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the arrangements in question belikelyto contribute to an improvement
to do so would belikelyto lead to an improvement
and b it would belikelyto lead to an improvement
make those payments would belikelyto lead to an improvement
to do so would belikelyto lead to an improvement
and impartial evaluation of thelikelyeconomic impact of the protection
pro hunting lobby of thelikelyimpact of a ban on
dogs in scotland and thelikelyimpact of the bill on
you take into account thelikelyimpact of the reimbursement and
purpose an assessment of thelikelyimpact on accommodation available for
this war by addressing thelikelyimpact on the vulnerable and
the eu 15 this islikelyto have an impact on
central and southern europe islikelyto have an impact on
of impact that it islikelyto have in general or
egypt looks a lot lesslikelynow than it has for
areas where it is lesslikelythat civil marriages will take
a disabled child is lesslikelyto be in work and
rent payments will be lesslikelyto get a look in
that the corn was lesslikelyto grow in the sheaf
age of 65 are lesslikelyto have an occupational pension
though it is much lesslikelyto kill me given the
that older people are lesslikelyto suffer from crime fear
include tobacco advertising it seemslikelyfrom the defences in the
natural site but it seemslikelyit will be awarded mixed
the following prognosis it seemslikelythat broad dialects of scots
made the convener it seemslikelythat major planning legislation will
of school learning it seemslikelythat the kind of communicative
oldest and prettiest this seemslikelyto be a good change
reasoned objection if subsidiarity seemslikelyto be infringed scotland will
yon it now seems verylikelyto me that hellery was
wheel drive vehicles which islikelyto lead to irreparable damage
in relation to development proposalslikelyto lead to national or
review its assessment of thelikelyestimated level of cardiomyopathy in
this speaking assessment it islikelythat students will look to
letters of comfort it islikelythat the building standards assessment
think the common link islikelyto be the assessment is
which for most children islikelyalso to be the language
else in my brain mostlikelyand it would serve me
it arrived perhaps dramatically mostlikelybrought home from deep sea
was merely organising the mostlikelychain of events should the
probably one of the mostlikelycontact dialects so the answer
time of night the mostlikelyexplanation is that she was
june when they re mostlikelynot to have their travel
means what is the mostlikelyscenario the convener we spent
on most such events arelikelyto be tied to some
manner which renders it mostlikelyto be understood by the
manner which renders it mostlikelyto be understood by them
the dogs that are mostlikelyto be used in those
in particular might be mostlikelyto come into contact with
perhaps david davidson is mostlikelyto have political connections with
the most significant revisions arelikelyto include the need to
benjy last ava that widlikelybe far the wird evil
wid niver admit it bitlikelye wis an it wis
wid a been a lochlikelyin time fin fowk wis
answert e lad wid alikelypersistet an willie wid a
o the horseman s wirdlikelythat wid be the divil
longed anxiously no lik notlikelywid would shön soon wis
to the directive that wouldlikelytake at least a year
on it is at leastlikelythat the crisis this summer
and long nose looked leastlikelyto be disposed to frolic
the people who are leastlikelyto be reading an advertisement
in terms they thought leastlikelyto cause it to pull
t desert it s morelikelyi deserted her then it
problems are detected the morelikelyit is that they can
sand- m1008: yes f1009: morelikelym1007: sandshoes for me too
to be replaced which islikelymore than could be said
mate but i just morelikelytalk aboot freend my freend
go older people are morelikelythan younger people to worry
achieve it is more thanlikelythat we could do an
real consultation makes it morelikelythat what comes out of
a foreign accent is morelikelyto accentuate the foreigness of
a foreign language is morelikelyto accentuate the foreignness of
would make one person morelikelyto be a mod f965:
paid and are certainly morelikelyto be carers in my
pension older women are morelikelyto be low paid and
series of lessons there islikelyto be more emphasis on
ourselves he s no morelikelyto change the bigger picture
of surveillance would be morelikelyto happen in those circumstances
that pupils are much morelikelyto have a grade that
of robert ii he islikelyto have reflected more than
off that were always morelikelyto make me cry than
particular who would be morelikelyto play games with me
european committee so i amlikelyto see more of this
contact with they are morelikelyto see such advertising than
the city are rather morelikelyto show up at the
parents and children were morelikelyto take advantage of that
