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if i can visit norrielilyand get back in the
norrie to find out iflilyand him are going to
be able to visit norrielilychrissie said that you both
t heard anything of norrielilywell as i told you
jimmy is placed norrie andlilywere not there either i
honour of the departing basillilyand mags jostled their way
in the harebell s lairlilypad tinkle tinkle goes the
soup heard it before saidlilywearily mags was beginning to
rasp between her soft thighslilytraced dreamy circles on her
god this is dull remarkedlilypugnaciously becoming progressively more so
we re both new herelilyremarked so we might as
to a sunk gethsemane alilyswings its polished pendulum flowers
re beautiful f1104: they relilyleafs aren t they f1103:
t they f1103: mmhm f1104: lilyleafs f1103: you re cosy
pool always filling never fulllilypad conceals it past anchor
felt like a loaded gunlilyhad been seeing shuggie manson
hair like golden threads andlilywhite skin shakespeare s detailed
was halfway retarded at bestlilyit had been strongly rumored
you used to fancy herlilywas cute as a button
cat s trailed in laughedlilyuncomfortably close to the truth
a rainbow after thunder thelilylay suspended in my hand
young bread lay like alilyon my split tongue it
strange he stole glances atlilywhile she arched a pink
silent first out into thelilyscented morning i reached my
old homestead see you tomorrowlilyyou take care of yourself
it was f1104: this islilyleaf sure they go in
had whit s the matterlilyasked and now his hands
skirt white ankle socks toolilywore t shirts of cartoon
a learie nancy willy andylilybring your whip and spin
going to say you werelilythat s whit they call
s eyes he said horrifiedlilyleft him there in fact
just marred there ye golilysaid nodding it might just
college only that week withlilywho handled finance and purchase
she shimmied across his kneeslilymcnamee he remembered her still
she could cream off themlilystaggered to her feet and
you had a day atlilyand norries and found them
at s fairly gildin elilybit it wis jist e
lads margot a washed ootlilyat fifteen publicly coorted in
his skull may nurture alilythe blueprint for a jacuzzi

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