watch them and a
said anything she damned welllikedabout it she was quite
yeah f965: and i quitelikedbeing an ender f963: uh
going to say i quitelikedit but i think i
quite you know i quitelikedold english literature i suppose
yeah i suppose i quitelikedthat and grammar that s
those things like i quitelikedthe first song when i
f1124: mmhm f1123: i quitelikedthe the white barbie ones
anyone she decided that shelikedbeastie best the creature s
mmhm f1103: i thought youlikedbelle the best f1104: i
cold for you you justlikedcuddles best f1112: eh f1111:
you said last time yelikedtham best bessie at was
f1117: no i thought youlikedcheese strings f1118: [sniff] no
f1123: no i thought youlikedright is it okay if
have thought you d havelikedthe job sci fi art
right yeah f965: i ilikedbeing in the game m964:
in primary i mean ilikedpe in primary because f965:
f963: mmhm f965: and ilikedthat look f963: uh huh
were little girls you neverlikeddresses and things neither did
m636: eh but he neverlikedit m608: mm m636: he
be knotty tams i neverlikedit nor boiled milk in
old clothes i had neverlikedmuch anyway unfortunately i then
unnecessary and ii i neverlikedthe idea of carole going
mornin peggy oh we neverlikedto miss the entertainment besides
the school and he waslikedactually f963: yeah yeah i
good at skipping and ilikedbeing an ender f963: right
influenced us and books welikedf963: right mmhm m762: so
year old andrew himself wholikedthe result i sang it
page my little old grannylikedto knit long woollen scarves
english in school before ilikedit so much that i
dogging ehm bunking m1008: youlikedskiving school we both like
lady i ve known andlikedvery much all my school
as much bread as youlikedf637: but no you couldnae
much hot water as youliked[laugh] f1025: mmhm mmhm f1054:
nonetheless and i very muchlikedthe card m944: oh yeah
little tyre twine was notlikedfor the job because it
yeah you said she shelikedit yeah [laugh] f806: yeah
that s maybe why katelikedit you know f807: yeah
people like art and englishlikedm811: yeah i was the
[inhale] but erm yeah ilikedskating f631: and what did
yeah it was good youlikedthe skating too didn t
in them now cause ilikedthem anyway f958: yeah oh
my brother and some peoplelikedme cause of it f812:
but juist cause thair grannielikedthe colours they war aye
it but i think ilikedit more once i d
think that they would havelikedless onerous evidential demands placed
contrary f1112: you think theylikedthat f1111: [laugh] i think
think my kids would havelikedthat just to do it
think i m glad youlikedthe easter mother s day
don t think so ilikedthe scottish parliament one because
i didn t think ilikedthem f718: mm m1078: there
but i think you justlikedto be held tight and
upset oh i d havelikeda cuppie muriel ye d
of the things that ilikedabout psychoraag that you know
the classical music that ilikedand the heavy metal that
shorter than i would havelikedas i mentioned at a
i might just decide ilikedcalifornia mightn t i i
mum i do wish ilikedher dad worships her the
aye f1104: i like ilikedher i like her that
jeopardy however i would havelikedmore in the criminal justice
those new trainers that youlikedremember i was gonna buy
suppose that i would havelikedsome young people to be
aye an i li- ilikedthat a lot an he
64 slower an spellin ilikedthat ana especially the lang
losing an argument here ilikedthe co opie arcade you
or made like porridge ilikedthe drinking sowens but not
a pair oot that helikedthe look o sayin i
the grapevine that prof [censored: surname]likedthe one i gave on
ones of you taken ilikedthe one of dad in
all she ll learn ilikedthe photo s she sent
f718: mm f1077: and ilikedthe rosehip syrup so i
right [inhale] f745: but ilikedthe things about erm well
existence mr gibson he justlikedthe uniform mr stone i
soon as i would havelikedthem to have done so
parks tae drumblade where ilikedto catch my grannie on
harper yes i would havelikedto have found time to
constituency but i would havelikedto know about their visit
theatre which i would havelikedto see but the ballet
is that i would havelikedto see in the targets
myself in the mirror ilikedwhat i saw my reflection
mean that s what ilikedwhen i took the bairns
successful as we would havelikedcathy peattie the sqa staff
scottish local authorities would havelikedextra questions on sources of
the alba centre would havelikedhaving said that the alba
catholic colleague who would havelikedto accompany me to this
in evidence we would havelikedto get off the bus
said she she would havelikedto have known a bit
of gossip she would havelikedto lead up slowly to
