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area 3 7 the fourlinguisticvariables 3 8 t test
the survey to that oflinguisticvariables chapter 2 related research
subjects 3 7 the fourlinguisticvariables each phoneme carried a
for each of the fourlinguisticvariables i a f i
course of her research intolinguisticvariables in the speech of
containing a number of keylinguisticvariables rp style one to
s method of correlating certainlinguisticvariables with social characteristics of
honours option in literary andlinguisticcomputing for english the course
our paper in literary andlinguisticcomputing for honours english students
and workshops in literary andlinguisticcomputing for undergraduates and postgraduates
and methodologies of literary andlinguisticcomputing we encourage students to
awareness of the richness oflinguisticand cultural diversity within the
we also celebrate scotland slinguisticdiversity 4 because we want
event which aims to celebratelinguisticdiversity and promote plurilingualism the
the loss of cultural andlinguisticdiversity facing the world in
the tynin o cultural anlinguisticdiversity forenent the world in
many advantages globalisation is threateninglinguisticdiversity in particular the future
advantages is nae fiere taelinguisticdiversity in particular the future
hunder tongues a europe whaurlinguisticdiversity is regairdit wi pleisure
hunder tongues a europe whaurlinguisticdiversity is regairdit wi pleisure
hundred tongues a europe wherelinguisticdiversity is regarded with pleasure
will take account of thelinguisticdiversity of the people wishing
languages the languages reflect thelinguisticdiversity of the visitors to
as a universal literary andlinguisticabsolute a constant for all
s drive to maintain itslinguisticand cultural heritage 5 it
and critical exploration of literarylinguisticand media studies its influence
insight into the literary andlinguisticassumptions of the scottish court
either scotland s literary andlinguisticbond with english far from
valuable aspect of scotland slinguisticheritage 8 following the establishment
our cultural roots and ourlinguisticheritage a question on incomes
wurthilie til oor leiterarie anlinguisticheritage an commens canongate books
contribution to our literary andlinguisticheritage and commends canongate books
heritage being taken to includelinguisticheritage and in particular gaelic
increase awareness of europe slinguisticheritage and openness to different
aim of celebrating europe slinguisticheritage and promoting language learning
aim of celebrating europe slinguisticheritage and promoting language learning
school s awareness of itslinguisticheritage extracts from mini interviews
an revitalisin scotland s existinlinguisticheritage integratin language resources in
revitalisation of scotland s existinglinguisticheritage integration of scotland s
in particular gaelic or scotslinguisticheritage robin harper 1c as
an important point in thelinguistichistory of literary scots as
more in scottish literary andlinguistichistory than the schoolboy platitudes
great enterprises of literary andlinguisticscholarship and have looked forward
language heritage the present daylinguisticsituation in scotland is complex
of official consciousness the literarylinguisticupshot of all this is
of the prime literary andlinguisticvalues codified in james reulis
of awarenesses cultural literary andlinguisticwhich may inform their appreciation
the volumes very largely tolinguisticanalysis dareau 2002a 81 jack
shift from a more limitinglinguisticanalysis in the early years
to the world for ermlinguisticanalysis so thank you john
with an appropriate framework forlinguisticobservation and analysis this training
made available for analysis oftenlinguisticstudies are undertaken by outsiders
by scottish authors often includelinguisticand cultural features which would
same time thae retain clearlinguisticdivisions in mony features an
can identify a range oflinguisticfeatures as being typically used
the spreadend- spread of englishlinguisticfeatures through the scottish reformers
encompassing a wide range oflinguisticprosodic non verbal features including
persuasion racial origin cultural andlinguisticbackground and membership of any
persuasion racial origin cultural andlinguisticbackground and membership of any
papers about the cultural andlinguisticdistance between home and school
of cross cultural and crosslinguisticsharing can increase multicultural awareness
help establish in villagers alinguisticawareness and sense of shame
revealed a high degree oflinguisticawareness reid s use of
both refer to labov slinguisticstudies in martha s vineyard
labov pioneered early studies oflinguisticvariation 1972 in what is
