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wark for em fither elikitor no ere wis nae
caase o t fither elikitor no i rakit amon
auld bodachs swyte bit ilikitit i likit the quaet
bit i likit it ilikitthe quaet i ve a
aa the same sae ilikitthe quaet o the auld
clay frae the grun ilikitclay tee an aften plytered
thocht little o her helikitthe local weemin better than
a puckle sweet lees weeminlikitthings trickit oot wi smeeth
better isie follaed her shelikittae torment dandy he wis
its wee wud harns isielikitthe futterat minnie wis feart
the toun wi her isielikitweel eneuch tae use braid
buits war leakin because shelikither buits an wis feart
ye doon an i widnalikitat i think e faimily
sooth n aachterless widna alikiteen craalin intill eez lug
aa sizes i widna alikitsittin doon amon em ey
the lowe again minnie tholikitfine tae cut peats ower
bi matthew bruce because minnielikithim there fin minnie wis
the anely bit minnie reallylikitin the kirk fan the
an in much as eylikite wid hid been plantit
stuff at ey couldna haelikitfor ey left em aleen
it wis e better ilikitit ye felt kinna free
i wisna sick i kinnalikitstannin up till e elements
sunbeams i d ay alikittae ken fit kinna craiters
bit o timmer i aylikitit ye cd look throwe
steekit an fecht as ilikitnae breath cd i get
bit they war weel eneuchlikitforaa that they war throweither
warmed tae him naebody nooadayslikithis novels miss rubislaw didna
as muckle neeps as theylikitwi naebody tae clype or
sweet floories at e loonslikitaye tae snuff at e
gey coorse nava wis weellikitamangst her fiers there wis
coorse tae thole fur shelikither faither s shelts better
mony a fremmit shore ilikitaa the fowk miss rubislaw
his birthday ower mony fowklikithim joe wad say he
guid fyew months he stilllikittae leuk at her fan
cudna be sure bit shelikitit byordnar weel noo tho
story tho he d haelikittae see the auld wummin
richt wye up i fairlylikite shafe fork since forking
wye o mait i ayelikittae be ootside sae i
raither stooray bit i niverlikittae spile e wye i
says tawse i wid haelikitane to gie milk jist
up milk mabel s mitherlikitit bit nae er faither
rhubarb at hame i ayelikittae watch the milk curdlin
littlins an sae wis weellikitbi cottars an fermers baith
an tidy ye ll belikitbi the jannie watch oot
an tidy ye ll belikitbi the jannie watch oot
feet fur they kent helikitthem bi touch bi spikk
peat bog i ve aylikitpeat bogs i wis ay
masel a job i aylikitthough i hid tae min
trees at maybe the blackbirdslikitbit the loons didna another
o e riv i ayelikittae speel trees for ae
left a lot o fowklikitberemeal porridge an beremeal scones
flechy mongrels an fowk falikitnaethin better than tae coont
a rainie day i ayelikittae rake aboot ither fowk
tae hide the fact helikither better than ony livin
nor ony o them shelikither faither s shelts better
fermer fa bedd there ilikitthis sibness tae the beasts
tae the aulder classes theylikitthe story though an we
fin e fairmer saa atlikittae tak photos he wid
shofelfae o coal i ayelikite smell o traction ingines
was so pleasant i nivverlikithaein tae tramp e strae
wis handy enyeuch e catlikitit an seein it wis
o e men hereaboot ayelikittae mak emsels mair decent
fairms at i d atlikitthrowe e widden gate at
een o e jobs ilikitwis giein a han sortin
it felt safe an ilikitauld syd cause he listened
cam tae licht sae ilikitfine tae be aboot fin
the aunts an her grannylikitit because it wis lang
it wis the tune shelikitor jist cause it wis
disraeli wis nae groupie helikittae breenge aheid o the
patient wis bonnie gin yelikityer luiks ooto a peint
three year back dr bandaralikitfine tae gie his new
antrin ootins tae hawick heilikithis wheen pints o beer
tae pye as if theylikitstaunin up tae their hurdies
sae am i i ayelikittae be oot in the
the breeze lord foo helikittae craik fu o hissel
hens though plenty o folklikittae drink a cuppie o
bein a swack lad atlikittae rin roon parks an
new pairtner his firm hooiverlikittheir executives merriet fur gin
the secunt date if shelikitthem jenny wad gar the
aff for bulk buyin ilikitfite wines mair n reed
o the mornin he ayelikita moofae fae the whisky
ye could dae onything youlikitben there aye if you
rentit the big hoose jimmylikithis nip o whuskie an
plytered aboot wi dubs ilikitthe feel o the soss
his uncle brian forbye helikitthe sky train it gart
saat an spice if yelikitan bilet it up some

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