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what kenneth likes that mylikesare pretty much classical things
likes that f1105: oh [censored: forename]likesbanana and what s your
okay [?]get oot[/?] m1106 : [sucks air through teeth] [censored: forename]likes[censored: forename] likes milkshake f1105: oh
of mummy s ciggies mummylikesher ciggies beastie likes them
f1103: mmhm f1104: my horselikeslila likes rudolph as well
likes me better than helikesmatty daisy maybe that s
he s matty s helikesme better than he likes
m1106 : [sucks air through teeth] [censored: forename] likes [censored: forename]likesmilkshake f1105: oh m1106 : with
f1104: my horse likes lilalikesrudolph as well [censored: forename] f1103:
m1106 : shake erm erm [censored: forename]likesthat f1105: oh [censored: forename] likes
er away from what kennethlikesthat my likes are pretty
mummy likes her ciggies beastielikesthem too she tells me
m1106 : uh huh f1105: wholikesstrawberry sha- er na- banana
i can see that helikesmummy pushing him they are
s salt but pepper mummylikespepper in her soup m1090:
and that s fitt dadlikesand you ll hae that
is just how like dadlikesit cooked okay f1130: this
cause that s how dadlikesit cooked see and that
dinna ken angelica f1127: [censored: forename]likesher angelica oh fitt s
what that s what [censored: forename]likesisn t it m1090: girls
gie that to [censored: forename] shelikesplayin wi dollies f1122: aw
was telling me that [censored: forename]likeswearing his one m1092: [inaudible]
see that an me thatlikesma bed ma ain bed
want my bed f1091: helikesyour bed m1092: no him
me of coorse aa tinkslikesither ay ay loon he
manure bags young birkies aylikestae be a bittie macho
thar s nocht at heilikesbetter than ae guid auld
an ere s naething shelikesbetter than haudin oot tae
outside somebody s house andylikescars much better than horses
re ower guid for thelikeso thaim an dinnae come
guid eddication aiblins fowks thelikeso thaim wisna heidie eneuch
m903: no f902: but thelikeso margaret [censored: surname] bill [censored: surname]
nursery i think miss [censored: surname]likessinging songs f1118: i think
out with prof [censored: surname] helikeswhat i m doing which
f1121: i think so helikeseverything f1122: mum huggle huggle
call it that if helikesmy mum was english and
and crannies that s mumlikesto say that when you
m816: yeah m815: my mumlikesultravox m816: aye and i
baltic f1023: i think thelikesof amy would maybe say
yeah maybe f806: cause shelikesromance [inaudible] f807: oh yeah
things would mean skittery coolikesanother f1018: er well you
in against producing er thelikesof macbeth er in erm
er apart from the thelikesof river city f718: mmhm
an the lord clerk whalikesfine the play o brodstaff
[laugh] m865: yeah m952: anlikeso bein the young boy
an aatumn there wis thelikeso brendan breen on accordion
nummer o sma shops thelikeso [censored: company name] po an the
were spikkin aboot this afternoonlikeso clobber like i shouldnae
bonny eh attractive s bonnylikeso ehm bonny dundee or
on the sangs o thelikeso george bruce thomson whereas
hae onie fash frae thelikeso german air raids atho
frae ither leids words thelikeso golf clan caddie glamour
thae patches can git thelikeso her tae stop an
spaekin m865: oh right m952: likeso if du were sayin
at the table wi thelikeso jock dow the grieve
aa me time at schoollikeso m865: oh right [laugh]
that s mair fur thelikeso me fur since ma
say juist tae pit thelikeso puggie aff the watter
sae weel kent by thelikeso puggie sae yae setterday
in england whan words thelikeso right light night an
a concern even aboot thelikeso the competitions we rin
thochts turn t tae thelikeso the first compere the
bield the entries tae thelikeso the post office the
a hivnae come ower thelikeso this afore whaur exacklie
a comprehensive scots dictionar thelikeso thon isna gaun tae
thank guidness for writers thelikeso walter elliot an the
oot my silly mou thelikeso which i nou regret
they can escape frae thelikeso winram an grierson an
mary s nae for thelikeso you lad tam was
een o es fowk atlikestae start sleepin flat on
became the best o palslikesthe the tawse hae gaein
of story [inaudible] f1115: falikesto drink a cup o
favourite dinner lucy oh shelikesmince and tatties so we
sweeties f1104: yeah because shelikessweeties and carrots f1103: oh
you oh i think helikesyou f1122: [laugh] a [?]black[/?]
