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paws clarty paws harry yeuchlilianand empty harry empty well
harry weel yeuch mrs beaumontlilianis it really you lilian
our bare paws harry handslilianpaws clarty paws harry yeuch
to look at harry yeuchlilianthat is once he s
i mean to say yeuchlilianwhat s wrong with him
of your family harry yeuchlilianwhat s yeuch about it
that boat harry yeuch yeuchlilianyeuch why surely it isn
what are you up tolilianbetty martha deana and harry
by betty mrs beaumont offlilianfor heaven s sake whit
on will get by herelilianhavers betty mrs beaumont and
businessman mr sanderson local businessmanlilianhislop betty s half sister
lilian catches sight of johnnylilianis this yours betty give
mr beaumont can tell youlilianliar beaumont ahh betty oh
toon about me wis truelilianmaybe but then betty came
s the meaning of thislilianmorning betty dear morning brother
guineas for the poors fundlilianon your own betty no
of you betty exits weepinglilianpoor betty beaumont appears at
betty less so with jacklilianrowland james has to speak
go betty rises with herliliansure why not i ll
betty what did you saylilianwhat a great idea beaumont
up whaur i am nowlilianwhat about betty you chose
fine that betty loved melilianwhat about me beaumont you
fifteen years beaumont a leelilianwhat does betty know of
own betty no wi youlilianyou want me to fetch
through the garden followed bylilianand johnny lilian morning everyone
you re there as welllilianappears at the doorway lilian
just listen to me lilianlilianbut you wrote and said
lilian appears at the doorwayliliancan i come too rowland
rowland ladies i hardly thinkliliancatches sight of johnny lilian
the door into the houselilianenters from outside lilian hullo
say a word mr beaumontlilianenters lilian to beaumont he
house lilian enters from outsidelilianhullo harry leaving on my
deana dow but lilian thinkliliani am thinking of jack
mean lilian yes beaumont ayeliliani am your sacrifice wis
break free again beaumont lilianliliani didny deserve this from
hae you come hame lilianliliani want to help you
me lilian you ken thatlilianit was for my own
look at mrs beaumont butlilianjack for me lilian to
would just listen to melilianlilian but you wrote and
shall break free again beaumontlilianlilian i didny deserve this
why hae you come hamelilianlilian i want to help
reason i canny fathom youlilianlilian mmm beaumont it wisny
in contempt do you nolilianlilian not yet beaumont you
what s adae wi himlilianlilian shhh she whispers to
it s ower late nowlilianlilian tell me james what
in on the right jacklilianlilian turns lilian what are
is a silence beaumont weellilianlilian well beaumont whit do
friendship never rusts james beaumontlilianlilian when jack told me
i canny fathom you lilianlilianmmm beaumont it wisny for
followed by lilian and johnnylilianmorning everyone jack we ve
lilian that s enough boastingliliannonsense i m proud of
contempt do you no lilianliliannot yet beaumont you ve
lilian is it really youlilianof course it s me
s adae wi him lilianlilianshhh she whispers to martha
s ower late now lilianliliantell me james what satisfaction
from home harry hm jacklilianthat s enough boasting lilian
beaumont deana deana dow butlilianthink lilian i am thinking
word mr beaumont lilian enterslilianto beaumont he asked me
but lilian jack for melilianto look at on you
on the right jack lilianlilianturns lilian what are you
a silence beaumont weel lilianlilianwell beaumont whit do ye
lilian you re no tolilianwell how could i in
right jack lilian lilian turnslilianwhat are you still here
never rusts james beaumont lilianlilianwhen jack told me the
in my faimily you meanlilianyes beaumont aye lilian i
hae been happy wi melilianyou ken that lilian it
and me mrs beaumont nolilianyou re no to lilian
m wanting him aside melilianah johnny martha i ll
away beaumont mrs beaumont marthalilianand caird stay in silence
happiness martha that s truelilianbut we ll team up
life and happiness martha andlilianhurry them to the way
martha you ve lost himliliani d half lost him
ll dae that aunt marthalilianis putting some papers in
wife martha no deana nolilianit s a lie jack
throws her arms round herlilianmartha baumont comes from his
ither thing in the warldlilianmartha grips her arm is
wi him be his wifelilianmartha you deserve a kiss
beaumont aye so it isliliana man must feel proud
on whit i was daeinglilianand beaumont they ve stipulated
and mair in the tellinglilianand you james beaumont i
law mrs beaumont crying outlilianbeaumont stepping back god be
motives beaumont wha s thatlilianboyter and sanderson beaumont to
ve done on your behalflilianfor the community beaumont aye
did you come back herelilianfriendship never rusts james beaumont
dow rowland what mrs beaumontliliangeneral excitement rowland run away
