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ramon llull raimundus lulius ramonllullis revered in mallorca most
gloria of the balearics ramonllullraimundus lulius ramon llull is
count von neudorf in ramonllullhe had found a figure
baleares and other books ramonllullhimself turned to scholarship and
him in deiĆ  calle ramonllullleads up to the church
son morroig to the ramonllullmemorial and i see that
as easy to imagine ramonllullpart concealed in a hooded
which he buried in ramonllulls chapel at miramar was
to the mountains in ramonllulls day as in salvador
master with enthusiasm for ramonllullsalvador had made vives his
to the world of ramonllullthe cuitadella de mallorca was
of land influenced by ramonllullthe great medieval poet philosopher
a bas relief of ramonllullwas commissioned from the sculptor
for the tower of ramonllullwhich has been struck by
medieval thought and philosophy ramonllullwho had lived and taught
ideal community inspired by ramonllullwhose feet trod these same
that contemporary culture could offerllulls name is still revered
as the archetypal christian monarchllullhad modelled on rudolph of
tenth generation descendant of rudolphllulls emperor the rugged north
took her to miramar asllullmight have done six centuries
passionately loved and that ofllullthe saint who inspired him
salvador would model himself onllullas well as revive the
in the enigmatic figure ofllullsalvador soon read his book
this landscape six centuries earlierllullwas the figure upon whom
was a mountain track forllullbecame a tarmacadam road for
the island s interest inllullllullism savador had already developed
acknowledge him it is saidllullpursued her hither and thither
dismissal of the hot bloodedllullher breast was ravaged by

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