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bairny gaithir cherries fur theelitthe faithir o the bairny
anger in anger flew helitthe faithir o the bairny
in the town square dimlylitby low wattage bulbs suspended
the room was a dimlylitden of weird inca costumes
glass of the windows dimlyliti could see rows of
in july 1981 scots englitand possibly given them my
to get out of englitat least for a while
ironically there my 1st englittutor [censored: forename] [censored: surname] is suing
that time the church waslitby paraffin lamps james mutch
spot oan the bank anlitthe paraffin stove an pumpt
cold in the winter onlylitwith a wee paraffin lamp
are remembered the school waslitwith paraffin lamps a big
leddrach moss the lamp wislitan the kitchie wis criss
these houses the outside waslitby gas lamp you know
norseman s pyre dawn slitlamp was huge leaving the
the tall house the lamplitrooms the long passages stealthy
i was doin like scotlitand poetry er stuff i
m741: yeah the scot scotlitdepartment seems to be growing
m741: and then did scotlitpure- found out purely on
i ve got a scotlittutorial twelve o clock every
ll say the lamps werelitthe mune wis shinin bricht
knowing what else to dolita cigarette tried to get
or dead daniel paused andlitanother cigarette to tell the
purse pincered a cigarette andlitit with the yellow lick
monologue drip slip dripple drapplelitsplit lit split splat stars
slip dripple drapple lit splitlitsplit splat stars trippy tars
yur body tess della ayelitthe air whisper ower yur
yi go lori sing ootlityur voice float ower the
of my essays back americanlitand i got an a
on elizabeth bishop for americanlitand on paper next term
want a bit of englishlitf1037: oh really f1038: as
as well second year englishlitf1037: okay f1038: so hm
i don t know englishlitf1038: yeah f1037: you know
why erm why po- englishlitand politics wha- what s
to get out of englishlitat the end of second
only english language sorry englishlitdid english language because of
got a b for englishlitf806: that s good f807:
erm well politics [inaudible] englishliti d quite like to
of instead of doing englishliti m doing english language
we did hamlet in englishlitin first year and i
mean i took one englishlitpaper irish literature which was
in under the influence yiliteverybody doon rules dimps dimps
di yi think we dlitoany bairn near a fuckin
under his belly my fatherlita fire singed the creature
fire ann had had candleslitearlier but after her sister
an e fire wisna aftenlitsae e spunks wis only
f1091: percy s driver slitthe fire and percy steams
took it between her lipslitit and passed it to
billy took oot his pipelitit took a long draw
cigarettes the god took onelitit with a fancy lighter
heart thump in his chestlither face come in if
his way and her facelitlike a blue star a
the station fiona s facelitup as she spied her
thae things weir s facelitup ay i am ayont
we ve got doing scottishliti ve got erm i
cane an corn like alittouch paper fishermen worshipped ye
quite fun but no scottishlitdefinitely all the way and
quite a few windows werelitin the tower blocks the
people moving in the poorlylitstreets and quite a few
torch on him as helitme up an wis juist
fae e gale windae atlitup a bittie o e
smashing that my catherine wheellitup again and i simply
castel the winnoks war awlitup an lowin lyke sae
the main post office waslitup by a changing screen
before she sat down andlitup every time she exhaled
when they went off theylitup everything and everyone for
on the chocolate river brilliantlylitup gigantic great upward curving
regal to make it strongerlitup inhaled let the smoke
of ma coat and itlitup intae a rainbow of
see it with the baselitup it would look nice
he leukt it the citylitup like a dream an
poison of socrates each senselitup like a thousand xmas
old fashioned happening since youlitup my catherine wheel and
rose on the right andlitup the far snowy andes
a fag the small flamelitup the inside of the
orangey in the pool shelitup the regal she d
frae ahint a cloud anlitup the wee feigurs that
an wanderin the streets wilitup tumshies guisin at halloween
he cuid see the castlelitup wi princes st pointin
hir een about hir sheliton a hankil o roustie
hir storie o the flouerlitstream or lyke faint reik
of a on my canlitcourse so work wise things
turned on without it beinglitso all things considered getting
only problem could be canadianlitwhere the prof is more
did it particularly with scottishlitor perhaps any literature i
know that glasgow did scottishlitwhen i came in er
rather beautifully moon and floodlitand thence got my bearings
the wey back my eenliton a wee scliff o
where it came from andlita fag the small flame
clockwork evening in the alwayslitreception where the sun does
an where their torches arelityou know they have these
toed off down the bluelitcorridor and past those eerie
steel dropped down six plainlitglobes dangling from the end
like oh we do scottishlitby the way and i
difference atween coal that wisnalitor wis jist beginnin tae
ah haena fund oot whalitit yit puts the candle
universities that do specifically scottishlitcause i didn t know
suck later when i velitit i look around for
i could see a brightlylithall like a hotel foyer
to do them for irishlitas well but yeah i
closer to dod less wellliton the other side of
open plan the whole spacelitby a cupola spotless and
going to say darkness suddenlylitby a searchlight from fiona
on the bike were bylitby carbide m608: mmhm m636:
in its dark interior spasmodicallylitby flashes from passing headlights
ukuku club a dark divelitby the usual masks we
to her a promise thatlitand warmed the lane for
stept ben a thoosan caunlesliti watched ye movin back
lilian do you want themlitagain beaumont no for onything
cleaned out re set andlitfor the people coming in
and they re they relitan f746: oh right with
a bonfire with fireworks waslitat night there may possibly
to tobacco advertising particularly withlitsigns above gantries those signs
me the stove s evenlithis words were the open
evening the room is warmlylittutankhamen is asleep in his
they all the torches arelitand then they they march
time the full stage islitall the fish workers gather
himsell in a mukkil chaumerlitbi hunders o tottie caunils
discussing a film in comparativelitf806: hmm f807: and there
the scene a chandelier islitmaids a footman carry in
whiles donnerin through an illlitville a weary lookin pair
suggestion an incense stick waslitand we breathed deeply and
darkness at the dim fairylitchandeliers and golden ornamentation some
badly blocked and always badlylitdialogue sequences and the worst
prayers songs society of biblicallit1995 let me worship the
publicly coorted in the spotlitstreet dutch bulb turned bleedin

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