ministers would have been morelikelyto take advice other than
that group is much morelikelyto vote than other sectors
legislation mean that scotland islikelyto welcome more new residents
a design concept the morelikelywe are to avoid structural
in new cumnock more thanlikelywere p7s would be would
could catch one more thanlikelywith his bare hands and
the key it wis mairlikelyan willin tae start than
cried mrs as a mairlikelycandidate fir spinsterhood ye hudnae
the arena wha kens mairlikelyhe melled wi the wild
tae dee wi at mairlikelyit was e pammerin o
too quickly at aw mairlikelyreaders will return again an
ah think it ll mairlikelyremind them that the groom
boat oot at sea mairlikelyshe takes off the crumpled
be the persuasive type mairlikelytae arrive wi a section
somethin like that m999: mairlikelytae be a beast a
different words for f1001: mairlikelytae be somebody ye ken
snare roon its neck itlikelyused up mair n some
black blackness as a loonlikelyat e skweel though i
in her airms a bairnlikelyeneuch though there wis niver
silence that is just aslikelymostly though i was influenced
last week actually ye velikelyseen them though helen s
niver set snares though itlikelywisna een o mine bit
go the night he dlikelybe a snorer too what
mmhm m952: then i lllikelybe british then i ll
ran i said they lllikelybe makin for the road
her pile lizzie it lllikelybe the last een you
aspects of the performance arelikelybe those which relate to
o coorse then it wouldlikelybe your granny you had
he ll be plannin thatlikelyi dinna ken fit colour
to be banned it islikelythat alternative means for point
sufficient accuracy then it islikelythat communication will be achieved
parts of scotland it islikelythat major investment will be
english literature it is increasinglylikelythat s5 6 will be
process so it was alwayslikelythat some difficulties would be
of a topic it islikelythat the emphasis will be
of the committee it islikelythat there will be a
point out that it islikelythat there will be legislation
be hardcore alcoholics it slikelytheir environment to blame my
thought that that would belikelythese are us companies and
hid niver heard o frangipanilikelython wad be foreign flooers
in the future there islikelyto be a case against
the proposed licensing scheme islikelyto be a crucial issue
representation very few people arelikelyto be able to go
of completion in 2000 islikelyto be achieved the reviewers
being activity which a islikelyto be adversely affected by
three to six years islikelyto be affected by eu
and bodies as they considerlikelyto be affected by or
and local authority that parentslikelyto be affected by the
think in areas that werelikelyto be air raid f963:
a proposal that there arelikelyto be amendments in certain
until 2006 however there islikelyto be an interim review
costs to local authorities arelikelyto be and that rather
than english or gaelic arelikelyto be arabic bengali chinese
to it but they arelikelyto be blocked it is
bombs right yeah f965: quitelikelyto be bombed f963: uh
1 the dictionary is nowlikelyto be completed on time
minister and what issues arelikelyto be discussed s1f 260
good pointers to what islikelyto be effective based on
operational the park authority islikelyto be established prior to
as with formal coursing islikelyto be fairly low anyway
know eh the language islikelyto be gey roostie wi
in what circumstances applications arelikelyto be granted in respect
million the true number islikelyto be greater than that
around 100 000 people arelikelyto be helped vulnerable people
a fair point we arelikelyto be here for some
of what the exceptions arelikelyto be i am slightly
in france the discussion islikelyto be in english at
an individual s privacy islikelyto be invaded is the
police area is involved orlikelyto be involved s1w 2579
s allotment of money islikelyto be largely used up
networks middle class networks arelikelyto be loose and simplex
it bring are interest rateslikelyto be lower because puk
especially as white bread islikelyto be made from wheat
to be mobile or islikelyto be mobile it would
location and condition of accommodationlikelyto be needed to accommodate
told that that process islikelyto be of interest to
tag to the nhs islikelyto be offset significantly by
now agreed the meeting islikelyto be on thursday we
conference on that issue islikelyto be organised soon it
an individual identity function islikelyto be particularly important to
to point out what islikelyto be problematic and to
paid for that support islikelyto be quite costly perhaps
only twice per year islikelyto be quite low in
report fairly soon there arelikelyto be recommendations in that
enforcement of the legislation arelikelyto be reformed in england
for maggie and her beinglikelyto be reprimanded for apparent
changes to current rules arelikelyto be required it is
we might be early waslikelyto be short lived i
early indication that they werelikelyto be successful so that