document but one would havelikedto see a more rigorous
s nothing abstract would havelikedto see more modern paintings
must have been a welllikeddish some fowk ll be
f1117: and fann have youlikedfireman sam stop throwing f1118:
the opposition benches might havelikedhim to give the executive
a lot of people havelikedthat but erm it s
her she might not havelikedyou know but eh no
volume as high as helikedan it wad come on
he wasn t sure helikedbeing babied father who had
the sort of game helikeddeirdre walked off past a
back tae the frames helikedhe kent fine he coodnae
the frame that jonsar ecklikedhe tried on chaper frames
be nice but he ratherlikedher plastic farmyard another woman
name plate adversity s illlikedhere he d puckles o
a bad crowd gladys helikedhis drink ana bessie he
the top he d ayeweyslikedit up thair it wis
move a private man helikedsolitary roads and wherever he
the harlot wi him helikedtae see them in their
he cuid dae whit helikedthair eventually his ma an
laughed the child he particularlylikedthe grumphie it reminded him
was one reason why helikedto go there whenever he
honolulu areas with water helikedvariety she d been in
the room the way shelikedmen packaged definite norman scot
to the four winds shelikedset routines breakfast on the
you the bridesmaid who lookedlikedshe d draped herself in
hard and rich tasting mabellikedthem even though she had
she too was someone wholikedto escape to the mountains
his typical military bluntness shelikedto know the ins and
the last and weakest shelikedto see him try it
[laugh] john s mother wholikedye know she fan- ye
with syrup because her fatherlikedit enough was made for
some children said that theylikedto speak scots because it
was that shoes that youlikedin d e that we
[censored: placename] cluster said they wadlikedtae hiv taen pairt but
money was terrible but yelikedbein in a foreign place
we could dae anything welikedin the fields but f606:
but fat on soup waslikedin the north east too
finished with this year mumlikedto keep them but the
know m1146: mmhm f1144: anlikedto get washed an to
lie any damn way theylikedabout cigarettes and the government
reflection you told them theylikedbutter [note: photo: 'andy watt and jessie wylie playing pitch n' put at the smiddy.'] chapter 5 newspaper
so to describe why theylikedit the interview went on
children were asked if theylikedpets they were encouraged to
victoria an albert they baithlikedtae bide hyne ootower frae
although they were noble theylikedtae caper jist like ony
tae the kirk fur theylikedtae haud in wi matthew
sector in some ways theylikedthe simplicity and anonymity of
they ve heard it andlikedthe sound of it and
way from methlick for theylikedto be there in the
pieces and heel rings theylikedto scuff their feet in
well cool band they alllikedwasn t camouflage enough what
ken that a ve niverlikedgrapes thae flooers are gey
the revolution in some wayslikedit better than leningrad not
a pleasant change if youlikedit was peasemeal brose the
a cheap dinner if youlikedmutton though this was not
rattles that s it youlikedthat book when you were
don t tell us youlikedthe owl with his hootings
you could do what youlikedthere it was sixteen was
pattern as the one youlikedwhen you were here it
through it and if youlikedyou could sprinkle cinnamon on
who knew jimmy s secretlikedit still warm with a
t no north easter everlikedto see food wasted so
faider father idder other likkitlikedwisna bön hadn t been
gey messy an yer malikedher hoose an aa her
the scraun a widda wumminlikedthe antrin dram her hats
foo weel a body slikedbi mourners cam tae pray
a laddie geordie jooks ayelikedgaun tae the matinee o
take tae alasdair thays hudnaelikedit it furst whun tony
wis respectable the auld yinslikedtae be seen as respectable
than the other we alsolikedthe story about the shop
rest o their lives yelikedthe idea o that ye
teenie on the ootside hooselikedtheir orders first impossible the
gaed doon the drain aabodylikedhim posthumously fame s a
had a sweet tooth andlikedto sup a bowlful of
glass with perfect decorum peoplelikedto view such scenes taken
to save the world [censored: forename]likedthe roses and was pleased
cricket there and my dadlikedthe cricket [laugh] f718: to
gaun weel an geordie ayelikedthe smell o the store
site at holyrood the panellikedthe sensitivity and scale of
bought for soup mr smithlikedto clean the marrow bones
male this service is especiallylikedby parents six months trial
of mabel smith s auntslikedcreeshy hens for making broth
his critique of freud bakhtinlikedthe notion of the conscious

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