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the kitche dure but alittilkittlin an here this kittlin
owre the dure or thelittilkittlin cam in inti the
wes up an awa thelittilkittlin cam inti the kitchen
ye cum you said thelittilkittlin for the r mair
unlockit the dure syne thelittilkittlin gaed in an lickit
the yungest lassie an thelittilkittlin gaed ti the chaumer
his heid jist as thelittilkittlin hae telt hir ti
smert as ye lyke thelittilkittlin haed lickit it richt
lassie telt him awthing thelittilkittlin haed said an the
weill an wi that thelittilkittlin rase frae the ingil
awthing turnt oot as thelittilkittlin said thrie tymes did
the kitchen thare wes thelittilkittlin sittin purr purrin afore
up til hir but thelittilkittlin tak tent aince mair
she wes siccan a dentielittilcraitur that the dumfounert fallae
castel he wes ane innerlielittilfallae an did his darg
name areddies whit a guidlittilfallae he is shona contemptuously
think he s the bonniestlittilbairn ah ever saw he
tree that wes the bonniestlittillass ye ever cuid see
o lauchter brocht the bonniestlittilleddie up til him for
brig that s whaur thelittilleddie bade aw hir lane
kennawha 300 500 7 thelittilleddie do 4th century 8
kennawha ca 4th century thelittilleddie hir door opent on
oor or sae askit alittilleddie whas green goun wes
ye maunna darg owre sairlittilane for the morn is
but ai she wes saelittiluised wi darg that she
whit wad ye be eftirlittilane ai but ah ken
whit wad ye be eftirlittilane ai but ah ken
up throu the hole ailittildis ma bonnie wee lass
o arabia canna scent thislittilhaund she sighs deeply ai
aneuch but na ye didnalittilane be patient we haena
sum guid tho the rlittilaneuch that can be duin
oor syne an it weslittilaneuch we gat but whit
aneuch we gat but whitlittilwe hae ye ir walcum
she beguid ti fash butlittilgowd tree gat bonnier an
thairsells an as for thelittilbroun princess she bade wi
tak the flesk frae thelittilprincess an fill it wi
hinnerlie ae forenicht the guidlittilprincess cam til a wuid
haed a queen an alittilprincess for himsell cawed gowd
an this tyme whan thelittilprincess spak til him here
eftir an care for oorlittildochter for she loues hir
whan she gied him alittildochter this dochter wes cawed
his dochter gey ill anlittilwad his guidwyfe loued him
ture it it up intilittilbits syne she sat doun
in the back kitchen intilittilbits wi the gullie knyfe
ma bed haes breirdit intilittilburds an flaen awa the
ready ti chynge inti tottielittilpuddoks puddok na it wesna
beir ti gie thair bonnielittillass til a mukkil bul
wumman haes ti dae wilittilbetter eftir sevinteen year leevin
eftir me an hou slittilseumas the nicht ah think
this stane wes the drollestlittilauld wumman she haed ever
hir lane wi smaw fendinlittilgear haed she an a
the honest smith rase uplittilkennin whit haed been gaun
he haed gien him alittilstowp o milk as an
even whan she wes alittilbairn ah m stertin ti
shona wad kill hir ainlittilbairn ah wadna lat masell
the lyfe awa frae hirlittilbairn syne she laid it
ir pure lik this deidlittilbairn the aist wund wul
r the puddok it slittilwunner nanse wadna mairrie ye
the well puddok it slittilwunner ye r wurkit up
sair hert shona it slittilpleisir ah git thir days
freins thir days ah velittiltroke wi yungir men but
out of the room queenlittilane never you heed hir
thaim for fortie year butlittilguid it haes duin me
want ti shaw ye houlittilah think o the christian
moula an hou s malittilson the nicht ah d
page wes a streinger anlittilmair nor a laddie spiered
it wes that murdert malittilson an whitfor cum back
thaim ti kep skaith thelittiltoun wes a havin o
up sleepin asyde hir twalittilwhalps finn stuid for a
pouin sum o the dentielittilflouers that war growein on
monie ae yeir after madelittilor nae sense til uz
sort you ye traitor slittilpodil he stabs him son
help us sae ah daelittilbannok ye ir richt syde
an singin lyke onie precentorlittilkens oor guid dame at
he saw his end olittilaccount duncan the re whyles
saw he s a perfitlittildarlin eilidh he s aw
thick in thaim war alittilpostern door that opent ontil
rowth o siller for whitlittilthey div dae she s
at him an shakkin thairlittilneives in his gizz he
the door an in alittilwee whyle thay war sound
yeir truibil l macbeth whatlittila can dae ti serr
1101 epigram ah fish forlittilmenans in the loch juist
s no naitral even thelittiljennie wran wul fecht ti
ablo the grund but thelittilpage loun wesna a bit
the vyce an bedein twalittilfairie pages cled aw in
wee ye aye wantit alittilbrither or sister moula nods
warld an ye git geylittilthenks for it in the
quyne aroun ma howf thelittilwaw is laich at the
keing s croun on itslittilbrou all listen but dinna
kin s souch bot thelittildevillok o alkoholl onsnekkit ein
pool waterfall lippert a disturbedlittila little loun n boy

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