contact with people who arelikelyto be tenants of licensed
think it s it slikelyto be that sort of
there s1 to 3 islikelyto be the core part
new economy and infrastructure islikelyto be the predominant issue
the form that is mostlylikelyto be understood by the
tool possible for all thoselikelyto be users of the
in this first cd arelikelyto be very suitable for
and gorebridge and edinburgh arelikelyto be viable if the
to what the problems arelikelyto be whether they can
was is or will belikelyto happen greenbaum nelson 2002
committee member who would belikelyto make a fair guess
is to be regarded aslikelyto prejudice substantially the commercial
which involves changes would belikelyto secure a place in
livin room would aye belikelywhat i would say m999:
legislation on the matter islikelyat that point i would
request for information on thelikelytimescale for its proposed legislation
fechtin aa at much anlikelyit hid been ere a
bit deid a car hidlikelyknackit it on e road
aboot it e rats hidlikelynaething tae dee wi at
e steens hid been shiftitlikelythey d been broken tae
comment on that report howlikelyare they to recommend that
are a template for thelikelyformat of plans for other
and the internet are theylikelyindeed able to pronounce with
of sheer fun in burnslikelyitems if we are setting
found a culprit and arelikelynever find a culprit frankly
group of words it islikelythat there are a number
changed my westminster colleagues arelikelyto argue that the public
kosovan albanian etc they arelikelyto become bilingual in their
have recently closed or arelikelyto close has a budget
to predict where bottlenecks arelikelyto develop even if you
lives in which they arelikelyto encounter both positive discrimination
revision at 5 14 arelikelyto follow shortly once the
the banks they are notlikelyto get a good financial
are where young people arelikelyto go one reason why
are far reaching and arelikelyto have direct implications for
by 10 november are welikelyto have figures by then
outlines current trends which arelikelyto influence developments in the
on the issues that arelikelyto limit capacity sea lice
the fact that women arelikelyto live longer through retirement
minister about when we arelikelyto receive the documents so
of the work force arelikelyto stay with the company
in practical terms some arelikelyto tap into the domestic
is he takin it slikelyan oman body o it
o ceevilisation andrew greig islikelyauld eneuch tae hae seen
the patient and of theirlikelyconsequences and c is supplied
education authorities to identify thelikelydemand it is estimated that
a great grandfather which islikelyenough i suppose she hopes
appear that that is notlikelyhowever next year is the
original yeah m952: yeah itlikelyis m865: okay eh do
mak richt provision for islikelylimitit but tae gie aw
disabled person is twice aslikelynot to have any formal
vice versa and it islikelythat by chance this one
of the uk is itlikelythat competing newspapers south of
a mistress but it islikelythat from the beginning he
scottish dimension it is extremelylikelythat scottish proceedings will have
marine fin fish it islikelythat that development into other
the authorising officer is itlikelythat that officer would refer
war crimes it is extremelylikelythat the accused in scotland
a parallel development it islikelythat the committee will invite
made john henderson it islikelythat the launch of partnerships
people but it is alsolikelythat the process is time
available and that it islikelythat the proposals in it
worked out but it islikelythat the wording would have
individual retailers but it islikelythat they would result in
produced in numbers it islikelythat to gain experience in
a knife is it notlikelythat william earl of orkney
members that if as islikelythe afternoon s business concludes
carry out surveillance it islikelytherefore that the home secretary
criminal prosecution or criminality islikelyto arise it removes the
eh ye know scots islikelyto bide a- as a
recognises that he is neverlikelyto break with convention he
other adverse effect it islikelyto cause and b how
that has caused or islikelyto cause harassment of or
other boundaries is the eulikelyto come back with new
land reform bill that islikelyto come before this parliament
of our debate today islikelyto concentrate on that aspect
the land or b islikelyto constitute a danger to
carried out when it islikelyto constitute an effective use
and that that trend islikelyto continue as the minister
deal for glasgow schools islikelyto cost taxpayers 34 million
community pharmacists is that notlikelyto derail the strategy especially
that a skills shortage islikelyto develop in the labour
scotland in future years islikelyto diminish and urges the
or ii disturbs or islikelyto disturb any commercial activity
disturbs or frightens or islikelyto disturb or frighten any
that marriage of ideals islikelyto end up on the
of such a provision islikelyto focus the mind as
