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sumph like him playin wilittlinsnear hauf his age a
thon times greetin fur tintlittlinsthat muckle sumph bappy upheezed
bit mas hae needs likelittlinsan mas maun hae their
as a monitor wi thelittlinsmaist o the littlins war
the littlins maist o thelittlinswar frae ae faimly steppies
s sheets she keeps twalittlinsin a pram an the
fed this bree tae theirlittlinsower time the septiles focht
on the muckle bouncy castlelittlinsstottit roon like baas whylst
he play at wi thelittlinsfur months efter thon he
s time tae bear hislittlinshe hid a greenin fur
drooned foo auld war thelittlinsan far war they gaun
rogie s puil far thelittlinswar still duntin their feet
him not speak in companylittlinsshould be seen an nae
stappit an braw may theirlittlinsbe fair as the rose
wis sent tae gar thelittlinschant their tables in a
some fowk selt their ainlittlinstae the slavers fur a
rest o the year thelittlinspyntit at it as heid
hid iver seen an aslittlinswill she wintit it an
on da tae watch thelittlinscause friday s his nicht
o ma forefowk that itherlittlinsdinna hae mebbe noo we
a taill whan we weslittlinshe wuid gie z lang
gnash the qe2 guairds thelittlinsin the hoose fin there
takkin wye wi him wilittlinsan sae wis weel likit
o fear they brocht hislittlinstae his room sae they
bit aa its cargae olittlinsan the crew an skipper
eeemages o cupids wee wingitlittlinsan in a buik they
gear some quines keepit thelittlinsan syne birled the ongaun

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