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cammy nane o yis islistenincammy dimps is right stew
yi wi stew yur nohlistenincammy nane o yis is
shadow silence steve naebody slisteninlistenin ti what the bairn
silence steve naebody s listeninlisteninti what the bairn s
thesaurus readin writin speakin andlisteninskills are brocht in through
i reckon i raelly enjoyedlistenint de readin dy wark
they ken whae they arlistenintil bibliography benson larry d
someone walkin along the streetlistenintae music but depending on
walkin about if they relisteninto somethin that s maybe
noo a days ar youlistenintae me geordie ye r
m822: drivin my digger andlisteninto aw this cairry on
agreed wi sharing sharing anlistenindimps sits up this guy
great pat you re nohlisteninjilly jilly how much mair
the hoose noh staein herelisteninti this blasphemey yur dark
silence pat ah m nohlisteninti your crap oanymair yi
the chap drinkin beer andlisteninto the classical music and
see if they wur reallylistenincammy naw we wis jist
an pat we dae thelistenincause he s given us
pat wantin a word youlisteninsilence lee is it something
sittin oan edge nae mairlisteninfur the mithir cawin oot
i m actually just sittinlisteninto him thinkin what the
ehm walked along the streetlistenintae music or if you
of music sometimes they relisteninto it affects the way
you ken lizzie i waslisteninto the wireless an thon
spak aince mair ah imlisteninan ah can hear him
he said im ah nolisteninan can ah no hear
loun lyke lyin streikit ootlistenintil the rain fawin on
that ti dae wi uslisteninti that diseased garbage dimps
up stew group s abootlisteninti each other some stuff
uh huh f948: i likelisteninto shetland ones m865: right
[inaudible] m865: mmhm mm f951: listeninto stories in shetland dialect
a ghost tess you wurlisteninpause he heard us robby
jonsar wisnae dancin he wislistenintae the band a quickstep
source o information wurdie olistenintil an at s ae
o blethers ah m tiredlistenintil ye he comes into
there wis aye i wislisteninf823: of course everybody disnae
the cloots ooto her ringletslistenintae the rain batter teetle
better than usual mair alertlistenintae whit ah hud tae
the tyme ti pit inlisteninti your meiseries aw mornin
sunloungers first have you beenlistenintae a word i ve
ken you ve no beenlisteninto fit teacher s been
a slider in yer haunlisteninin ceevic park tae brash
yairds awa an lain doggolistenintae aa the stramash an
mother gilbert wilson are yelistenintae me an by the
so right right back maginelistenintae that aw nicht ye
betsy the dall atween themlistenintae the squeak o the
they re if they relisteninto a kind of you
blaa aboot e place anlistenintill e chirps an fustles
in my car i mlisteninto certain verses areas that
s playing an he slisteninto it just the repetition
ane i wid hing onlisteninraspin dyin breaths ma mooth
so it s very interestinlisteninto people m741: yeah i

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