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with good short monosyllablic wordsliterallytextbook stuff notice the gh
pottage potage pottage from frenchliterallymeaning something in a pot
turn the mind to bewindanliterallyto wind wind round metaphorically
we find equivalent phrases hweorfanliterallyturn metaphorically to turn the
was born doon the closieliterallyf1054: literally outside m1042: in
doon the closie literally f1054: literallyoutside m1042: in no inside
literally like but jeez maybeliterallyan aa [laugh] m999: [laugh]
she wore the breeks naeliterallylike but jeez maybe literally
word coined from greek itliterallymeans gold out of dung
he admits everything he wasliterallycaught with his hand in
up and in greek itliterallymeans gold out of dung
control of the machine progressedliterallyby leaps and bounds until
by urquhart s time quiteliterallya joke what future is
by urquhart s time quiteliterallya joke what future then
speakin out certain verses anliterallyactually havin them on c
wall to wall you knowliterallysort of wall to wall
you don t mean sealiterallyof course you re referring
uist f1009: mmhm m1008: whichliterallymeans be quiet hush not
t that s what itliterallymeans but that doesn t
m741: right m605: ehm whichliterallymeans internet m741: right m605:
frequently great pain multiple sclerosisliterallymeans many scars because in
word for handicapped people andliterallymeans people of less value
aye m1008: which would whichliterallymeans very good but ehm
the longue m1007: yeah m1008: literallythe long f1009: mmhm yes
there with the sort oliterallythe tongue hanging oot and
naem wis cryit ee stoodliterallytae attention on the tither
it would go away heliterallydid pinch himself quite hard
m smoking what is quiteliterallya stick of cancer with
lecturer clapped his hands andliterallygave a nimble skip of
wake took the antisyzygy diagnosisliterallyand made it into a
a dolphin symbolising leyendas marinasliterallyseafaring legends which we took
or something and that wasliterallyall i could find on
catastrophe it was not leftliterallyhigh and dry by a
i left the terminus andliterallytip toed through the dark
you don t take thatliterallythey don t expect you
loads of people everywhere includingliterallythousands of people who would
that some old people areliterallyworried sick about how they
that just sucks without thatliterallyyes [laugh] f943: [inaudible] [laugh]
let his hair down wellliterallyhe can t since he
t s impossible erm toliterallytranslate that into another language
i think if i wasliterallybeing seeck erm and yeah
crap job and you knowliterally[laugh] you know f963: yeah
from the primary school likeliterallyyou know f814: yeah f813:
ensure that those companies areliterallyswitched on the same thing
right mmhm m762: so iliterallyjust pulled books off the
to write when i wouldliterallycut and paste and the
an end user who isliterallyon the rigs can buy
when i ve been forliterallymonths do- well i dinnae
the back of a lorryliterallythe tusker lunged from the
the verge diagonally then aliterallysickening jolt and smash of
in the novella isabel isliterallysaved by the bell on
and all of that isliterallyit s oral history of
the train reaches palma itliterallytakes to the road a
shock fortunately the scream moviesliterallyput a bullet in the

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