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awa tho lochans freeze anliliesdoonfa memories are green we
an the ponds an theliliesand ehm eh there was
green knobs on flap jackliliesa chipmunk two tables along
a forgettin by the watterliliesan lanterns by the deas
wis e flooers o yallaliliesan fite lilies tae be
with gowans that growis quhairlilieslike lowe is as red
o yalla lilies an fiteliliestae be seen mixed up
turn sourest by their deedsliliesthat fester smell far worse
a sheaf of lilacs andliliesfor services to municipal plumbing
tobaggans down a slope waterliliesglow like butter lights deep
shinin braw wi daffodils theliliesnoo that shone sae bricht
lion s pride gold rampantliliesbound while sour inside my
an served it sax fiteliliesin a crystal vawse sat
burgeoned with roses carnations andliliesunder the regimental line up
mmhm f1104: they they reliliesaren t they f1103: they
days that was my poorliliesand hollyhocks with the wind
the first week shredded myliliesand blackened my trees from
their eyes are lustrous asliliesthey canter like a brook

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