in highlighting the complexity oflinguisticstudy for many factors seemed
hope to do a goodlinguisticstudy of dunbar for my
one parent objected to thislinguisticstudy on the grounds that
submissions suggests that research anlinguisticstudy should be cairried oot
suggest that research and alinguisticstudy should be carried out
cairry oot research an alinguisticstudy tae provide answers tae
they don t do enoughlinguisticstudy they don t do
carry out research and alinguisticstudy to provide solutions to
this language shows evidence oflinguisticinfluence and borrowings from outwith
proved his hypothesis that thelinguisticinfluence of glasgow speakers in
of population and by implicationlinguisticinfluence than is generally supposed
linguistic norm and dairfur alinguistichierarchy d yooniversitee is complicit
a linguistic norm and thereforelinguistichierarchy the university is complicit
as dis imposition o alinguisticnorm and dairfur a linguistic
as this imposition of alinguisticnorm and therefore linguistic hierarchy
gradually out of a multilinguallinguisticsituation [click] [inhale] as the
deeside as aitken remarked thelinguisticsituation in lowland scotland offers
a map illustrating the approxlinguisticsituation in the north east
a map illustrating the approxlinguisticsituation in the north east
very helpful to the disadvantagedlinguisticsituation of the scottish urban
99 horsbroch 1997 described thelinguisticsituation on upper deeside near
encouraged to engage with thelinguisticsituation that a surrounds them
and of certain factors influencinglinguisticchange such topics are central
framework provides for certain japaneselinguisticdevices for example our word
framework provides for certain japaneselinguisticdevices haiku in other languages
4 members of a certainlinguisticgroup are forced to speak
5 fauk o a certainlinguisticgroup ir forced t spik
and standardisation o a certainlinguisticmedium d language i use
role in the mechanism poflinguisticchange and that women quite
role in the machanism oflinguisticchange and that women quite
may become permanent on deesidelinguisticchange has a recent historical
has altered traditional structures andlinguisticchange has inevitably followed this
the field not everyone considerslinguisticchange to be negative aitchison
according to milroy the morelinguisticchange would be inhibited where
put forward the idea thatlinguisticchange would follow the break
to learn a range oflinguisticmanners including ways of taking
have a wide range oflinguisticregisters which we use to
will be part of thelinguisticcompetence of a particular group
development being taken to includelinguisticdevelopment and in particular development
being taken to include speciallinguisticqualities and in particular qualities
languages is crucial to improvedlinguisticdevelopment we have moved languages
we must not acquiesce tolinguisticimperialism or let minority languages
be loose and simplex muchlinguisticbehaviour seems explicable in terms
with regard to kind oflinguisticfascism in terms of the
reinterpreted freud in social andlinguisticterms consciousness was redefined as
must not pretend that inlinguisticterms we can escape the
impelled to provide more thanlinguisticdefinitions the great majority of
important to provide opportunities forlinguisticdevelopment and accreditation for those
important tae provide opportunities forlinguisticoncome an accreditation for them
be in tune with thelinguisticdemands of school learning it
the learning stage of thelinguisticspectrum but to obtain a
a tactical acceptance of englishlinguisticand aesthetic standards at least
of this desire to supportlinguisticcompetence in standard english as
vary our speech over alinguisticcontinuum with scots english which
loads of work done m605: linguisticculture m741: in in english
east could be described aslinguistichalf brothers sisters whereas english
scotland we have three principallinguisticregisters for dramatic productions english
be regarded as a separatelinguisticsystem from english with its
out we can think oflinguisticdevelopment as a tree or
a force for moral andlinguisticdevelopment held sway throughout the
a slightly different pattern olinguisticdevelopment in this region frae
and slovenly there is nolinguisticbasis for this view as
is is interesting from alinguisticpoint of view but not
we actually get from alinguisticpoint of view it s
people use an from alinguisticpoint of view like i
subtle soundshifts that distinguish onelinguisticgroup from another some north
power is exercised over alinguisticgroup through the imposition of
pooer is exercised ower alinguisticgroup trow d imposition o
same in both situations alinguisticgroup whether it be women
