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29 snaw on the wattirliuchung yuen 773 819 30
wund from the chinese ofliuchung yuen 773 819 snaw
wi a waster cried bigliuat keepit a bettin shop
a bettin shop this wisliushiquan wha aye loued ti
750 23 amang the speingiesliuyu hsi 772 842 24
men from the chinese ofliuyu hsi 772 842 amang
immortalitie from the chinese ofliuch u emperor wu of
guan yu zhang fei orliubei in our hairts we
auld from the chinese ofliuch u emperor wu of
it said zhu li shiliuguo liang tang jin han
fare ye weills ti bigliushouthert his pock an wan
it ll juist affront bigliusae he juist hed ti
gao he bidden a fortnichtliuthocht o a wey out
ad 5 back end wundliuch u 156 187 6
offrins ti lords li anliujuist byde ye at the
the braw yokit in wiliuan bade there thrie year
the eastren capital nou bigliuwis sib ti ane deacon
ae look at him readlius letter an thocht ti

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