chances of a happy futureliliango on james beaumont weel
see beaumont mrs beaumont andliliango out into the garden
meet uncle john and auntlilianharry what havers mrs beaumont
go into beaumont s roomlilianhas finished drawing the curtain
frame hersel to my characterlilianhm beaumont at the first
to pit things to richtslilianhow by owning up beaumont
rumour spread about jack beaumontliliani can talk with you
goes into garden mrs beaumontliliani m dumbfoonert you canny
mrs beaumont how dare youliliani m only saying that
truth comes to the foreliliani realise that beaumont you
beaumont you canny expect thatlilianit s the only way
he ll steik his gablilianjack beaumont aye jack if
right beaumont i m richlilianjack can hae whitever he
tae wring money fae melilianjames beaumont you re making
beaumont is john with youlilianof course i never travel
you o anything like thatlilianof course not beaumont i
here to beaumont to performlilianperform in what way perform
i only came home forlilians sake beaumont how s
if beaumont s had failedlilianso it s for the
a way o saving itlilianso you saved beaumont shipbuilding
it disny i m ruinedlilianthat s hazardous james beaumont
beaumont oh aye up therelilianthe gift of james beaumont
beaumont looks at her mmmlilianthe whole town s to
led to jack ganging awalilianwell beaumont i m shair
late and to nae purposelilianwhat do you mean beaumont
haud on wi my lifelilianwhat has happened beaumont dinny
prices would soar sky highlilianwhat of it beaumont weel
happy if you can beaumontlilianwhy did you no dae
line to be brocht herelilianwhy privately james beaumont hae
about your bad taste beaumontlilianye re no to think
a man of spotless reputationlilianyes beaumont i m the
about the lie beaumont lielilianyes the lie on which
gradually beaumont quietly thank youlilianyou have saved the best
that bocht all these propertieslilianyou jack by yourself beaumont
make a speech o thankslilianyou ll have to beaumont
word with him mrs beaumontlilianyou re no to dae
behind his back johnny shhhliliandid you jump from that
runs out through the gardenlilianno wait johnny johnny jack
a rucksack in his handlilianoh my goodness johnny what
be harry can they nolilianhad the brass neck to
harry he s the dominielilianhe s the reverend to
make amends for a thinglilianjames harry thomson hurries back
harry nothing i said hmlilianthat s all right then
exits harry goad be herelilianto jack don t lose
when speaking to him jacklilianamericanised jack tending towards scots
me wi you jack whatlilianaye tak me wi you
arm jack you dare toliliandon t hit him jack
some papers in her pocketliliangood lad jack i ll
the air whaur s jacklilianhe s on his way
naething naething leave me alanelilianhm james listen jack told
jack and you as weelliliani m in a gey
just thinking of doing thatlilianjack have you really looked
s ettling to come backlilianjack will never come back
my fortune and my reputationlilianjack you ve heard what
need to speak to himliliannow s your chance jack
clatter oh jack still herelilianon you go lad don
how s that jack welllilians not getting any younger
in from the garden jacklilianshe s coming with us
deana jack i think solilianwell you should there s
canny find her you seeliliannever there to help in
canny be serious about thislilianof course i am she
haud me in contempt ohlilianyou canny imagine how fearsomely
canny bring thae curtains downlilianyou want them down i
head he couldny see melilianbecause you stood in deana
him to become his wifelilianloudly deana dow rowland what
and deana awa wi himlilianyes to marry him a
should be kept furthest fromlilianis that so rowland is
the town with a personlilianwhat person reverend rowland the
you re calling that aliliani call it a lie
man i am the daylilianin other words that lie
life than i ever couldlilianwith a lie as its
didny deserve this from youlilianah james if we women
he s told me thatlilianbut what about you james
beg you to forgie meliliancome away james let s
is rather close in hereliliandon t worry james we
in the er the circuslilianjames have you gone nutty
out by the house doorlilianjames you say we came
changes you ll hae noticedlilianthe good works of james
strict moral principles as jameslilianthey re not as strict
you hae him back jameslilianyes now win him as
noo she goes out aslilianenters from the garden followed
the garden as they disappearlilianshuts the door and lets
mercy me mrs boyter yeslilianhislop is another skeleton in
do you mean by welilianme and the kid mrs
that mrs laing well reallylilianoh i get it hey
our society hurrah hurrah hurrahliliangood luck brother in law
to do for our societylilianlet in some fresh air
pairt of it atween themlilianoh these pillars of society
are the pillars of societylilianthen it s not much