its proposals this proposal islikelyto form the basis of
arniston said as this islikelyto get complicated may we
an action plan that islikelyto go some way towards
the entire uk that islikelyto happen it is not
had is having and islikelyto have on any person
as an identifying factor islikelyto increase over the next
what extent this availability islikelyto influence decision making s1w
in any activity which islikelyto interfere with their judicial
how many the school islikelyto need for their menu
s social inclusion process islikelyto present a serious challenge
respect this issue is alsolikelyto remain live in the
operation of scots metrology islikelyto replace the earlier table
for clinical excellence which islikelyto report in the near
the church of scotland islikelyto require use of the
e gairman lad e dlikelycam on willie wi e
ere wis some big beecheslikelye biggest trees left in
fae a strippy o lichtlikelyfae e gale windae at
wi e heids still onlikelyfae palm sunday ere wis
e eyn e watter waslikelygey din e basin wis
flagged fleer an somebody dlikelymade bee skeps aboot e
came by that f965: quitelikelyhers i don t think
d hae thocht it quitelikelysaid another voice from the
to beat the rope pulleyslikelya labour savin tippie that
scottish executive to discuss thelikelyconsequences of his bill 1
will adopt to determine thelikelyeffectiveness of the legal agreement
companies to establish clearly thelikelyfuture workload for the rig
aitken tried to calculate thelikelynumber of parts in the
to have been a gratelikelythere had been just a
can i- it s notlikelyto end your life but
not a word you relikelyto find in the oxford
concerns profile raising by someonelikelyto follow mrs thatcher as
the kinna detail you relikelyto forget anyway i m
holy none of them seemedlikelyto have either confused or
know they re just aslikelyto have made a mistake
literate household in scotland waslikelyto own two books the
about problems with parking werelikelyto produce a general parking
twenty five parts but waslikelyto run to ten or
middle english specialist who lookslikelyto supervise my thesis and
it s it s nolikelyto tak a central place
tell us something about thelikelyusefulness of any attempt to
as i did myself helikelywent to the kirk too
weet but er it slikelyjust my ignorance as much
an oor or twa lllikelyuse up near as much
s mither couldna unnerstan thislikelybecause she wis gey aften
weer wis broken ye dlikelyhae tae slack it aff
ahin him sortin the bedclaeslikelyhe wis glowerin oot at
im ken if onything wislikelytae happen es day as
in dubs soon asleep helikelythocht the soo wis his
accurate estimates of their studentslikelyperformance in the end of
waiting times treatment outcomes andlikelyquality of after care end
in nine months i lllikelyhae a bairn a wee
in his miskennins he lllikelyrin contrair ti the pure
agnes no shoppin sortin claeslikelyshe ll have stopped by
the newspapers beaumont aye verylikelyso i ll no dae
loss their lives rowland verylikelyalas beaumont weel a man
all hellery in shetland verylikelydid start with aald peter
of horizontal iron bars andlikelyit had been smiddy made
made it three times aslikelythe lord wad takk tent
have put it awa maistlikelycarolanne i expect so sadie
yeah i ken it slikelyme f1073: mmhm mmhm f606:
let it bein young anlikelystupit an bein a bittie
north east pronunciations it seemedlikelythat close interpersonal links could
er wad hae thocht itlikelythat fish cuid lie there
feather i jalouse he slikelybeen a pirate or a
broon linie slantin across tlikelyere s a drain or
seemed inevitable or even particularlylikelyin the beginning for a
moment er does not looklikelybut but er er we
the patient a understands thelikelyconsequences of any form of
for hiz lads we dlikelyjist been nuisance value ir
we d lippen on alikelypuil pou aff oor socks
sieving some of you willlikelymin on charles allan he
circus rowland that s hardlylikelymrs laing no no i
the committee will consider itslikelyapproach at stage 1 4
can also ask for alikelytimetable for when the review
in the community he slikelya paedophile probably goes into
looked at him mah sheeplikelyscarpered in mortification when they
fox and drag hunting aslikelybecause of the different nature
the area all aspects oflikelyhelp was available and as
the flopping orange fish wholikelyfelt the same way about
best estimates at present oflikelyexpenditure based on demand the
cwidna forget at black baglikelyfor coal an fin i
the scottish executive on thelikelycosts of the project after
smile well nearly she wizlikelyin a lotta pain jinty
burns material for primary purposeslikelyitems include up in the
huv an oap perm andlikelystab ye in the back
jist a quine an wadlikelyget merriet a waste o
we grabbed a coupla aelikelylads an brought them back
buddhism micht no seem alikelysubjeck maitter fir a novel
reach washes mony s thelikelyfitpreint fae ambition s bonnie

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