limousin is the object oflinguisticand social mockery in the
in an unfamiliar social orlinguisticcontext but that is an
social groups deliberately keep theirlinguisticidentity to widen and emphasise
of mockery in this passagelinguisticmockery and social mockery he
j 1972 social meaning inlinguisticstructure code switching in norway
reflection of social processes inlinguisticstructures in fishman a ed
beast at regular intervals onelinguisticpoint no time to check
cotgrave as a point oflinguisticreference is significant in the
cotgrave as a point oflinguisticreference is significant in the
mar continuing as a frontierlinguisticarea for a long time
and to see if thelinguisticcommunity of the area were
community in earlier times thelinguisticcomposition of the area was
place in the area thelinguisticcomposition of the village has
expose pupils to the richlinguisticculture of the area in
part of the north eastlinguisticcommunity scottish kings had a
in very early times thelinguistichistory o the north east
of a number of criticallinguisticissues such as language planning
on language policies scotland slinguisticlandscape the lack of policy
on language policies scotland slinguisticlandscape the lack of policy
he has a notion oflinguisticquality of language which is
come from different cultures andlinguisticbackgrounds the position will become
discourse competence knowledge of differentlinguisticgenres together with their related
writing to show how differentlinguistictechniques can be employed in
school one of the greatestlinguisticdivides than can be found
the local primary school wherelinguisticpressures seem to help establish
for a good deal oflinguisticwork the prague school vilém
scots an gaelic tae ethniclinguisticcleansing 1872 howanever life lowps
grammar more than at otherlinguisticlevels modern written scots tends
for it the scots arelinguisticmasters we can not only
moliere s monstrous caricatures thelinguisticregister involved in the scots
but scots certainly has thelinguisticresources to be extended to
in the local community alinguisticmix enriched by ethnic minority
personnel and this has hadlinguisticrepercussions throughout the speech community
the use of critical andlinguisticterminology that is vital for
as being suitable for developinglinguisticskills hendry identifies the district
being the creation of thelinguisticsurvey of scotland and the
say that we suffer fromlinguisticinsecurity many of us employ
such metaphors are of considerablelinguisticinterest many of them involve
enough but for many thislinguistictension may be a central
there are distinct patterns oflinguisticbehaviours which are age related
270 273 grant delineated thelinguisticboundaries which applied in 1911
in 1926 started the praguelinguisticcircle which met regularly to
is an anchor which provideslinguisticcontinuity a standard which ensures
he wrote in a scottishlinguisticform which was difficult to
goes on to describe alinguistichierarchy which consisted of french
islands are massively guilty oflinguisticisolationism which is exacerbated by
needed was a set oflinguistictools with which he could
much more complex in itslinguisticconstruction than the anglo saxon
a large incoming commuter populationlinguisticbarriers may break down and
seems to be the preferredlinguisticoption of the playground may
virtues of taking a corpuslinguisticapproach to eh t-t- to
himself the patterns of hislinguisticbehaviour so as to resemble
keep the kind of thelinguisticboundaries fairly fairly rigid m1174:
looking at kind of ehmlinguisticchoice in in in ehm
when asked to describe thelinguisticcomposition of her class 18
of what tense as alinguisticconcept is would students not
mm m078: of of thelinguisticdifference of not just of
add further strands to thelinguisticequation those of wealtgh and
of cinderella of the erlinguisticforms its writers draw on
the geographical spread of alinguisticinnovation depends on the movement
knowledge to an investigation oflinguisticissues in scotland past and
a clearer picture of thelinguisticjigsaw and not a particularly
of the teacher s ownlinguisticknowledge the scce bulletin claimed
m605: and a lot oflinguisticm741: goin round about and
variable in respect of thelinguisticmeasure of the phonemes it
is a typical blend oflinguisticnimbleness and grotesquerie in a
of scotland within individual familieslinguisticpreferences operated when interviewed children
primary source in search oflinguisticpurity he tuik intercity tae
the oslo recommendations regarding thelinguisticrights of national minorities how
had this to say oflinguisticshift humpback whales alter their
of of of separate autonomouslinguisticstatus so it s a