and my position in societylilianwhat right have you to
tools of society nothing mairlilianwhy are you just starting
weel on the indian girllilianno he didn t dare
well i mean to saylilianwhat do you mean to
but what does that meanlilianwhat do you think i
the rescue of fallen womenlilianyou mean a nice looking
up a new life herelilianyou mean to do that
the root of it alllilianthen why do you not
hame especially this evening ohlilianwhy did i no recognise
i loved you once trulylilianwhy do you think i
hae to listen to meliliani ken things look black
whit are ye thinking olilianlet go of me i
me to for her sakelilianoh no i can stand
me nervish to hear themlilianoh what was this certain
asked me to say anythinglilianshe didn t know there
you ve done that alreadylilianshowed me how to appreciate
think o me the daylilianthe same as yesterday one
and saved it for melilianwasn t that just what
ll ken whit s afootlilianyes i know let me
to mak shair o itlilianyou can tell me that
but he didny see melilianyou loved him but it
that i hae intae itlilianit s not your money
can hae whitever he wantslilianoh yes you offer him
you hae to stop himliliansurely you can see for
to himself the indian girllilianyou hae to stop him
get what wis owing himlilianand did everybody get their
you i ve lost himlilianno i see it now
to him were we nolilianthrows her arms round her
he ll want you againlilianan old half sister what
you ll need to hurrylilianand put on an air
as you really are langsynelilianand what if you had
he s fain to conceallilianand you call yourselves the
i shall wait and hopelilianand you ll win my
were in the same classlilianand you ve built the
been the wife i neededlilianbecause you ve never let
re no to think thatlilianbut when you came back
in the windows are outliliando you want them lit
duty and i never willliliangood for you my girl
t help it you seelilianhas meant so much to
steamship trade alang the coastlilianhave you interests in this
were orphans you see whenlilianhislop her half sister rose
seen you all these yearsliliani can believe that your
you re no to argufyliliani dinny want you to
i am not a reverendliliannot yet but you re
at any rate explain mysellilianoh you re afraid now
my labour and my achievementslilianoh you ve achieved all
it i ve to daelilianpointedly you ve to do
time to waste now goodbyelilianthank you for all you
forced to i tell youlilianthen by god i m
wid there be in thatlilianwhat profit did you say
the way you cairried onlilianyes i did go over
rumour like a drowning manlilianyou helped to spread it
be a help to youlilianyou more than anyone we
no leave it be ohlilianyou ve nae idea hoo
for that rumour skailing aboutlilianyou you could do that
let s go oh butlilianmy dear sister just one
woods and mines and waterpowerlilianyes by a group from
re no to dae thisliliani m going to do
he s ettling to daelilianno he s said nothing
naething better to support itlilianthen what s the point
nothing stolen no a pennylilianwhat then how did that
they ve some such notionlilianall the guilds and associations
enough evidence to the contrarlilianoh to damn with that
gold but nae bitterness ohlilianwe were guid sisters to
and lets down the curtainliliannow we re on our
in front o the processionliliani didn t come here
wisny ettling to come backlilianwho was harmed look at
the candle flame o frienshiplilianbut she sees that now
the indian girl no nolilianso that s it now
here indoors spinning and spinninglilianthe thread of his happiness
s the hert o itliliani ll no hum and
feel happy at this momentlilianno i don t suppose
thank the lord for thatlilianno we came like other
said to her go homelilianthere s no need to
be just something someone takslilianwell done that s the
goes off into the houselilianwell the great moment s
don t worry about thatlilianpointing to the office door
don t need to worrylilianwon t say anything and
to say goodbye cheerio auntlilianhe runs out through the
always a cause for celebrationlilianis that so how do
and hauf desperate ye kenliliani think it wis partly
soul will question my intentionslilianall the same there are
crime that wis spoken aboutlilianof course but then who
guid fortune ahead of herlilianand good fortune on board
free time at the momentlilianfine i d enjoy that
pack m1048: i know butliliangot erm marked marked down
bit kenspeckle in thae dayslilianonly because i wanted to
is he on board alreadyliliansoon will be i left
a shining example to itherslilianbut these others know nothing
aye all on our ownlilianwe met a couple of
he s still resolved toliliancompletely resolute boyter is by
the community he lives inlilianvery commendable and it s
benefit to thousands of folklilianthere is some truth in

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