one was one skittery coolikesanother m1022: [inaudible] f1018: and
or two for another helikeshitchcock s thirty nine steps
ll hae them cause shelikesthem m1096: [sob] can i
hard on gladys bessie shelikesto hae something to bear
the scene that wis differentlikesprobably cause he wis a
spoke about her make uplikesand habits she said a
her arms round him shelikesandy and wants to steal
of the act if shelikesgeorgie can work on right
wife is young says shelikesher man well hung liquid
it f1154: but she reallylikesit f1155: i thought she
said to myself if shelikesit i ll let other
you i think she reallylikeskorma as well f1142: ehm
had beastie with me shelikeslongley too because they are
called away from morag shelikesmorag a lot i don
rustle rustle rustle and shelikesplaying wi the newspaper but
after the summer holidays motherlikesthat she was hearing his
m842: ma ma nephew wholikesgonnae crease himself he said
nicht ma robin ma robinlikeshis porridge as weel as
in the buff before thelikesof that cheaper than a
same are like s- samelikesfitt f1107: [inaudible] same are
his chosen profession he definitelylikesbeing among the elite he
pink as yer crannie helikesbluid sae ye d best
authority to do what helikesf1049: i know it s
i think so he quitelikesgoing up to uist as
little monster f1141: h- helikeshis big sister don t
anything f958: no he justlikesjust kind of not having
capital as for ever helikesmiss wood and everybody in
videos isn t it helikespancakes m1092: no what next
he could do anything helikesthen pause don t make
a keeper gets whit helikesthere wisna much daein that
his aa awa f1095: helikesto shake his heid and
more delay the first ministerlikesto tell us that he
pudding f1141: look see helikesyou speakin tae him f1142:
was right [inaudible] f1141: helikesyou when you re like
has now also read itlikesit but has given me
a sook the slater naebodylikesme i am a slater
one on one with thelikesof me this afternoon but
the commentators i think thelikesof peter thomson even then
big ain f1113: okay youlikesmakin shapes don t you
out the [inaudible] and thelikesof the hand grenades and
there but erm our publisherlikesto si- sit in leith
an if ye read thelikesof eh john sinclair s
eh it eh if thelikesof one of these eh
her father had his ownlikesand stuck to cold milk
her mother flighty and manipulativelikesclothes make up and especially
melanie bides doon the streetlikestae gie her man a
during school hours with thelikesof moshie bools games or
determinedly in spanish seƱor garcialikesto use his school learned
shared een ere s naebodylikestae be stung an i
s no every yin thatlikestae gae by it at
in anither ian e sinlikestae shine intill e hoose
the the b b clikesthem tae dae charity work
labour believes in his godlikeshis pint come a friday
you dare and every fellowlikeshis share of whisky you
keep saying it you knowlikesyou know yeah yes you
was exciting to visit thelikesof replin fabrics and see
but not one that thelikesof saddam hussein pol pot
office had not only thelikesof myself who was 16
studying history and who quotelikesrunning thro bush country unquote
could usefully be done withlikesand dislikes j aime je
could use it in thelikesof a of a harbour
smith is a nice teacherlikesquiet children or we like
nice run kids excited babylikesthe journey like an old
it s nae you thatlikesthese then you no like
och you must ging abodylikesthe social i widna miss
ye just had on thelikesof the buses they had
i know that robin harperlikesto cite the example of
pop- popularity [?]you see[/?] no- nobodylikesf718: [laugh] of course [laugh]
an and any specific itemslikesof troo- trousers f1040: breeks
f606: mmhm m954: by thelikesof the booker prize committees
are not recognised by thelikesof john farquhar munro or
the cook and on thelikesand dislikes of the family
point of view of thelikesof bill mcvey and tens
prestigious art prizes acclaim thelikesof douglas gordon toby paterson
ensure future consultation by thelikesof sue ryder care such
period of prolific writing thelikesof which i d never
the whisky everybody roon herelikesa drink i ken that
to choose projects that itlikeswithout any due process mr
fowk fell throwe the airlikesfiles deleted fae a screen
magalluf el arenal and thelikespalma craves elegance culture savoire
healer for jim god onlylikesnice girls and tidy boys
values its independence and itlikesto be able to respond

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