status not to some intrinsiclinguisticsuperiority but to accidents of
professor angus mcintosh at thelinguisticsurvey of scotland this was
alter the pronunciation of thatlinguisticvariable after adolescence whereas members
examine the behaviour of thislinguisticvariable the subjects were sub
1 introduction any examination oflinguisticvariation is incomplete without an
be as much political aslinguisticjudgments and the question arises
not seem to have muchlinguisticrelevance but i think it
make human connections through theselinguisticelements that make jackie kay
might be expected that thelinguisticvariable altered through rp to
might well be described aslinguisticcousins an opportunity was missed
incomers bringing their own distinctlinguisticinfluences with them as will
super ego rapidly became commonlinguisticproperty as did his terminology
seen as inferior to alinguisticstandard imposed by groups higher
as bein inferior tae alinguisticstandard imposed by groups higher
be taught as a separatelinguisticsystem f718: right mmhm m017:
geographical boundaries for each relevantlinguisticfeature giving each one its
also observed that differences inlinguisticbehaviour can be related to
and that he has alinguisticloyalty to them he also
wardhaugh who also warns againstlinguisticstereotyping and the assumption that
over britain who had wonlinguisticand musical events in their
assistant into convulsions over hislinguisticconfusion hola comment allez vous
physical strength and had thelinguisticability to wade in there
is now largely discredited inlinguisticand educational circles the notion
material in the search forlinguisticclues michie 1872 28 scrutinised
pennsylvania douglas cowie e 1974linguisticcode switching in a northern
by douglas cowie 1974 intolinguisticcode switching in a rural
require a basic training inlinguisticconcepts and terminology within the
academic press pollner c 1985linguisticfieldwork in a scottish new
who have an interest inlinguisticissues would be a useful
in eh in in inlinguisticpolicy poli- politics are unprecedented
idea that s in thislinguisticpolitics book is eh is
pride in their own richlinguisticrepertoires p 9 practical implications
tested and in the overalllinguisticscore there was a highly
tuik nae delicht ava inlinguisticsplores disraeli s prose i
in the old days thelinguisticsurvey you ve got to
approach still the most widespreadlinguistictheory esp in the u
and trevelyan concluded that thelinguisticvariation displayed in the glasgow
met regularly to discuss matterslinguistictheir main theoretical thrust is
calendars aiming for the rightlinguisticbullseye we are led into
just interestin no from alinguisticf606: [cough] f209: or anything
edited eh last year la-linguisticpolitics arising from the symposium
keith harding s1m 3658 creatinglinguisticaccess for deaf and deafblind
m605: and talk about likelinguisticchoice ehm like the privileging
prospect and with some minorlinguisticdifficulty bought 6 eggs a
believing that dialect forms reflectlinguisticimpoverishment and incompetence macdiarmid was
and inauthentic tendencies usually alonglinguisticlines so that few readers
touch the humour rhythm andlinguisticplayfulness with an occasional disturbing
less desirable and so onlinguisticprejudice either for or against
proposals for legislation to ensurelinguisticrights and access to all
build still further on thelinguisticside and that craigie is
hae an opportunity tae developlinguisticskills acquire it skills and
these we can certainly extractlinguisticinformation about variant spellings or
seen tae hae a clearlinguisticclaim o er speakers haein
sufficient duration to have alinguisticeffect on the children themselves
them so that was alinguisticexercise whit we used the
germans we re a mixedlinguisticlan big issue tinkie tinkie
writers m741: mmhm m605: ehmlinguistictactics is a response to
a clear context for usinglinguisticterminology for a specific purpose
thar wuid hev been naelinguisticdiscriminatory legislation sic is the
tho it is political notlinguisticnow but you might still
quite sympathetically acutely observing thatlinguisticstigma is usually linked to
usage wull be analysit throuchlinguisticensaumples lastly thare wull be
m078: was mirrored by ahlinguisticexploration not just m608: mm
stop apologisin fur wir ainlinguisticdistinctiveness we micht stert tae
chameleon like she changed herlinguisticcolours to suit the hue
souch o the wunds olinguisticchynge at ir nou manifestlie
the psychological eftercast o siclinguisticdiscrimination i the scottis schuil
sci- scientific orientated or purelylinguisticf1149: mmhm f1148: but mostly
you know that s justlinguisticfascism m741: yeah you see

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